0C18TA9ZMIN478 Netgear five-port gigabit ethernet unmanaged transfer (gs305) – domestic network hub, office ethernet splitter, plug-and-play, silent operation, laptop or wall mount

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using getting into your version range.
  • plug and play: easy setup without a software program to put in or configuration wanted
  • versatile mounting alternatives: supports computer or wall mount placement
  • silent operation: the fanless layout means 0 added noise anyplace its positioned, making it best for noise sensitive environments
  • peace of thoughts guarantee – protected by way of an industry main three yr limited hardware guarantee
  • electricity efficient: designed to optimize electricity usage, lowering its cost to perform; most models are compliant with ieee802. 3az strength green ethernet mode
  • built to ultimate: each netgear community switch is rigorously examined for reliability, great, and overall performance
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without a doubt plug in your devices. No configuration or software required.

electricity efficient generation affords energy savings for your home.

netgear is the logo of preference in relation to domestic networking solutions.

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product description

the netgear five port gigabit unmanaged transfer offers an smooth, reliable, and less expensive manner to extend your network connections in houses and small offices. It’s far plug and play and features a rugged metallic case. Capabilities also include automobile mdi/mdi, led indicator on each port, strength efficient generation, fan much less layout, auto negotiation and non blocking off switching architecture.


5 Port, 5 Port with Enhanced Features, 8 Port, 8 Port with Enhanced Features

5 reviews for 0C18TA9ZMIN478 Netgear five-port gigabit ethernet unmanaged transfer (gs305) – domestic network hub, office ethernet splitter, plug-and-play, silent operation, laptop or wall mount

  1. Arthur Davis

    Be aware that this switch exposes the management interface on all ports. There does not seem to be a way to turn this off. You should not use this switch in an exposed environment where you need more than password-based security (or if you are uncertain about how much to trust the security of inexpensive network gear firmware).For example, I purchased this to segment off a couple ports onto a VLAN as a pass-through for the Internet link on the outside of my home router. I wanted to be able to use the port-mirroring capability to inspect the traffic on the outside of my gateway/firewall. That would leave several ports available (configured on a separate VLAN) to use inside my firewall. There is no way to disable the management interface on those ports exposed outside of my firewall. Netgear is adamant in their forums that this is by design.If you use this properly secured inside your network, then it is a pretty nice switch. It has a lot of nice features for the price, and I expect it will work reliably (I’m generally a fan of Netgear equipment). The design around the management interface makes it unsuitable for use in some situations – that dropped my opinion to a 3-star level. The extra star was lost because this limitation is pretty much hidden. I shouldn’t have to imagine arbitrary security deficiencies and then go and research to find out if a potential purchase has them.Read more

  2. FatProtoss

    I bought the switch because Amazon advertised that it’s capable of link aggregation. The problem is that it does not support link aggregation. The only reason I bought this switch is because I explicitly wanted link aggregation. On NetGear’s site, they state that the ProSafe Plus switches only support LACP/LAG on 16 port and up modelsAmazon is advertising it incorrectly. The switch itself works very well. Amazon delivered it promptly, switch works right out of the box, etc etc.Read more

  3. Joe

    I ran out of ports on my router which had 4 ports. I needed two more ports.So. I had a spare short Ethernet cord and removed one of the devices, and plugged the patch cord in there.This device DOES NOT come with a patch cord.I powered up the switch and plugged the patch cord into port #1. Apparently I could have chosen any of the eight ports. The cord I had just removed went into port #2. And I added some new devices that needed a hard connection in each of the remaining ports, from the original eight.Each port has a green light which is steady, if it’s live, but flashes when data is being transferred.When you turn the connected device off, the light goes out.I can’t comment on technical support, because it was very easy.Pro tip:One comment, on several reviews, saying that their device died an untimely death, is that it is really important to have surge protection for the power to these devices. A small power surge can kill these devices. I use a battery backup surge protection to protect the whole modem/router network.Good luck.Read more

  4. Chenchen Zheng

    I bought this switch for Link Aggregation, and it actually does not support it. I checked with Netgear and countered:1. I cannot register the device.2. I cannot find anyone to help me either via call or via the community forum.Read more

  5. Mikahl

    TLDR; Dead after 6months, 1yr warranty only covers physical appearance and not functionality..Update** I need an unmanaged 1GBPs 8port switch that I have open air circulation and can depend on for years at home. This netgear switch worked perfect until it decided to fail, 1 port after 3months and then the remaining 7 ports 3months thereafter.Review before it failed;Long story, short; If you need a plug and play Gigabit switch for your home or business this is the best bang for buck. I upgraded my FiOS to 1Gb Speed and my router has 1Gb ports and 5gHz but my various unmanaged switches I have were TP-Link, Plastic & maxed out at 100Mbps so I needed a Gigabit unmanaged switch to achieve a plug-and-play upgrade for my LAN devices to take advantage of the new speeds. I have multiple unmanaged switches but I wanted to test this netgear before committing to purchase more. From my Gigabit router the available output ports are point to point connections to various rooms in the house. On the living room connection I had a 100Mbps switch that a smart TV, PS4 Pro, XB1X, Surface Dock, Onkyo AVR connected to. I measured 5 speeds before and after the upgrade; • Speed of current config, XB1X 80Mbps DL_UL Max in various built in test and Browser speed tests. • Speed of 5Ghz Wifi, XB1X Achieved 300Mbps+ DL/UL in various browser tests and the built in test. • Speed of 2.4GHhz Wifi, XB1X Achieved 100Mbps+ DL/UL • Speed with Network Jack plugged straight into Wall jack, XB1X Achieved 600Mbps+ DL/UL • Speed with Netgear Gigabit Switch, XB1X Achieved 600Mbps+ DL/UL Results are exactly what I’m looking for with the upgraded switch and it requires an availanlr AC outlet for power but if you’re upgrading your likely already using one it can plug into. The chassis is metal and feels like quality and the higher running temps under full load will take advantage of the vented metal’s heat dissipation vs just my older plastic unvented switch. There is no fan so it’s silent and I’m keeping in a ventilated spot behind my entertainment center and it has keyhole mounting slots if you need. My only Con would be the inability to turn off the LEDs. It doesn’t bother me since it’s hidden, the light color and solid/blinking serve a function but, if it was placed out in the open I would have to tape them off as they are very visible and that’s not good in a home theater environment.Read more

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