0C18SND6CSM576 Razer kraken x ultralight gaming headset: 7. 1 surround sound – lightweight aluminum frame – bendable cardioid microphone – laptop, ps4, ps5, switch, xbox one, xbox collection x & s, mobile – black

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • immersive, 7. 1 surround sound for positional audio: outfitted with custom-tuned forty millimeter drivers, able to software-enabled surround sound whilst used for computer gaming simplest (download code slip inside the box)
  • designed for all-day comfort: the lightest kraken headset ever at 250 grams, around forty% lighter than the opposition
  • bendable noise cancelling microphone: a cardioid mic reduces heritage and ambient noises for crystal-clean communique
  • in-headset audio controls: includes an analog quantity control wheel and mic mute switch on the headset for quick and handy modifications
  • durable production: the kraken x body is bendy and constructed to ultimate, able to withstand day by day, care-loose use. Frequency reaction-12 hz – 28 khz

from the producer

comfy build

plush memory foam cushions

best comfort and sound isolation throughout gaming marathons.

ultra-light creation

light-weight build

engineered with a lightweight shape component for a close to-weightless sense on your head.

e3 2019 slickdeals satisfactory fee

“razer prioritizes the necessities with the kraken x, and the result is a tremendously wonderful audio enjoy.”

mike jackson, slickdeals creator

immersive 7. 1 surround sound

experience 7. 1 surround sound for accurate positional audio throughout any recreation environment—from explosive all-out wars or stealthy covert operations.

bendable cardioid microphone

the cardioid pickup pattern records sound from a tighter angle. It ensures your voice is heard and rejects noise from the sides and returned of your mic.

three. 5mm connection

game throughout your laptop, ps4, nintendo transfer and mobile gadgets via audio jack.

entire the collection

complete your setup with the entire lineup for the remaining gaming enjoy from the number one nice-selling gaming peripherals manufacturer within the us through npd organization inc, 2017-2021

razer deathadder critical

customizable features just like the multi-feature paddle offers prolonged controls together with push-to-communicate, while the razer mechanical switches are durable for up to twenty million clicks.

razer cynosa chroma

features all of the necessities a gamer wishes. With soft cushioned, personally programmable backlit keys powered by means of razer chroma, the cynosa chroma presents the fine overall performance within its class.

razer goliathus velocity

the weave at the razer goliathus pace version is pulled taut to create a slick and seamless surface permitting your gaming mouse to flow quickly with 0 drawback to land the ones snapshots.


Headset, Headset + Chroma Stand


Classic Black, Classic Black/Blue, Mercury White


Kraken X

8 reviews for 0C18SND6CSM576 Razer kraken x ultralight gaming headset: 7. 1 surround sound – lightweight aluminum frame – bendable cardioid microphone – laptop, ps4, ps5, switch, xbox one, xbox collection x & s, mobile – black

  1. Will Ast

    I have had these for a day and so far are alright, not the greatest, especially for $50. I have had better $25 headsets.PROS:-Very very very lightweight, probably the lightest headset I’ve ever owned!-Very comfortable and fits well-Flexibility is decent-Microphone quality is pretty good, not the greatest-free roam mic, comes right up to your mouth-memory foam padding on headband is very comfortable-Noise cancelling-cord is long and not elastic, which is great so it wont curl up and tangleCONS:-Sound quality could use a lot of improvement-Pitchy mids, no bass, highs are screamy-mids are very static and can hurt your ears-Plastic buildOVERALL:Razer has got the build down, the build of the headset is amazing. The thing that could use some work, is whats inside. Mic quality and sound quality can use a lot of work.Build: 10/10Mic: 7/10Sound: 3/10Read more

  2. BadSeed Tech

    Pros: Lightweight, VERY Comfortable, most balanced sound we’ve heard from Razer yet. Easy to drive, 7.1 software included for PC use, decent quality mic.Cons: Attached cable and mic, all plastic build, still struggles with volume on PS4Read more

  3. Tom

    This product doesn’t work unless you download and install their spywear (oh right, it isn’t spywear because you agreed)The mic wouldn’t work, periodThe 7.1 doesn’t work without installing the aforementioned spywearWithout installing the spywear you left with 1 left 1 right spear pointing at the top of your eardrum so it sounds like everything is coming from the skyThe pivot for the mic doesn’t have a hing, or a protective durable rubber bendy thing… It’s just a wire out of a sharp hole, I’m sure it wouldn’t take anytime at all for that sharp hole to cut through the mic sheath and wire, planned obsolescence on a $12 mic, seariously$40 isn’t enough revenue on a $12 product, you’ve also gota take advantage of unwitting parents buying this garbage as gifts for kids or kids friends, so you can profit off selling their privacy in perpetuityNever buying any razer product again, tbh I thought I never would after burning through 3 death adders in 9 months (horrible quality, but dang that mouse fit well in the hand) , but I needed a work headset because of corona and this was one of the few items in stock and I returned this garbage!!BestTomRead more

  4. Thomas Kiely

    I bought these with pretty moderate expectations and was still thoroughly disappointed. My previous Razer headset lasted me for nearly 7 years and I’m typically pleased with their products. This headset is clearly sub par, I opted to get a cheaper headset this go around just to see if it fit my needs. The audio was scratchy and according to multiple people I spoke to the microphone was also VERY low quality. I’m not really a picky person and I don’t think I’ve ever even written a review before but the low quality on this headset warranted a poor review. I would go elsewhere or spend more money buying something better…Read more

  5. Christopher Sandacz

    Ive been using these headphones for 2 months before writeing this review.The Razer Kraken X wired gaming headset is perfect for its price. The sound quality when using the virtual 7.1 surround sound is good for some games that utilize at least 5.1 surround sound. (Make sure you are using the correct audio channels.) The sound quality is great for gaming.The noise cancellation is definitely there. There is even notches in the ear cups for people that wear glasses. They are not visible, but you can feel around with your finger.Since these are using a 3.5 mm jack, they will work with PC, Android, Xbox one s controllers, and PS4 with sound and Microphone. It will even work for sound on the nintendo switch. A longer cord is included for PC that goes into two separate 3.5 mm ports (one for sound and one for mic) Honestly usb isn’t any better from my experiences with other headsets. The volume can be adjusted with a wheel on the headset.What blew me away was the microphone. Ive done some recordings and the quality was phenomenal for a budget gaming headset. It truely is a cardiod microphone that wont pick up background noises like key clicks anddistant voices. Ive even used it for online college classes and got complented for how clean I sounded on a zoom meeting. It can be muted with a button if needed.I also find the headset to be quite comfortable. It can be worn for long periods of time. They did not bother me at all. They are adjustable to move up and down but the ear cups do not swivel which gives the headset some extra durability. (A+) Eventhough its mostly plastic, they do not feel cheap at all.Overall, these are a must buy if you are looking for a wired gaming headset! Well done Razer!Read more

  6. Ken Lai

    Today I was very excited when I received the package, I thought I could use 7.1 surround sound but when I try to use the activation code and it shown up ” License code has already been used.” At this moment I am very disappointed and what is the point I have to buy this product if the 7.1 surround sound can’t use it?Read more

  7. Jenn B

    I bought these for my daughter. She is an avid gamer and uses them at least 6-7 hours a day when she isn’t in school. They are very light and she said they have much better sound and clarity than her previous headset. She also likes how they don’t look huge on her head. Her previous set looked so big on her head and these are comfortable and don’t look like they were made for a giant. The adjustable band has a good range of size and my husband says they are comfortable on his head (which is much bigger than our daughter’s.)They seem to be well-made and feel like they are made with nice quality. Even though they are light, they don’t feel or look cheap. My daughter also wanted me to add that the flexible mic is nice to have, she doesn’t worry about it breaking or cracking when she carries it in her backpack.I would definitely buy them again.Read more

  8. Carlos Bustos

    Light and comfortable, worth the price… Razer quality on the packaging and feels good tooRead more

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