0C18S4ZUCRQ596 Hearing safety earmuff/headphone for toddlers, children, young adults and adults. Amplim noise cancelling headphones, earmuffs for youngsters ear defenders – aircraft/live performance/outside/garden mower – coral

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  • worldwide protection standards: perfect for children’s ear safety. Tested and certified to fulfill ansi s3. 19 (american countrywide standards institute), ce en 352. 1 (ecu preferred) and australian popular as/nzs 1270-2002 standards. Infant/child/little one/teenager/grownup sound-decreasing headphone/ear muffs. This noise reduction earmuff is good for protective kids’s ears from excessive noise. Pleasant for youngsters 2 years or older. Not advocated for new child or child underneath 2 years vintage.
  • fine comfort: top class low profile cups with smooth cushion foams specially designed to suit infants, children, children, teens and teens effectively. Adjustable and flexible headscarf suits numerous head sizes. Amplim exceptional ear muff for children listening to protection, toddler ear protections, and little one ear safety.
  • kids ear protection without battery: tranquilmuff safety earmuffs, noise discount ear protection headphones efficaciously reduces the noise degree because of loud tune, concert, airport, construction, napping, out of doors activities, sporting events, racing, huge crowds, films, machinery, mowing, lawn & family gear, woodworking, ear muffs for capturing range (listening to protection for shooting), searching ear muffs noise protection.
  • tranquilly stunning: three pantone colorings of the yr designs to pick from: rose quartz (2016), serenity (2016) or greenery (2017). Applications for home, outdoor, nursery or school. Excellent for students or children at the autism spectrum / autistic for blockading out crowds and other triggers.
  • satisfactory: purchase with confidence! Amplim is a depended on emblem and an american / united states of america agency. Unfastened amazon prime transport. Please note for safety functions, this earmuff is designed to lessen sounds in line with ansi/ce specifications but no longer completely filtered out all sounds (completely silence.) the child with this earmuff on will nonetheless be awared of the envirnment around him/her.

product description

this toddler hearing protection noise reduction child earmuff / earflap / earlap / earcup is designed for protection and comfort. Premium cups with soft cushions specially designed to healthy kids, youngsters, babies, young adults, teens, and girls easily. Adjustable and bendy headscarf to match diverse head sizes. This headset / scarf / headphone is light-weight and handy for college kids to deliver to high school or outdoor occasions. Hearing safety: tranquilmuff effectively reduced the noise degree resulting from loud song, massive crowds, band shows, garden and household gear, or any other troublesome noises. Cognizance: ideal for youngsters/young adults that are at the autism spectrum, upload, adhd or students which might be effortlessly distracted by means of noise. Tranquilmuff will help college students to focus at the take a look at at the same time as filtering out outside noise. Terrific for faculty, home or libraries. This earmuff is designed specifically for children/teens however can be used by the entire own family. Noise reduction headphones, noise-cancelling headphones for children, child ear protection, ear protection for youngsters, earplugs noise reduction, child earmuffs noise safety, infant ear safety, toddler noise-cancelling headphones, ear muffs for youngsters, noise-cancelling headphones for infants, gun variety ear safety, infant headphones , earmuffs for women, ear muffs for sound asleep noise cancelling, headphones game.


Living Coral, Radiant Yellow, Rose Quartz / Pale Pink, Ultra Violet

8 reviews for 0C18S4ZUCRQ596 Hearing safety earmuff/headphone for toddlers, children, young adults and adults. Amplim noise cancelling headphones, earmuffs for youngsters ear defenders – aircraft/live performance/outside/garden mower – coral

  1. Vanessa

    These are great price soft but not to tight on my 5 year olds head but enough that they wont slip and still do the job of noise canceling she has autism and i need it to wrk n these are great ordering another one just for backup incase ! .. if ur wondering just get it ! Autism mama approved👌Read more

  2. Y. C.

    I was so disappointed because I was excited to get these. I wanted most “cancellation” as advertised, but what I got was plastic earmuffs that hardly muffled any sounds. I question how a baby or child could wear these for actual ear protection at a concert or loud crowd. The sound would still come through.I put these on and asked my husband to talk to me. I heard every word clearly. The television also.I just wanted a pair of plain, not fancy, not high dollar noise canceling ear protection.I can’t see this product passing American standards for noise canceling.Definitely adjustable comfortably.Read more

  3. M. Couch

    After a recent VERY loud viewing of Solo with our 6YO son, we quickly realized he needed something. The earplugs we had brought along were simply too large so he had to keep his ears covered the entire time. We got these and our son was just so happy to have something like this. The first test was a super-loud thunderstorm the other night. Normally, he’d have woken us up, but he was so proud of himself in the morning…”Mommy, did you hear the storm last night? I did, but then I put on my ear muffs and I went right back to sleep!” I. Am. A. Fan!!! 🙂 We will test them at a movie next, but should be perfect.Read more

  4. Sylvia Angel

    Perfectly made for my 6 yo. This helps calm sensitivity to sounds which helps him to have increased success at school. Also handy for use when out at social gatherings and things get too loud! We don’t have to abandon our outings early or skip them all together because of auditory sensory overload.Read more

  5. HollyKid73

    I’m an adult, but the size of a teen. These fit well and were comfortable.I bought them because my husband snores and I find ear plugs uncomfortable. Wearing these achieved the same noise reduction as loosely wrapping a pillow over my ears. Anything covering your ears will muffle sound to some extent. I was expecting these to cancel or seal out sound in an effective way. They really didn’t. I’m returning them.Read more

  6. In Seattle

    These are excellent! I bought them for my toddlers and one of mine is very sensitive to any sort of noise (vacuum, blender, lawn mower), she now asks for her headphones when she knows I’m going to use a machine she doesn’t like. They are easy for her to take off herself, though I usually do put them on her. We are going to see Thomas the Train soon and I’m sure she’ll have a great time because of these.Read more

  7. kmcelligott4

    We’ve been through a few pairs of noise-cancelling headphones from other companies for my 8 year old daughter with autism. They weren’t that great and my daughter didn’t rely on them when she really needed them. These are BY FAR the best and we’ve now ordered 3 pairs (none of them have broken or anything) just to have at school, on the bus and for home. I’ve tried them on myself and they really do a great job of blocking out noise comfortably. This is the only brand I’ll order from now on- and it’s an added perk that they come in fun, kid-friendly colors!Read more

  8. Candie

    Can’t really give much of review. My highly autistic child won’t keep the ear muffs on his ears. They are adjustable for adult to child. The sound is muffled not completely silenced so whomever will hear things necessary. I don’t see any issues with the muffs I would recommend itRead more

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