0C18U98GY2U856 Tribit stormbox bluetooth speaker – 24w portable speaker, 360° surround sound, improved bass, wi-fi twin pairing, ipx7 water-proof, 20-hour playtime, 66ft bluetooth variety outdoor wireless speaker

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  • cnet’s award: cnet calls it “great transportable mini bluetooth audio system of 2021”
  • 360° immersive sound: sense the song like in no way earlier than with the tribit bluetooth speaker. This transportable speaker pumps out crisp treble, unique mids, and resonating bass from wall to wall. It is an auditory experience this is simply remarkable.
  • progressive xbass generation: are you keen on booming bass? We’re too. Our distinct xbass era generates bass that’ll fill the room and send shivers down your spine. Just press the xbass button to kick things up a notch.
  • completely water-resistant: pool parties, an afternoon on the seashore, or even submersion – this bluetooth speaker can cope with all of it. Advanced ipx7 waterproofing keeps the tune flowing rain or shine, and might face up to up to 30 minutes in water 3 feet deep.
  • extremely good 20h playtime: it continues going, and going, and going. A probably the greatest 2600mah rechargeable li-ion battery boasts an unbeatable 20 hours of continuous playtime.

from the manufacturer

stormbox bluetooth speakers

founded by using a collective of sound engineers and layout maestros, tribit has become one of the fastest-growing audio brands in north the united states. As a wireless audio logo, tribit hits the highs on both smashing sound best and lovely seems.

for us, the song in no way. Ever. Stops. We’re proud to provide audio device that provides a transcendent listening enjoy pushes the bounds of bluetooth era.

tribit stormbox bluetooth audio system

exceptional audio system shouldn’t break the bank. It’s why we’ve created this super bluetooth speaker! This transportable yet effective bluetooth speaker grants splendid, clear, room-filling sound it’s a pleasure for the senses. You won’t want to pay attention to track any other manner.

  • cnet’s award – cnet’s desire for “the excellent portable bluetooth speaker of 2020”
  • 360 diploma sound – rich notes from all instructions.
  • one of a kind xbass generation – get the celebration going with thundering bass.
  • water-proof – your ideal all-climate associate.
  • 20 hours play – non-forestall audio for introduced atmosphere.
  • stylish and strong – the long lasting material face seems first-class and can withstand a round or three in the park or within the dirt.
  • stormbox bluetooth speakers

    the tribit stormbox bluetooth speaker gives the spine-tingling sound of extremely good audio system with the ease and portability of transportable speakers. Our particular design pumps out fully-immersive, 360 degree sound it is will take your song to the next level. Get lost within the thundering bass, precise mids, and crystal-clear highs.

    one is right, however two is even higher. Pair tribit stormbox wireless audio system together for an enjoy it truly is just like the cinema. The blended output generates full stereo, true-to-existence sound.

    each journey needs a superb soundtrack. Whether you are catching a few waves or exploring the wasteland, the tribit wireless portable speaker may be with you each step of the way. The compact frame and silicone strap make sporting smooth.

    stormbox bluetooth speakers

    nothing kills the mood quite like losing your device within the water, only to find that it is absolutely ruined. Say hello to water amusing with this water-proof bluetooth speaker! This speaker is waterproof and could survive a fall in the pool.

    bluetooth four. 2 generation assures a at ease connection to any bluetooth tool, along with smartphones, pills, and echo products. Control your song with voice commands, solution a cellphone name. Thanks to the wide 66ft streaming variety, you’ll be able to manipulate this bluetooth speaker from the consolation of the sofa.

    do not sacrifice beauty for high-quality. With this tribit stormbox portable speaker, you’ll have one of the excellent of both worlds. The cylindrical frame, aspect drivers, and nylon coverings create a look it truly is present day and cutting-edge. Tribit transportable bluetooth speaker is simply as long lasting as it’s miles smooth – difficult rubber and robust fabric will continue to exist years of damage and tear.


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    4 reviews for 0C18U98GY2U856 Tribit stormbox bluetooth speaker – 24w portable speaker, 360° surround sound, improved bass, wi-fi twin pairing, ipx7 water-proof, 20-hour playtime, 66ft bluetooth variety outdoor wireless speaker

    1. Johnston Family

      I’ve had two of these speakers for a little over two years; one in the upstairs bathroom and one in in the kitchen. On an average day, I will have these on for about two hours or so. I have noticed over the last year, the battery life has been drastically reducing (degrading). When new, you can charge these up and not worry about them dying for a good couple weeks of sporadic use. Now, after a full charge, I am LUCKY if I get five hours out of it. The 20 hours of playtime they guarantee was correct two years ago, but now, it’s easily five to six hours, tops!Original Review:Since March 2018, I’ve ordered (3) Bluetooth speakers and returned each for one reason or another. I didn’t just buy these willy-nilly, mind you, I did a lot of research, including watching countless audio review videos from such experts as clavinetjunkie on YouTube (look him up, he’s a genius!).The first one I bought was the Tribit XSound Go ($40). It was OK, but just lacked “punch.” I really debated returning it, but in the end, it just didn’t sound as deep and heavy as I wanted.Next up was the JBL Flip 4 ($79.95). I decided maybe I needed to drop a little more money to get the sound I wanted. So, I doubled up and paid twice what I paid for the XSound Go. This speaker was good, and was a slight upgrade — it had more bass and filled up the room better. However, after less than two months, it started just cutting in and out and dropping its Bluetooth connection. So annoying! The 30-day Amazon return window had closed, so I had to sell it on eBay at a loss of $25. Bummer, and also the last JBL I’ll ever buy.Next, I decided to buy (2) speakers; one for upstairs and one for down. I went with the OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA ($41.99/ea.). At first, I was satisfied with these, but after a couple weeks, I noticed just how tinny and tiny they sounded. No bass whatsoever and just not the type of machine you want to hear good music out of.So, I went back to clavinetjunkie’s page and was surprised to see a new and very positive review of the Tribit XBoom ($69.99). This speaker had yet to drop, with only pre-orders available on Amazon. In fact, no one on the internet even had anything about it save for clavinetjunkie’s video. I watched the video about three times and then waited and checked by the hour until the speaker finally went live on Amazon. I snatched that joker up the second I saw it was available and spent the next two days with an electric giddiness coursing through my body in anticipation.REVIEW: So, I opened the Amazon box about 10 minutes ago, paired up my phone and put on some ZZ Top and Jason Mraz (don’t judge). The verdict? This thing sounds amazing! Like, at every volume, low, high and in-between, it sounds crisp, deep and has that “punch” I was looking for. I think this is it — I’ve found my forever speaker. I could not be happier. Well, except for one small thing…Unlike every other Bluetooth device I have, this is the only one that doesn’t show its battery life on my phone’s Bluetooth notification panel (Google Pixel 2 XL with the latest version of Android). It’s not a deal breaker, but I just don’t understand how something brand new with Bluetooth 4.2 doesn’t have this. It’s really helpful to know when you have to charge something before leaving the house or just in general. Maybe Tribit will address this with a firmware update.Anyway, I highly suggest this, and even though I’ve only had it for, like, 15 minutes now, I am very satisfied.UPDATE: I had a couple issues with my speaker, but Tribit’s Customer Service Department went above and beyond to assist me. Highly recommend this product!Read more

    2. DKE

      When my Tribit arrived I immediately placed in on a charger. What I DID NOT KNOW and what is not indicated in the instructions is the Tribit can only handle a 2amp charger. NO where in the instructions is this mentioned. The rating of the speaker is only indicated in “Specifications”. SO right off the bat I fried the speaker. Sent a email to customer service and about 3 weeks later I have a new speaker plugged into my 2amp port. (Tribit PLEASE either supply a designated charger OR take more prudent steps to alert buyers to the consequences of using a charger stronger than 2 amps (which everything I have is over 2 amps except for the port on this computer).Now on to the speaker itself. I am VERY satisfied. The sound coming out of this tiny thing is better than I ever expected. Good base, clear highs, no distortion. The sound comes out of the top and bottom of the speaker so seems best to lay speaker on its side for best sound possible. I am very pleased. Truly wish I had not had the initial problem but one of the reasons I picked this speaker was for the reviews indicating great customer service…they were right on the money. I have no reservations recommending this company or this speaker…I would/will purchase from them again.Read more

    3. SoundStream6

      Was looking for another bluetooth portable speaker. Originally had the beats pill which was purchased years ago. I was eyeing the Bose and JBL line mainly. I was just about to commit to the JBL Flip 4 (of course I thought Bose is the better buy but saving money).I saw a lot of other portable speakers on amazon which were a lot cheaper. I came across a lot of them but when I came across this one and watched several youtube reviews I went for this one. Best choice ever made. This sounds comparable to the Bose (my brother has one). Very clear, nice on the lows, crisp and clear highs. I played several different types of music. Rap/ Rock/ Jazz/ Alternative. Sounded great on every level. Sound fills up the room nicely good for larger rooms to. If you do decide. to purchase this you won’t be disappointed. I will say this is 5 times better than the beats pill.Read more

    4. Jeff

      Received speaker over the weekend along with the Soundcore Flare + speaker, was very curious to hear these two side-by-side do to all the great reviews for the Soundcore Bluetooth speaker. Is this Tribit speaker a Harmon Kardon Onyx 4 no, but I did not buy the speaker for a room booming party. Let me tell you I am completely impressed with the sound of this speaker as most of the reviewers are. It has a fuller, richer sound than the Soundcore + and the highs and mids along with the bass are just right. I wanted the perfect patio/camping speaker when relaxing by my fire pit and I have found it. More than enough volume with great sound you will not be disappointed.***********Update Review Feb 13, 2019** Owned speaker now 5 months and Could Not Be Happier with this. Battery life tremendous, I don’t play very loud on my patio so at a low/medium volume I’m getting at least 22 hours out of my battery. I just left this on one Night for background piano music thinking it would eventually die, still running 11 a.m. next morning.**** UPDATE 2020 **** Had issues with Firmware not updating Nov 2019 and all attempts to fix with customer service failed. Company was nice enough to send another speaker( I of course returned my original one) and have been nothing but great as far as Customer Service goes. New speaker works great. *** When this speaker goes on sale GET TWO! A friend purchased two and these sound so much more complete as a set and pairing was super easy through Echo Dot 3rd generation ***Read more

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