0C18TYG9IGE165 Rockville package pa gadget mixer/amp+10″ audio system+stands+mics+bluetooth, (rpg2x10)

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  • rockville rpg2x10 800 watt complete pa gadget bundle with mixer/amp, 2 10″ audio system, stands + wired microphones and bluetooth connectivity
  • rockville rpg2x10 v2 package deal pa machine mixer/amp+10 inches. Speakers+stands+mics+bluetooth. Pa system with four-channel powered mixer.
  • whole portable pro dj system. Compact and light weight device offers distortion free sound even at extreme spl. Two collapsible speaker stands
  • speaker dimensions: 15. 4 inches x 12. 2 inches x 21. 3 inches. Mixer dimensions: 18. Five inches x 8. 7 inches x five. 9 inches. Stand adjustable peak: 27. 2 inches – fifty five. 1 inches
  • field 1 contents: (2) audio system, (2) stands, (2) microphones, (2) speaker cables. Field 1 dimensions: 32. 1 inches x 14. 2 inches x 28. 3 inches. Box 2 contents: (1) mixer. Container 2 dimensions: 21. 5 inches x eleven. 8 inches x 8. 9 inches

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rockville rpg2x10 800 watt whole pa system package with mixer/amp, 2 10″ speakers, stands + stressed out microphones and bluetooth connectivity


  • rockville rpg2x10 v2 package pa gadget mixer/amp+10 inches audio system+stands+mics+bluetooth
  • pa machine with four-channel powered mixer
  • complete portable seasoned dj machine
  • compact and light weight gadget can provide distortion loose sound even at extreme spl
  • two collapsible speaker stands
  • (2) 16 toes. 1/four” trs right perspective cables
  • audio system

  • 4 ohm excessive energy lengthy-throw 10 woofers with 1. 5 aluminum voice coils and 60oz magnets provide pretty deep bass and acoustic strength
  • 2 hundred watts rms / 400 watts application energy / 800 watts top
  • cutting-edge 1. Seventy five crystal piezo compression horn tweeter
  • two way cabinet structure
  • horizontal / vertical position level display
  • pole mountable
  • frequency variety: 65hz – 20khz
  • sensitivity: 92db
  • maximum spl: (110 watts) 109db
  • transducer compliment: 10 woofer top class excessive frequency driver with an exponential horn
  • impedance: eight ohm
  • input connections: 1/4 jacks in parallel
  • enclosure materials and finish: trapezoidal, black carpet protected enclosure and a full length black powder-coated metallic grill
  • dimensions (w x d x h): 15. 35 inches x 11. Eighty one inches x 20. 28 inches
  • mixer

  • lcd show
  • usb / sd input
  • mp3 playback
  • built-in fm radio tuner
  • bluetooth connectivity
  • two hundred watts rms / four hundred watts application electricity / 800 watts height into four ohm (2 x 8 ohm) speakers
  • 4 balanced xlr microphone inputs
  • tape/cd line inputs
  • 10 general inputs
  • grasp volume manage
  • bass, treble controls, and level controls on each channel
  • reverb impact level manipulate on every channel
  • digital delay impact with independent degree control
  • line out for connection to external amplifiers
  • go back input for connection of external consequences processors
  • report out for taping
  • rf interference safety on all inputs
  • aux send output: -10 dbv nominal, 1k ohms
  • tape rec output: -10 dbv nominal, 1k ohms
  • enter lmpedance: low-z mic: 1k ohms high-z line: 10k ohms tape input: 10k ohms
  • enter channel equalization: +/- 15 db @ five khz
  • three band equalizer: bass: +/- 15 @ 60 hz mid: +/-15 @ 1 khz treble: +/- 15 @ 10 khz
  • safety circuit: power on mute postpone time: 2 seconds
  • microphones

  • rockville rmm-xlr dynamic microphone
  • expert 10 feet xlr cables blanketed
  • metallic mesh grill
  • on/off transfer
  • rugged metal production
  • natural sound reproduction
  • beautiful black finish (the proper aggregate of matte and vivid black finish)
  • frequency response: 50hz-15khz
  • exquisite cardiod polar sample
  • impedance 600 ohm ±five%
  • sensitivity -60db ± 3db (0db=1v/pa at 1khz)
  • speaker dimensions: 15. Four inches x 12. 2 inches x 21. Three inches
  • mixer dimensions: 18. 5 inches x eight. 7 inches x five. 9 inches
  • stand adjustable top: 27. 2 inches – fifty five. 1 inches
  • container 1 contents: (2) speakers, (2) stands, (2) microphones, (2) speaker cables
  • box 1 dimensions: 32. 1 inches x 14. 2 inches x 28. Three inches
  • container 2 contents: (1) mixer
  • box 2 dimensions: 21. Five inches x eleven. Eight inches x eight. Nine inches
  • product description

    description of rpg2x10 v2: the rpg2x10 v2 is a completely flexible and exceptional sounding machine. This is a complete gadget that includes (2) audio system, a powered mixer, (2) stressed microphones, (2) stands, and all the cables you may need. This machine is awesome due to the fact it’s miles effective and loud and has outstanding sound at the same time as nevertheless being very portable. The device has 800 watts of peak output, four hundred watts program energy, and 2 hundred watts rms. This device is loud enough for multiple programs. You may use this as a dj machine, in bars, auditoriums, colleges, church buildings, karaoke, and more! What i like about this gadget is that it has a 4 channel mixer built in. This is the heart of the gadget. The mixer will provide you with complete control over your sound. You may manage your mic channels and your source volumes independently to get the exact sound you need! This mixer additionally has built in bluetooth so that you can without problems transmit audio out of your cellphone or bluetooth mp3 player to the system. There is additionally an sd and usb for more listening alternatives. We also added results to this mixer to provide you extra customization options. This has reverb and virtual delay on every channel. The mics we protected with this machine are our rockville rmm-xlr mics. These are very rugged metal mics. They sound excellent and feature a exceptional sense to them. We’ve seen brands that encompass cheap plastic mics in their systems. We spent the more few greenbacks to encompass pinnacle of the road mics! We went with 10 inches audio system due to the fact it’s miles the best mixture of excessive energy managing and portability. The audio system sound extremely good. In case you need an expandable and versatile entire gadget that has a whole lot of strength and first rate sound high-quality, then we recommend you take a look at out our rpg2x10 v2! .


    10", 12'', 15"

    6 reviews for 0C18TYG9IGE165 Rockville package pa gadget mixer/amp+10″ audio system+stands+mics+bluetooth, (rpg2x10)

    1. David Still

      If you’re a musician save yourself a terrible experience and read this review before you buy this product. Unlike most of the buyers (who seem to be using this for either karaoke or simply amplifying speaking), I am a studio musician and wanted a mid-quality, affordable/portable PA system that I could use for my band when we’re on the road. In this price range I knew that I wasn’t going to get the same quality as a high-end PA system, but what I got was completely beyond my worst nightmare.–THE PHYSICAL UNIT ITSELF–First of all, if you watch the item video (where the photos of the item are in the top left, near the item description & price) the guy is practically laughing when he talks about the ‘quality’ of this product – watch the video and tell me you can’t see it in his face. He knows. That should be your first red flag when considering this item.I play a Fantom X8 keyboard and an acoustic guitar and I sing using a condenser bluebird (phantom sound) microphone.The night that I received this item and set it up I immediately contacted Amazon to return it. First of all, if you turn the bluetooth on, regardless of whether it’s connected – there is an overwhelming feedback sound. Think of having a 1/4 cable plugged in to the PA and the other end sitting on the floor or touching your finger – if you’re a musician you know that sound. It makes that sound regardless of ANYTHING, unless you have the bluetooth volume at -0-. Completely not functional bluetooth.My unit came with a factory defect. All eight of the main 1/4″ cable channels have an intense feedback sound. My high-end electric keyboard has MAJOR fuzz and crackling, regardless of whether I am running an XLR or 1/4″ cable. Somewhere in the circuit of the Rockville 2X15 which connects those 8 channels to the speakers there is a defect causing intense fuzz and feedback. Probably just poor quality. The RCA input worked beautifully – that’s the only positive thing I can say about this device.-THE AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE & RETURN PROCESS-I promptly contacted Amazon and they forwarded me to the third party seller “audio savings” to resolve the issue, fine.I sent Audiosavings a comprehensive and detailed email describing the issue I was having. I am a quality engineer by trade and trouble-shooting root cause is what I do for a living. I used multiple different cables, instruments, I even cross-referenced it against another PA system I own so I could be absolutely sure that I’d pinpointed the root cause.The first response they gave me was someone challenging me, stating “I’m having trouble understanding how you connected a condenser mic to this unit when the unit does not have Phantom sound functionality and therefore a condenser mic wouldn’t work” —– if you’re reading this review, you know that it DOES have phantom sound. These guys have NO CLUE what they’re talking about. I made two youtube videos for them so they could hear it, took photographs of my settings so they could see and hear exactly what I was hearing. They replied, telling me that I should try adjusting my presents (all were centered), they also told me to use a “hi-z cable, not a 1/4″ cable” which doesn’t even exist. Then they told me they couldn’t hear any feedback. Like, you guys, I can’t make this stuff up. Absolutely MIND BLOWING.After two weeks and about 10 hours of engaging and troubleshooting for AudioSavings they stated “Wow, we really have no idea how you could be having this problem, no one has ever reported this issue before”, despite the fact that several other people on here have left the same review for this item. They told me they would accept a return.AudioSavings refused to pay for return-shipping OR packaging. My local UPS quoted me almost $250 to package, insure and return this $360 item to them. At this point I began the A-Z claim process. Amazon’s A-Z claim department (who you can’t reach on the phone by the way) told me that because the seller provided me with a return label (completely useless, literally just a label with their address, department and RMA#) somehow I as the customer needed to pay for packaging and return shipping despite the fact that this item was received with a factory defect.After escalating this issue practically to Jeff Bezos and threatening to contact the Better Business Bureau/file a chargeback with my bank, Amazon gave me a “good will” gift card credit equal to the value of the item and this thief-in-the-knight third party vendor AudioSavings made out like bandits. Amazon ended up eating the cost on this one.-CONCLUSION-You guys, spend the extra money and get a decent PA system – don’t gamble on this piece of junk. If you insist on buying a PA online, buy it directly from amazon so – if you don’t like it – amazon will pay for the return shipping/packaging with no questions asked. It’s just not worth the risk of any loyal amazon customers ever having an experience like this with shady third party vendors on junk products. Amazon’s third-party policies allow thieves like these guys to get away with murder. Don’t risk it! Buyer beware!Read more

    2. lbj is dead

      This setup was okay for almost a year. It was very easy to use and I used it primarily for Bluetooth audio and an electronic drum kit, also some mic use and an acoustic-electric guitar a couple times. One of the speakers always seemed to have a slight crackle, though, and the bass was very weak. There is also only two 1/4″ speaker jacks, so if you want to add on to that (either more speakers or a subwoofer) you have to daisychain, which will immediately start to affect the impedance and could tax the mixer’s amplifier to the point of burning it out. Basically, this unit/system was designed for people who don’t really care than much about the sound quality and just want something ready-made for them to plug in and go.Just at around 11 months, my mixer stopped putting out sound for every channel and for any aux/usb/Bluetooth function. It was instantly worthless, it’s just laying around as decoration now. Though still under warranty, said warranty does not cover shipping costs, which amounts to darn near what the mixer is worth in the first place. So I’m not thrilled with this purchase and would recommend to any consumer to purchase a different brand and spend a worthwhile extra few dollars to get it right the first time. I recommend buying an amp and mixer separately, and investing a setup that will both last longer and give you more flexibility in terms of how you can arrange speakers, the types of FX you might want to generate, and how you can go about repairing/replacing components when things go wrong.Or just go to an actual electronics store with an actual customer service presence and feel good about that.Read more

    3. @clamb385

      I did a TONNNN of research on PA systems before I finally pulled the trigger on this unit.For starters, the mics aren’t amazing but they definitely do what they need to.The sound quality is pretty decent. I set it up in my house right when it was delivered. I was quite happy with what I was hearing.. ESPECIALLY for the price.I also added a 15” Rockville passive sub to my setup.That weekend, I set it up at the motocross track and was even more impressed than the first time I set it up. It sounds pretty darn good!!! I will be adding another 15” sub.. not because I need it but because I like symmetry. That and why not?!For the price, this can’t be beat! I have been using it daily on job sites, hooked up to a generator.Read more

    4. Rprowley

      I have been installing and operating sound systems for over 20 years and this unit provides features that surpass its price. The mixer has great features some of which are; separate control of sound effects by channel, 48 v power for mics, 8 channels, and a wonderful equalizer that has a wide range of control. The only short coming is that the mixer to speaker cords are too short and you need to purchase additional cords to place speakers where needed. Great sound, and with the 15″ speakers you can cover a large room. This installation was done for a church hall that is about 80′ x 120′, and by aiming the speakers at the wall about half way down the hall it evened out the sound distribution within 5 db from front to back.Read more

    5. Kyle Ruff

      I can’t believe the quality of this PA for the price! I was impressed as soon as I set it upRead more

    6. Louie

      Edit: The sound system did not last long before failing. It has been a back and forth with the company. They sent a replacement speaker that had huge cracks in the speaker box. Then the processor has issues. I would not recommend this seller/brand if you rely on a system for your business.I am very impressed with this system. I had searched all over the internet for many nights looking for the best bang for the buck. The system is now set up in a large auction hall and sounds crystal clear. The Bluetooth feature works great as well. I will recommend Rockville to everyone.Read more

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