0C18TUHHR29225 Amd ryzen five 3600 6-center, 12-thread unlocked computer processor with wraith stealth cooler

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  • make sure this fits
  • via coming into your model quantity.
  • the world’s most advanced processor in the laptop laptop gaming segment
  • can supply ultra-speedy a hundred+ fps overall performance inside the world’s most famous games
  • 6 cores and 12 processing threads bundled with the quiet amd wraith stealth cooler max temps ninety five°c
  • four 2 ghz max improve unlocked for overclocking 35 mb of recreation cache ddr4 3200 aid
  • for the superior socket am4 platform can support pcie 4 zero on x570 motherboards
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8 reviews for 0C18TUHHR29225 Amd ryzen five 3600 6-center, 12-thread unlocked computer processor with wraith stealth cooler

  1. Amazon Customer

    It was the year 2025, I had amassed enough Ryzen 3000’s to run the calculations required to build a time machine. I have traveled back to this exact point in time in order to coerce my past-self into buying this on the exact moment it releases. When I travel back into the future, I should be about 5 years ahead of schedule for launching the (AMD-powered) artificial intelligence singularity. Best wishes from United Regions of the North-Eastern Cyborg Society (UNNeCS), Cybernetic Research Division.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    This processor is beastly. It genuinely is a revolutionary piece of engineering and is something you should have on your radar for a long time. It is now the best value chip on the market, coming close to even the colossal 9900k for $200. Buy it. Just do it. Your wallet will rejoice with the saved money.Read more

  3. Angel

    Amazing value! It works with my x470 prime. Just installed it a couple of hours ago. It’s 10 times better than my old 1700.Read more

  4. Freddie Mac

    This thing is a beast. I Upgraded from a 1500x and what a difference. It’s on par with 2700x and won’t be surprise if it not better, when motherboard company releases better drivers later onRead more

  5. rasa123

    After flashing the BIOS of my MSI B450 Gaming Plus, the R5 3600 was recognized and I booted right into Windows. Upgrading from an Intel i5-7600k, I have 3 times the number of threads to work with and almost no difference in IPC, all with about 10W lower power consumption. Going to use in my virtualization server and make an 8 thread gaming vm and use the other 4 for network things. Overall, what an awesome chip!Read more

  6. AmazonBuyer#5545

    Upgrading from a 1500x and the results were pretty good. Precision Boost Overdrive is way better than with my 1500x and stabler than my 1500x. When gaming, it tends to stay in the 60 fps range (mainly due to the fact I am limited to a 60 Hz monitor without freesync) and tends to stay at 60 fps, even with my RX 480.Installation is easy, so long as you have updated your B350/450 or whatever X370/470 board you have. Just remember to reset your bios completely before inserting the CPU in. :)Read more

  7. Tyler Geringer

    Awesome CPU and heat sink combo. I have it paired with a B450 Tomahawk (make sure BIOS is flashed before you swap cards) and a 2070 Super. It performs flawlessly with absolutely zero lag at Ultra settings on World if Warcraft and Overwatch. I would like to hit the advertised boost clock as I peak around 4.125ghz but I heard they have a fix for it now. Nonetheless, I don’t even need the 4.2 for my needs. If you’re looking for a somewhat future proof CPU at a reasonable price look no further. I switched out the Wraith Spire with a AIO Corsair H100i Pro Liquid Cooler.Read more

  8. JP

    this processor is amazing, although I running it with a msi b350 mbo, it is a beast. My perfect combination for price performance.. Ryzen 5 3600 + Rx 580 (Gb) most of esports at 144 hz. I love it!!Read more

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