0C18TMZ9E8D116 Taotronics bluetooth five. Zero computer speaker, wired/wi-fi computer sound bar, mini soundbar speaker for laptop/cellular telephone/tablets/desktop, aux connection

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  • circulate wirelessly: connect via bluetooth 5. 0 or plug in physical aux and rca cable connections, pick out your most handy
  • immersive sound experience: housing 5w full variety audio system, the sound bar provides a crisp, spell binding sound
  • smooth installation in minutes: the package contains all gadget wanted – unpack, plug in, and revel in
  • widely well suited: the computer sound bar also connects along with your smartphone, pill, mp3 participant, or another device with bluetooth, rca, or audio connectivity
  • fits your desk flawlessly: the extremely-slender sound bar is tailored to save precious space and avoid cluttering

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Black, Red

5 reviews for 0C18TMZ9E8D116 Taotronics bluetooth five. Zero computer speaker, wired/wi-fi computer sound bar, mini soundbar speaker for laptop/cellular telephone/tablets/desktop, aux connection

  1. Anthony

    **Edit**Shortly after I left my review, TaoTronics reached out to me and offered to make things right by refunding me the cost of the speaker. This is exceptional customer service, and was really really appreciated! They certainly didn’t have to do this. I’ve updated my rating from 3/5 to 4/5 stars because of the wonderful customer service they have. There are still, however, downfalls to the speaker sound quality – hence, the 4/5 stars. Still a great solution if you’re looking for an affordable yet sturdy and sleek desktop speaker.*************Honestly, it’s a fair value for the money. It’s a generic soundbar that TaoTronics has re-branded. A quick Amazon search for desktop soundbars turns up several of same item labeled under different name brands. My biggest peeves about it are that it has absolutely no bass, and that the default bluetooth connection confirmation chirp is SO EXTREMELY LOUD. It’s startling how loud the connectivity chirp is because you can hear it clear across the house from a different room, and there is absolutely no way to adjust the sound level for that. If bass/deep sounds are of no importance to you, this is a great option for a entry level soundbar.Pros:- Affordable- Bluetooth connectivity- AUX connectivity- Minimalist design- Low profile- Decent Mid- and High-range soundsCons:- Essentially no low-range sounds/bass- Shallow and tinny sounding- Large and obstructive power adapter- No option for adjusting speaker default sound level (i.e. connection confirmation beeps)- No built in battery, so it’s not portableRead more

  2. Bruce Hammer

    The Taotronics mini-soundbar is a good value for the money. It produces a crisp stereo sound, forward facing, which is what I was looking for in my application. I’m using it as an external sound source for a smaller (18″) under-the-cabinet TV in my kitchen. I set it on a small adhesive wall-mounted shelf in back of the TV to free up the counter space. While it’s not large enough to produce sound equivalent to a $200 (or even $100) soundbar, it’s certainly a vast improvement over the tinny sounding, rear facing speakers on the TV itself. Having a simple 3.5mm aux plug (analog) connection also allows you to use the TV (or cable) remote to control the soundbar volume via the TV instead of using a separate remote, so this is one area where having something cheaper is actually an advantage. Changing to a Bluetooth connection is a simple button push. I can’t speak to the connection range, but it works fine for me within the kitchen when I want to use it to play music.Read more

  3. Customer

    Ok, for $40 what can you expect. And it’s not Bose quality by any measure. Think along the lines of “computer speaker” quality. Not bad, not great, not really good, but ok.UPDATE:Well, after further use of these speakers, I have to report that the sound is much better than I originally thought, and it has to do with how I’ve settled using it. I use this speaker while lying in bed watching movies and stuff, and I’ve placed the speaker directly in front of me under the external flat monitor that sits on a stand that props itself up over my belly in front of me. Yeah, I know, maybe too much information, but probably commonly done. Anyway, with the speaker literally resting on my belly attached under the monitor frame, I have experienced deep bass sound and richness of audio quality that quite impresses me. Which lead me to think that my original observations were with the speaker setup several feet away and just not as impactful. But up close, mighty nice. A good purchase.Read more

  4. Carissa R. Rosenfeld

    Absolutely perfect!!!Let me explain how I came to purchasing this item. I have a pc that has the tower/monitor setup. Well I seem to have issues with the tower or monitor putting out sound on a regular basis. I mean I start the darn computer up, turn the TV(monitor) on and everything works great. But when it goes to sleep the stupid thing doesn’t want to make any sound. That’s even when I go to settings and disable everything besides the monitor for sound output. Errrrrrggghh! Anyway I have up. Looked for some external speakers and what do ya know. I found this little beauty.Shipping was fast and packaging was amazing. Came with all the cables needed to connect my computer to the sound bar. For some reason the computer is not bluetooth capable, but there was no need to worry. It came with the cables to take care of that. I quickly connected it with no problem. Only thing I had an issue with was not reading the directions which was my bad. There is a button to switch it from a hardwired source like my computer and then push that button again and it can search for a bluetooth connection.So my hubby can use the computer for his youtube watching, and then when he is out and about, I can click the pretty button and switch to playing music fromy phone. No disconnect wires and those problems.Plus packaging is great. You would think they were trying to package your great grandmas porcelain collectable plate that’s held in the china cabinet or something with how great this packaging is. To make it even better you can’t beat the price.Sound is very comparable in volume to my tv. So for such an elegant product, it really can produce an amazing sound.Read more

  5. Renee C

    I bought this speaker, after reading a lot of reviews, just to use for computer audio and for video calls, as the speakers on my laptop are terrible. It sounds great for that purpose – very clear and rich sound. What I was surprised with, is that music actually sounds pretty good on it, too! I wouldn’t buy it just for that purpose, but it is a great bonus that I can easily listen to music while working on my computer and have it sound pretty decent. It has stereo sound and a good bass, with no distortion at all and I had it up pretty loudly. It was super easy to set up with bluetooth. And it is a heckuva lot better than the Dell soundbar I had previously that only worked half the time then finally stopped working totally and I had only used it a short while. This is a great value and I’m really glad I bought this speaker!Read more

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