0C18TOTW6YY468 Small bluetooth headphones at the back of the pinnacle, sports wireless headset with constructed in microphone and crystal-clean sound, fold-in a position and carried within the purse, 12-hour battery life, blue

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  • [great if you can’t stand earbuds] it might rest outside of your ears instead of in the ear canal. Ergonomic layout of this headphone while you are at the treadmill, it remains in location so much higher than earbuds. Sporting these with glasses remains comfy. Would not getting ears ore like with earbuds
  • [extremely lightweight & compact] the headphones are mild enough which you don’t even observe them whilst move for a run with them on which makes jogging less difficult to get thru with my track shuffle. Use those earphones for backs packing and within the fitness center. Can easily put them within the pocket. Can put on them with your head on a pillow or beneath a hat
  • [easy to control music & calling] over the ear headphones have four manipulate buttons, now not two like in-ear ones. The proper-hand earphone has controls to choose up calls, boost or decrease quantity, and bypass in advance or move again a piece. Every button is indicated with a raised dot but in case you take a minute to situate your finger at the dial it’s easy to navigate. Enjoy genuine fingers-free calling and enjoy tune at the pass. Calling is in stereo, call best feels like when you are keeping a smartphone
  • [extend usability battery life with top notch sound] headphones are arrived absolutely charged and prepared to exit of the container. Use it numerous hours an afternoon and rate it on monday, the battery could closing the entire week
  • [handy case included] the headphones come in a small journey case and the band that goes across the neck keeps a twisted role for compact storage while not being worn

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on-board buttons make it smooth to feel where the buttons are at the right earpiece,feature a integrated mic that permits you to reply calls, as well as that without delay manage your song. Alternatives at the outside of the earpiece. You may answer calls, pass songs, and alter extent. Mic works thoroughly for both phone or communicate to text/siri.

if you want to enjoy the song even as still be aware of the surroundings. That is what you hope for!

those types of lightweight ‘on-the-ear’ headphones are designed for comfort. If you do now not care for the buds which hurt ears. Nor do you take care of the the fashion of headphones which has cups which envelope your complete ear. These headphones are exactly what you are looking for! That have soft, foam-included pads,would rest lightly on your ears.

  • you could lay at the pillow and concentrate to music or talk thru bluetooth cozy. There’s nothing sitting to your ear near the ear canal possible effecting your listening to or causing an ear contamination.
  • you can still listen if a siren is close to or loud noises.
  • fantastic all purpose bluetooth headphones, mainly for fitness center customers. Never must worry about the ear portions falling out. Stay over your ears irrespective of what type of exercise you’re doing. Those headphones could also be an integral part of your paintings/workplace ordinary. You can pay attention to them and nevertheless hear people speak.

    the neckband is the only option to run, leap, chop down trees, spend two hours on the gymnasium, headbang, and all while maintaining the noise for your ears and now not flying off into the surroundings. Very mild so that you are not so conscious that you have some thing on your ears or round your neck. Sweatproof feature,so by no means need to fear the sweat might get inside the neckband and damage wiring.

    suit transportable in a small wearing case along with two spare ear foams and usb cable well tucked inside the mesh pocket. They coil up well and fit in a blouse pocket. The dimensions of the deliver case is genuinely convenient because it makes it smooth to travel in a pc case.

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    3 reviews for 0C18TOTW6YY468 Small bluetooth headphones at the back of the pinnacle, sports wireless headset with constructed in microphone and crystal-clean sound, fold-in a position and carried within the purse, 12-hour battery life, blue

    1. Susie

      I have very small ear canals so, buds are not an option.These ‘ear pads’ (of sorts) are much more comfortable.Pros:- When I first put on the headphones, I played music. For music, I think they are awesome! (though I am not a connoisseur of music tone quality). But I think they are great, and am super impressed with the full-bodied sound.- The comfort is certainly there, though after a while, like all headphones, they get a little annoying. But, I’d wear these before buds…any day.- And of course, the price.Cons:- Phone calls are not as ‘wonderful’ or full-bodied. People on the other end often ask me to repeat myself. Voices sound a bit distant, on both ends of the conversation.- Several times music or phone conversations have cut in and out, as though there were a loose wire I should wiggle. Maybe there is? Internally?- While playing music, there is a beep that chimes in every now and again. The first time I wore them I assumed the battery must be getting low. But even when fully charged, the beep chimes in. Sometimes it chimes every few minutes, other times, every few seconds (as though the battery was screaming at you…please charge me! NOW!). Yet, the battery is full.–> Overall, because of what I mentioned above, I would have given the headphones 3.5 stars. But, as there isn’t such a rating, I went higher, as they meet my needs and are pretty easy to work with overall.I am concerned about that loose wire issue, which may be causing some of these problems. Hopefully the manufacturer will read this and address my concerns.Thank you.Read more

    2. Acts28brian

      Time is a great teacher or maybe I’m a slow learner but whatever the truth, I have tried way too many Bluetooth headsets, the single ear iterations types, without great success. It was time to try a different form set.Perhaps you’ve experienced the same issues with the single ear types. I mow and the headset is brushed off by an overhanging branch because it never really fitted well and goes under the mower. I shake my head and the Bluetooth flies off and breaks when it hits the deck. Or the unit drops to the ground when I take my glasses off and disintegrates into so many pieces. I am way beyond the constant replacements, cheap versions though they might be. My friends with the super expensive models report similar issues, price doesn’t make the things fit firmly; securely or comfortably inside the ear.I had also tried those over the head types but I like wearing caps and most connecting arm doesn’t allow that so when the opportunity came to review this particular product, I took it and yes, I can wear a cap.I’m actually wearing these while writing this review and they are not intrusive. They are comfortable enough, and fit firmly. I’m not a gym person, but active enough and these haven’t dislodged once.Sound is more than adequate for me, I’m not an audiophile, and phone conversations are very clear (both ways) which is a plus for a headset not featuring the extended arm speaker.They are easy to pair, the connection distance is about standard, but they have disconnected occasionally when the unit battery was low. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 3.For general purpose home use, these are great, and I can imagine for a more active lifestyler, these would do the job nicely as well. I should have gone this route earlier.Read more

    3. mazon

      – Flexible easy to fold and cary, light weight.- Very comfortable on the ears and hold excellent and will not fall down even if you run very fast.- High quality stereo audio (left right speakers) and long battrey life.- Fits easily and comfortable with my glasses- Loud sound and I still can hear around me which is what I was looking for since I prefer to be aware what is going around me instead of blocking me ears like other bluetooth headphones.- I owned the previous black version since last year and it still excellent.- I tried many bluetooth headphones even the Apple AirPods ( AirPods fall down easily from my ears when I move) but I couldn’t find better than these headphones.- White color looks good with my iPhone :)Read more

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