0C18U3KER4Y715 Bugani bluetooth speaker, m83portable bluetooth audio system,bluetooth five. Zero,water-proof, wireless audio system,40w excellent energy, appropriate for own family gatherings and outside journey,out of doors bluetooth speaker

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  • bluetooth speaker-bluetooth five. Zero ensures immediately pairing. Wireless speakers have quicker connection speeds, greater stable sign transmission and lower power consumption. Effortlessly join cellular telephones, computer systems, mp3 participant devices.
  • wi-fi speaker – 20w mid-bass outside magnetic audio system, 4w tweeters and two subwoofer diaphragms. In case you suppose this isn’t enough, connect 2 audio system collectively, they are able to play at the equal time. Improve 80w without delay.
  • speaker-our digital audio processor pumps up the bass and complements the readability of the mids and highs; 40 watts of strength supplies notably loud room-filling extent from the twin precision stereo drivers and bass diaphragm; distortion-loose stereo sound even at max quantity – the best domestic speaker and travel speaker.
  • outside bluetooth speaker-m83 speaker,ipx5 water resistant, built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. You can use this speaker to rate your phone through a usb cable. Experience the carnival without disturbing approximately the electricity intake of the device.
  • wha can youget-buy bugani bluetooth speaker, when you have any questions, please contact us, we are able to reply you inside 7-24 hours to provide you with the fine customer service.

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  • can the bluetooth speaker play tune saved on a sd card on it?
  • can the bluetooth speaker play song saved on a sd card on it?

  • does this have a microphone enter? Next to impossible to find a bluetooth speaker with a authentic mic (no longer aux!) enter.
  • does this have a microphone input? Next to impossible to discover a bluetooth speaker with a true mic (not aux!) input.

  • can i use it at the same time as charging? Does it have a characteristic to guard the battery whilst the use of it at the same time as charging?
  • am i able to use it whilst charging? Does it have a feature to defend the battery whilst using it even as charging?

  • q: does all people else’s get louder than quiter like very subtlely and faintly however it kinda sounds love it has a bad connection literally each few sec
  • q: does all people else’s get louder than quiter like very subtlely and faintly however it kinda sounds love it has a terrible connection literally every few sec

    Product Dimensions

    12.6, x, 6.69, x, 4.3, inches

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    4.71, pounds




    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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    3 reviews for 0C18U3KER4Y715 Bugani bluetooth speaker, m83portable bluetooth audio system,bluetooth five. Zero,water-proof, wireless audio system,40w excellent energy, appropriate for own family gatherings and outside journey,out of doors bluetooth speaker

    1. Sam

      I have a few portable bluetooth speakers but none of them are made up for outdoor use or waterproof. These speakers a great edition to my patio and to all outdoor picnics from now on.** Sound :: Sound is crystal clear. Even in an open space you hear all sounds clear and loud. Bass is awesome on these speakers. You need a stable place to put these speakers as these are very lightweight so with very heavy bass sound it vibrate sometime but no sound distortion due to that. Total power for speaker is 40w which is 20w for each speaker.** Body & Build :: These are very light weight and with handle build in speaker body these are very handy to carry with you. Sides of speakers are well built with rubber cover so it will save these from minor drops or mis handling. I am using these across house from last week while doing some cleaning or putting lights in front & back patio for decorations.** Connectivity :: These comes with 3 options for connectivity. Bluetooth/ AUX/ TF card. I am only using Bluetooth not sure if I ever use any other option. :P** Battery :: Charged it once and used it for more then 10 hours across different days and its still going great. Still 60% battery left. I am using it a little high volume but battery is not draining even then, other handy option they have in this speaker is a USB port to charge your device.Read more

    2. will

      First off this speaker is awesome for 69.96 price I bought it for. I’ll list the pros because I have no cons. This speaker was delivered 11 days ago and I took this little double speaker out of the box and it had a good feeling of weight for its size which in my experience is a good thing as far as speakers go. Has a good rubber feel all around the case. It sits stout and stable. I then charged it right away. Now to performance I played this in my house and turned it all the way up right away. I stepped outside with the doors and windows closed and could hear the bass good and still heard the lyrics of the song I was playing on my front deck. In the house it projects sounds to other walls like my home theater soundbar, (like how surround sound bars can project sounds to other areas of the room from one location). This is impressive crisp detailed quality sound for the price. Now I waited on this review because I wanted to test battery life. I first charged it 11 days ago and played it for a few hours of and on here and there for a total of 10 or more hours at moderate to higher volume and powered off after each use. Today I turned it back on and my phone indicated still 70% battery life left…WOW! I believe this speaker is going to play for quite a few more times without charging. This was one of those products I bought online and like everyone else hopes it’s a good one. In my opinion it definitely is. I highly recommend it.Read more

    3. Sean

      The sound quality is good depends on what you’re listening to and with the use of an EQ. It is not better than a JBL Extreme 2 as some people have indicated but for the money these are fairly good. I bought these bc of the raving reviews and everyone saying it has bass. Let’s talk about the bass…The bass is a low end cheap dirty bass like all the treble has been turned down and the mids are geared towards the low end. It sounds a little muffled. It is not a clean booming bass. It does hit the low tones giving a full body thumpy sound but it’s not a booming bass. It can be a little thumpy and boomy with an EQ and angled a certain way depending on what you’re listening to but it’s not consistent with everything you listen to. An EQ helps greatly here. The speaker sounds so much better and less muffled.The highs are weak It is not bright it is not sharp again use an EQ it helps a lot and improves the sound giving it more clarity and provides a cleaner sound. That is why I don’t give it less stars because the capability is there.The build quality is good. It feels nice with soft touch rubber even on the handle. Button press is good everything connects fast and easy. TWS is a breeze too. There is a tiny bit of latency watching videos but it is certainly not bad and that’s in TWS. There’s hardly any out of sync issues with just 1 speaker. Battery life is good battery charge is slightly below average taking a bit longer but its not bad it lasts a long time. I’m giving this 5 stars bc of the price. It was about $55. Had it been priced higher for the sound quality you get I would have given it less stars.If I heard these in person I probably would not have purchased them. BUT the price makes these appealing for what you get so I’m keeping them. FYI the W-King D8 costs a little more but sounds much better but they don’t have a convenient grab handle. These aren’t bad and using an EQ definitely improves the overall sound quality. Look for my review and comparisons on YouTube. 😉Read more

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