0C18SE969HN494 Braven brv-360 – waterproof portable speaker – bluetooth wireless technology – 360 degree speaker – black

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the brv-360 is ip67 waterproof and designed to resist rain, waterfalls, and dunks in lakes. Dual passive radiators with custom, in-residence tuning produce easy, consistent, 360-degree sound. The brv-360 fits without problems in cup holders and water bottle cages, and is lightweight sufficient for backpacks, sports bags and handbags. Built-in voice manage works along with your telephone for instructions and hands-unfastened calls. The brv-360 sounds outstanding at distances up to one hundred feet.


Black, Blue, Red

8 reviews for 0C18SE969HN494 Braven brv-360 – waterproof portable speaker – bluetooth wireless technology – 360 degree speaker – black

  1. J Burns

    i’ve had some very expensive Bluetooth speakers and I like this one so much better, despite getting it for only $30 “like-new” on Amazon… Although the sound wasn’t super crystal clear like $1000 speakers, it sounded really good and was very pleasing to my ears… I’m getting my friends some of these too.. i’m not sure if this is how you are supposed to use them, but I had it on the top of my bookshelf standing up… And that’s how the speaker is positioned where I really like the soundRead more

  2. Daniel – Amazon Customer

    My ex gf used to have this speaker which was bought at a local store near home. I was impressed with how great the speaker was performing. So, I finally decided to get one and boy let me tell you I’m pleased with this. Being a musician, I know I’m not wrong when it comes to giving other non-well known companies a try with their products. Can’t be sticking to Apple, JBL, Samsung, etc.. you name it. This is not going to be a regret for buyers.Hit the buy now or add to cart because it is worth the price overall. Hope this helps someone who’s about to make a decision.Read more

  3. sidney

    It’s for my husband….the little speaker sits right on the table right by him….the sound is very good and fills that bill. The charge didn’t last as long as we expected so this baby is now plugged in. So far we think it’s a good match for his need. We chose this brand because our son has one a bit larger and it’s a real work horse.Read more

  4. Anon

    Just a fantastic little speaker. Sound quality for a 5 inch cylinder is impressive — you have a bit of bass and there’s a surprising depth to the sound. Lots of midrange, but that’s expected. Overall sound quality is a notch or two above any other miniature bluetooth speaker I’ve heard.Battery life is excellent (10+ hours) and no problems with connectivity. Was so impressed, bought a second one. Simply can’t be beat for the price!Read more

  5. Ben Watt

    Not a bad little speaker overall, but it definitely sounds like a little speaker that’s trying to sound big & loud. Just wasn’t THAT impressed w/ the sound quality, but coming from a speaker the size of a Coke/beer can… It’s what I should have expected.Read more

  6. John Stewart

    So I must have gotten a lemon. A bunch of audiophile friends LOVE this brand. That said, this speaker just doesn’t work. You can put in the greatest rock bands of all time—Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd—and it’s not the bands’ fault.Sometimes you’re able to get 90 seconds of excellent sound but then it starts skipping and screwing up. I must have gotten a defect but what I got is so bad that it’s the second thing In the last ~20 yearsI’ve been a steady amazon customer for ~20 years and this will be the second thing I return.Read more

  7. Joseph Ellison

    The good Best sound in town! The bad I dropped my last one in the shower 2 times! The last time was it for this speaker! It’s good quality just not very much shock resistance!Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Its been a great item so far.Read more

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