0C18UA39890884 Kicker kb6 2-way full variety indoor out of doors speakers (pair) speakers for patio sunroom storage poolside in-domestic 5 inch woofer, 2×5 inch horn tweeter quick mounting device

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  • all new for 2019 – the all new kicker kb6 is the direct substitute for the mythical kicker kb6000 the kicker kb6 has new and advanced drivers and progressed sound high-quality is designed to be hooked up inside the open air its uv-handled enclosure and capability to supply easy and crisp sound over lengthy distances make the kb6 best for lots indoor and out of doors packages
  • don’t accept exact higher exceptional get mythical– that legendary kicker sound is now made to rock from a own family room listening room den outside deck patio storage under the eaves or close to the pool and it still presents wonderful sound on a boat or an rv the kb6 is a excessive performance speaker device really appropriate for indoor and outdoor use offering an 8-ohm load and equipped to be pushed with the aid of domestic stereo receivers 75 watts rms (one hundred fifty watts height)
  • no alternative for displacement! In the speaker international inches matter no different atrium speaker can in shape our woofer size sound first-class and cost the compact dual-enclosure device features a ambitious 6 5 inch kicker woofer and 2×5-inch compression-loaded horn tweeter the woofers utilize precisely tuned polypropylene cones and rugged santoprene surrounds the machine acoustically blends with a 12db/octave low-pass crossover with impedance compensation to nail that kicker signature sound
  • mounting hardware covered for flexible speaker placement – your outdoor speaker can be mounted on the wall or ceiling or in a vertical or horizontal placement with a huge degree range of movement for correct excessive fidelity sound wherein you need it in case you need deliver in the speaker from outdoors and use it as a bookshelf speaker you could connect the blanketed rubber ft for indoor stereo sound
  • one hundred% customer pleasure 1 12 months we delight ourselves in ensuring purchaser pride kicker gives lifetime assist with our expert customer service group if it’s a technical question or a primary question we’ll be greater than satisfied to assist!
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product description

key features

hook up the kb6’s to any stereo receiver. The kb6’s has a rating of 150 watts top electricity / 75 watts rms.

2”x5” compression loaded horn tweeters presents crystal clean highs and the 6. Five” polypropylene woofers provide extraordinary bass.

the kb6’s will provide large complete range sound from any area whether or not you place it under the eaves, or your patio.

key features

the kb6’s can also be use as your important stereo speaker. You can mount them for your wall or ceiling in your residing room, family room, and even garage.

kicker kb6’s are weatherproof out of doors audio system. Waterproof and uv treated enclosure facilitates withstand what mom nature can throw out. Intense temps or heavy rain, kicker kb6’s can take it.

brief mounting system allows you to place your speaker everywhere you preference, and perspective for optimum sound projection.


2019 Edition – Black, 2019 Edition – Gray, Black

8 reviews for 0C18UA39890884 Kicker kb6 2-way full variety indoor out of doors speakers (pair) speakers for patio sunroom storage poolside in-domestic 5 inch woofer, 2×5 inch horn tweeter quick mounting device

  1. Herman Munster

    These rock and they take a little bit of time to get broken in and live up to their full potential. They are bigger and boxier than I expected and the mounting brackets are a little thin but they seem to hold the speakers just fine. I used these for Zone 2, 3 and 4 to extend audio around my house, garage and deck. Now I can lay Naked on the floor, covered in baby oil while listening to Selena Gomez anywhere I want in the house and hear her without issue. I originally ordered the white ones but then had to get the black due to them going on back order. I will definitely purchase these again. The bass is very good. I drive them with an Integra DXR1.Read more

  2. Dwizzle

    14 months after purchase one of them failed. Less than 50hrs play time and kept out of the elements during winter.Kicker basically responded with a hard F U sir, your 60 days out of our warranty so so sad too bad… not a sorry/that’s unfortunate or we can send you a part if needed.Mind you all I asked was for a crossover (small circuit board) to be sent out and I’d have replaced it myself as it was likely the issue!Man this sucks… mainly because I debated 6″ sub Polks with 3yr and said eh, kickers been around forever they obviously still doing it right.Read more

  3. Arthur C.

    Wow, I replaced a couple crappy outdoor speakers with these and all I can say is Wow! I drive my outdoor system with a 300W amplifier and bluetooth Amazon Prime Music over it. With my Android device all the way up I could only turn the volume up to around 26 before getting distortion. With these speakers I’m up past 50 before any distortion is heard and they are LOUD, CRISP, and CLEAR. The Base is above average I’d say but definitely not like having a separate sub woofer. All in all I’d rate the speakers as: Manufacturing – Above Average, very sturdy design. Looks – Above average. Sound quality – Above average. For the price a very good value. I buy A LOT from Amazon and this is thee first time I’ve taken the time to write a review. If you are contemplating buying some mid range speakers that will sound great outdoors or on a patio get these!Read more

  4. Missa

    I am extremely picky about sound quality and I did a lot of research before buying my outdoor speakers. Because I needed 6 zones in my backyard I didn’t want to spend 3k just on speakers. For the price, these kickers are good speakers. Have a good spectrum of sound. The highs seem a little hollow / tiny and the lowes are a little underperforming for my tastes but for the price, WOW! I was impressed and am very pleased with these speakers. I bought 8 of these speakers and installed throughout my backyard and they have no problems keeping everyone entertained. I have and will continue to recommend to anyone on a budget.****1 year updated – These speakers have survived the hot, humid, rainy summer and now have survived the snowy wintery cold. This past weekend I headed out back to begin spring cleanup and prep so I kicked on all the speakers and everything worked without a hiccup. Still love these speakers.Read more

  5. Thurman Seney

    I’ve been buying Kicker brand speakers for more than 25 years… Always loved Kicker.These were a big let down compared to their other products…The sound is “ok”. The bass is very weak…Read more

  6. BradleyCNOmaha

    Purchased these to replace patio speakers blown out by teenagers who don’t know that over-powering speakers causes harm. I paired them to my 1983 Pioneer SX-6 “Champagne Series” amp & run iPhone music sources through an adapter. Sound is great, good punchy bass and nice highs. I’m a firm believer that if your ears are $100 ears, don’t buy $1,500 speakers. Install is easy. I used some of the hardware included, but added a few extra wood screws for more robust install. As some noted, at first impression the brackets seem too light, but they do the trick. All in all, a great value and good sound. Happy with the purchase and sound.Read more

  7. Techjunkie

    Not bad. Somewhat better and louder than the KLH 980B that I replaced them with, but not an amazing difference driving them with the same 110w/ch amp. I was hoping for more bass. My old speakers are still working after nearly two decades. If these hold up as well then they’ll have been a good purchase.update: I used them most of the Summer and Fall for listening by the pool and for movie nights with the projector. I finally decided not to add a passive, inline, outdoor sub with a crossover, although I did seriously consider it. The bass is adequate, just not impressive.On taking them down to bring them in for the NY winter (something I NEVER did for the KLH in all of their 18 years of service), I noticed rust on the mounting knob screws and sockets. An anti-corrosion coating or stainless would have been nice, as would gold-plated screw terminals for the binding posts instead of the spring loaded kind. Kicker might have built the housings to be weather resistant, but they cheaped-out on those features, which might have added ~$5 to the cost.Read more

  8. Phil R.

    I have these mounted under the eaves of my outdoor shed. And they’re still going strong. No visible evidence of any rust or deterioration, and like most years, we’ve had more than our share of rain since I installed these a few months ago. And if you are familiar with southeast Louisiana, you know we get our share of steady, hard, driving rain and summer days of relentless sun that’ll bleach out the best outdoor furniture. So if you’re worried about durability, don’t. As far as the sound, they sound like Kickers. Full sound. Not boomy. Not tinny. I have four mounted. Two facing north to my work area, two facing east towards our outdoor sitting area, each pair assigned to its own zone so I can isolate either side or play all four at once. I keep the volume relatively low, and it fills my patio area. If I were going to use them to blast music for an outdoor gathering, They could easily handle the task. Not so sure about blasting a few acres, but for a normal area like a pool deck or 50 x 50 yard they’re more than enough. Would recommend. Would buy again, but probably won’t need to.Read more

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