0C18U6K3CUY161 Echogear wall & ceiling speaker mount pair – standard layout works with vizio, sony, & more – tilt & swivel without equipment – easy to put in indoors & exterior – calls for speaker mounting hole

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  • securely mount your satellite tv for pc audio system anywhere at the wall or ceiling in underneath 15 mins. Get prepared to beautify your stage of musical stoke. Calls for a keyhole or threaded insert mounting hole on the lower back of your speaker.
  • tilt or swivel your speaker on this adjustable mount for perfectly-angled sound… Due to the fact what precise does it do if it’s blasting inside the wrong course? Answer: zero.
  • comes with brackets to match most satellite and bookshelf speakers weighing up to 8 lbs. Don’t worry about wandering around the hardware keep, we’ve covered all the screws you’ll need.
  • well matched along with your speakers. That consists of vizio, sony, klipsch, & more. In less than 15 minutes you’ll have your speakers mounted to the wall or ceiling.
  • weather-resistant, nylon creation way you may mount those suckers outdoor. Time in your fish fry to turn up!

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once they pass low, we pass high. Or, at the least you could if you want with these adjustable speaker wall/ceiling mounts. Trip hazards? Nah. Bypass the stands and get just about any speaker weighing up to 8 lbs up and out of the way – either at the wall or the ceiling – for flawlessly angled sound, whether or not you’re enjoying it in your own home theater or just chillin’ & jammin’.

sound up!

certain, you could placed your speaker on a side desk. You can even put it on a stand. But why stop there? Why no longer be a bit greater and mount it without delay to the wall or ceiling? Those horrific boys may be swiveled or tilted to position the sound proper in which it’s imagined to be: on your ear. Because what is the factor of having those greater audio system in case you’re no longer going to be… Well, a bit greater with them? Oh – and do not let all this fancy communicate scare you: these audio system installation in just 3 steps and in less than 15 mins with minimal gear (only a drill and a screwdriver).

what is your perspective?

plan on mounting to the wall? Cool. Factor your speaker closer to where you may be sitting. (duh.) mounting to the ceiling? Except yao ming attends the lion’s percentage of your small get-togethers, you’ll possibly want to point your speaker down for the listening advantage of the relaxation of your vertically-challenged pals. The quality element approximately those mounts? They assist you to do simply that: no longer best to they hang on tight in your small surround-sound audio system, but they will let you get the most out of the sound they pump by way of being perspective-adjustable. Imparting up to a hundred and twenty tiers of left or right swivel and 60 ranges of up or down tilt, those mounts do all of it. Nicely, besides make the song. We will leave that to miley. (howdy, party inside the usa remains a bop. Do not @ us.)

plays nicely with (most) others

permit’s be honest. Nobody likes going to the hardware shop. It’s always at the tough-to-get-to facet of town, the lighting has a way of creating you uncomfortable and it usually smells just a little bit too much like fertilizer. It’s actual – it is a journey nearly much less amusing than one to the dmv, and echogear receives that. It’s why we took it out of the equation altogether. Yep, we’ve got blanketed the screws and brackets needed to match the majority of state-of-the-art small speakers – vizio, sony, klipsch, samsung – you name it! As lengthy because it weighs eight lbs or less, the chances are ever in your speaker’s desire that this mount’s its healthy.

mount it proper

vizio? Sony? Klipsch? Take a look at, test, & take a look at. We built those speaker mounts to paintings with all foremost manufacturers of audio system, so that you do not ought to worry about compatibility… Unless you built the speakers your self, no guarantees there.

mount your audio system to the ceiling or to the wall. You may tilt & swivel for the ideal angle, irrespective of where you mount. Includes the hardware to get it executed, simply bring a screwdriver.

while you connect your audio system to the wall, you may placed them on the satisfactory peak to maximize your audio enjoy. It doesn’t matter in case you’re jamming to lizzo or watching but every other keanu reeves masterpiece, you will get the great sound. Ideal for setting up a true surround sound device.

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June, 13, 2019

8 reviews for 0C18U6K3CUY161 Echogear wall & ceiling speaker mount pair – standard layout works with vizio, sony, & more – tilt & swivel without equipment – easy to put in indoors & exterior – calls for speaker mounting hole

  1. Matt van Andel

    I bought these because I’ve bought other Echogear products which I’ve loved. Unfortunately, these mounts are shockingly flimsy. I’m using them for the rear speakers included in the Samsung HW-Q90R, which each weigh 4.6lbs. These mounts are SUPPOSED to support speakers up to 8lbs… but there is just no way that’s true.With my 4.6lb speakers, the arms droop significantly, almost 20 degrees! Not only does this mean the speakers aren’t aimed/angled correctly, but the joining peg mechanisms are clearly pulling away from their connectors and distorting. I absolutely won’t trust these with my 4lb speakers and can’t imagine 8lb speakers not breaking these mounts right away and crashing to the floor. I’m returning these and will continue looking for something sturdier.Read more

  2. TDKinDallas

    I bought two kinds of wall mounts and I actually liked the others a little better, but these were more versatile, so they ended up working better for me. My only real complaint is that you can’t micro adjust the angle, there are notches, so even though it’s probably due to uneven brick, the speakers are noticeably at slightly different angles. If I had been a little more patient, then I also would have contacted Echogear to see if the wall plate could be mounted horizontally, because it is not mentioned anywhere in the manual and I could have put them a little higher. These are mounting Klipsch SS.5 speakers for ATMOS height that are 5 pounds, 12 inches wide, 5 inches tall and have a keyhole mount. I bought an Echogear TV mount not too long ago that I love and this is a pretty solid item too, so I will definitely be checking out what else they offer?Read more

  3. Michael Rideout

    I’d like to start this review off by trying to answer a lot of questions that many just like myself had before purchase.The Echogear mounts come with the needed screw to mount the Vizio speakers to their mount. They mount easily and hold the speakers just fine. Make sure to adjust them then mount as they are very tight when adjusting.Satellite Speaker Mounts: Echogear Universal Speaker Wall & Ceiling Mount Pair – Tilt & Swivel Without Tools – Easy to Install Indoors & Outdoors – Works with Vizio, Sony, Bose & MoreRead more

  4. A. Nagle

    I have to saw this is the most entertaining product I’ve come across in a long time.Bottom line, this worked well for me and am happy with it.I’m setting up my first entertainment system in 18 years, so I’ve been relearning how to set up my speakers. My satellite speakers did not have any mounting plates for the ceiling, so I found this product on Amazon. I had doubts based on description and price. This product worked well for my speakers and application to hang them from the ceiling. The mounts were easy to install, and included a hex wrench for adjusted and tightening the mounts. Instructions were clear, and packaging was organized and a no brainer. Each of the screws were labeled in the packaging eliminating the guesswork The mounts appear sturdy for their size. The plastic pieces were designed and engineered well, to have fixed positions that do not allow slippage, Holes are concealed with covers for a great look.I mention this was an entertaining product. Instructions have clever jokes (return the screwdriver to Phil), plea for feedback by looking for friends, and inside of the packaging has a fun cartoon print (hobbies or interests of Echogear employees?).Great product, I’m happy.Read more

  5. Stuart

    The instructions were quite hilarious…the hidden jokes were entertaining. Only negative is that it didn’t have the right size screws for my speakers (Vizio…you need M4x8).Read more

  6. D.Tarassenko

    These are ALMOST perfect. Almost because the joints wouldnt go 90 degrees that I wanted out of the box which I needed for a couple of very small surround speakers. I even started the return process and then decided to try correcting this flaw using a box cutter. 5 min later problem solved. They should change the design slightly.Read more

  7. DataComa

    Does not include the cable ties!Just a heads up this product had instructions that were a little confusing to me, however upon “toying” with the “arm” I was able to figure it out (for instance what’s part P? Is that the wall mount or the wall arm?)The wall screws fit real snug and they seemed very durable and made of a high quality material!The face plates on the “wall arms” hide the screws nicely and it seemed they had more than enough screws for just about any speaker.Read more

  8. Troy Glidden

    Purchased these to mount my Vizio V51-H6 rear speakers, and the results were fairly good. However they are not natively built to support this speaker setup, so buyer beware.Packing ones with a 8mm and 10mm M4 screw, but it needs a 12mm or even 15 with a spacer. The manufacturer should include a longer screw in this package. I pulled a couple of longer M4 bolts I had lying around from a TV mount that I didn’t use so I could mount these speakers. I had to manually modify the speaker mounts by taking a 3/8″ drill bit and hand drilling to remove the plastic inside the hole that blocked the new screw. Just be careful if you do this to do it by hand and to not use too much force that you hurt the integrity of the mount adapter.After adjusting this for my speakers, I do love the mounts themselves and how they look. I like the way the elbow can position and like that the mounts can support horizontal and vertical positioning of the speakers. Very easy to mount on the wall and the wall anchors included are of good quality.Read more

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