0C18U8XO9KT170 Polk audio signature collection s55 ground status speaker (pair) with amazon basics 14 gauge 50′ wire american hifi surround sound fashionable appears, huge sound detachable magnetic grille

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  • the real american hello-fi sound redefined – includes s55 floorstanding audio system and 50 ft of twine cable. Whether you’re setting up a brand new machine or upgrading, this set is all you want!
  • polk’s s55 tower speaker gives you massive, dependable surround sound. Providing dynamic balance acoustic array, every speaker has 6. 5″ drivers and one 1″ terylene tweeter dome producing unique highs, realistic vocals and pump out louder deeper bass
  • get more than simply strikingly bold, dramatic looks and dynamic coronary heart-thumping sound —polk’s patented energy port generation offers deeper bass response, minimizing any sort of distortion and supplying you with wealthy complete-range sound for movies, television and song
  • designed to deliver! The long-lasting rounded edges & detailing are conceptualized from the fine acoustic guitars, so its stylish appears are surely well though-via & a overall performance orientated layout. At forty two inches tall, those floor audio system are a ought to buy!
  • distortion-loose audio – the 50 toes 14-gauge speaker cable comes with a plastic jacket round it that enables lessen distortions in sound, thus turning in terrific audio alerts to the supply and back
  • carry polk’s closing signature collection to your property. Create an all-inclusive stereo or surround sound system with this s55 tower speaker pair & add a s35 center channel, s20 bookshelf speaker pair and a subwoofer for a five. 1 or 7. 1 home theater system
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from the manufacturer

having built our recognition as ‘the speaker specialists’ for more than 40 years, we take pleasure in our advanced sound and build quality.

for the people of polk, constructing audio products is not only a process—it’s a ardour. And in case you’re going to keep in mind one component, do not forget this: we live by way of the truest precept of what audio must supply—notable sound at a high-quality fee for all people!

polk signature series hifi domestic theater speaker

constructed to convey the huge surround sound theater and song enjoy into the consolation of your dwelling room, the polk signature series maintains inside the polk way of life of yank hifi.

a dynamic stability designed acoustic array, precision move-overs, an anti-diffraction magnetic grille, cutting-edge cabinet styling and unique strength port bass enhancing generation, you get expanded sound for films, television and tune in a totally re-imagined layout.

polk signature s55 tower speaker

the polk signature s55 is built to deliver the massive surround sound theater and tune experience into the consolation of your living room, persevering with within the polk lifestyle of yankee hifi.

dynamic balance mica-strengthened polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, a high-decision terylene tweeter, massive ceramic motor structures and excessive-temperature conex fiber spiders integrate to create drivers with quite excessive performance, smooth, clean bass, higher linearity, lower distortion and extra durability.

polk’s patented electricity port generation provides deeper bass response than a conventional again-ported speaker. It smoothly transitions air float from the speaker into your listening region for deep, extended bass effect while minimizing turbulence and distortion.


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5 reviews for 0C18U8XO9KT170 Polk audio signature collection s55 ground status speaker (pair) with amazon basics 14 gauge 50′ wire american hifi surround sound fashionable appears, huge sound detachable magnetic grille

  1. Amazon Customer

    I used to own a HiFi business so I am very familiar with quality sound. That said I picked up these speakers for use in a loft and did not want to go back to the pre-2008 money pit sound system but wanted decent sound when driven by a receiver (Not separates, source, DAC, Preamp, Amp). These deliver at a ridiculous low price and I would not want more bass. The low end is natural and has authority but does not overload the room and cloud of the midrange.Highly recommendedRead more

  2. Ubersocrates

    I’ve had the Polk S55s for almost 2 years now, and have intentionally waited to review them, to make sure I had a fair grasp of all the variables involved.I’ve set these polks up in 2 different listening environments, with varying sound responses but with reliably consistent performance.The polk s55 loudspeakers, when properly set up, in an almost equidistant triangle to the listening position and perhaps 18 inches from any wall boundary, offer a listening experience which is comparable to a high end listening experience.These polks are well made, perform extremely well and do so effortlessly, with clarity in the highs, mids and bass that is tight and powerful. The soundstage has depth, instruments have accurate pitch and tone, while voices have immense clarity and timbre.These polk S55s, in my humble opinion are a true value and I for one am very pleased with their performance. They handle jazz, hip hop, rap and Pop with equal agility and no sign of any lacking.I’ve compared these speakers to much higher end models of Bowers & Wilkins, Paradigm and others to name a few. The polks are right there with them..just a hair below in performance, for a fraction of the price.In summary, these polks represent what modern design technology and a company with pedigree and a lifetime of experience can create now..a phenomenally good performer at a significantly appreciable price point. Great for music and home theatre, these towers will not disappoint.Read more

  3. Mom in San Jose, CA

    Yep, they’re big. I’ve had them for 10 months now and they are good speakers. Started out wanting something to help us enjoy our TV more (especially movies) and hubby thought a sound bar would do it. But I wanted something for music, too. My old speakers were from the mid 90’s! Started off with smaller Polk (the S20 bookshelf). Honestly they were pretty good! Their output just didn’t fill my space though and I tried the S50. Know what? I thought the S20 bookshelf was better! The S55, though, Has good sound at upper, middle (importantly) and lower parts of the music. Plus, they sound decent at low volumes, too. I matched them with a smart receiver (Yamaha TSR 7810) and one of the S-series Polk Center speakers. Not a full surround sound system but greatly improves sound over just my TV and I can play music from my phone via Bluetooth in addition to listening to internet radio, old discs, etc. Big….but good. If you’re satisfied with smaller speakers, there are a number of them out there. I liked the Sonos but they’re expensive.Read more

  4. Frank C

    I bought these for my home theater system. I didn’t want to spend 4-5 thousand dollars on a high end system. I wanted to be somewhere in the middle between performance and cost. the polk s55 is a steel for the performance. the audio performance for the price is nothing but superb. i have these paired with the s30 center channel which is also fantastic. The bass port at the bottom is capable of rumbling the floor. for my 14×14 living room i almost don’t need a sub.they are well constructed. they have a good weight to them that keeps them stable and transfers the bass to the floor. the cabinet construction is solid.All around if your looking for a balance between cost and performance, these deliver that and some.Read more

  5. Elevator man

    These speakers really sound great. I am running them bi-amped and they really have impressed me. If these speakers are in your price range or even if just a little above your price range I am yelling at you to get them! As with most towers a subwoofer is not required, but a quality sub will fill in the gaps the s55 misses. I am using a JL audio E112. I highly recommend that. Also I have the s15 book shelf speakers for the rear channels. They are the perfect size. I might upgrade my center channel to the s35. I love the new Polk signature line. They look really clean. The wood grain on them is really cool. 5 star product. If Polk audio reads this review and their about to let me sample the s35 to complete the room I’d provide a review of the complete signature line. Worth a shot!Read more

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