0C18RYMRSOY402 Jbl flip five water-resistant transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker package deal – (pair) grey

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  • don’t sweat the small stuff like charging your battery. Turn 5 offers you extra than 12 hours of playtime. Hold the track going longer and louder with jbl’s signature sound.
  • bring your audio system anywhere. Pool party? Ideal. Surprising cloudburst? Covered. Bash at the beach? Turn 5 is ipx7 waterproof up to three-feet deep for fearless outside leisure.
  • boostpartyboost lets in you to pair jbl partyboost-well suited speakers together for stereo sound or hyperlink a couple of jbl partyboost-compatible speakers to pump up your celebration.
  • with 11 awesome colour options, the flip five is something however boring. Increase your spectrum with jbl’s signature sound.

product description

all reason. All weather associate. Take your tunes on the go with the powerful jbl flip 5. Our lightweight bluetooth speaker is going anywhere. Terrible climate? Now not to fear. With its waterproof design, you may rock out to our signature sound rain or shine. Move more. Pair two jbl partyboost-well matched speakers collectively for stereo sound or link multiple jbl partyboost-like minded audio system to create a larger celebration. Experience extra than 12 hours of play time in your favourite track. Stand it vertical or horizontal and be ambitious along with your choice of 11 colourful colorings.

flip 5’s all new racetrack-shaped motive force supplies high output. Revel in booming bass in a compact package deal.

don’t sweat the small stuff like charging your battery. Flip five gives you extra than 12 hours of playtime. Maintain the track going longer and louder with jbl’s signature sound.

carry your audio system everywhere. Pool party? Perfect. Unexpected cloudburst? Blanketed. Bash at the seashore? Flip five is ipx7 water-proof up to 3-toes deep for fearless outdoor entertainment.

boostpartyboost lets in you to pair jbl partyboost-like minded audio system together for stereo sound or hyperlink more than one jbl partyboost-well suited speakers to pump up your birthday celebration.

with eleven distinct colour options, the turn 5 is some thing however boring. Increase your spectrum with jbl’s signature sound.

slip this little gem onto your wrist and get grooving. Its durable fabric cloth and rugged rubber housing preserve the flip five safe at the same time as you let out inside the extraordinary outdoors.


Black, Blue, Camouflage, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, Sand, Teal, White, Yellow

7 reviews for 0C18RYMRSOY402 Jbl flip five water-resistant transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker package deal – (pair) grey

  1. Deth

    I bought this 2pack because it made each speaker cheaper than buying 2 individually. Did I need 2? No. Did I need to buy 3 more JBL speakers after these two? No. Did I do all of this anyway? Absolutely.Important notes: These use PartyBoost, NOT Connect or Connect+, and will not connect to older speakers. At time of review, the only JBL speakers on PartyBoost are the Flip 5, Pulse 4, and Boombox 2.Given that these are intended to be portable, you can only expect so much from sound quality. They’re much better than my previous BT speaker, which is nice. And being able to have mini surround sound with partyboost is real nice. Having them charge via USB C rather than USB Micro is a big draw. They get plenty loud and remain clear when you blast them. Don’t expect the same quality you’d get out of a thousand dollar speaker and you’ll be plenty happy.Drawbacks:-These use Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 5.x. It’s a bit of a confusing choice, but all BT is backwards compatible, so it’s not much of an issue. And it’s so much better than my previous speaker. I can actually step a few feet away without them immediately cutting out! but using the newest standard would have been cool.-One of the two occasionally “chirps”. Just a really quick short beep. This happens so infrequently that I can’t tell if it’s a manufacturing defect, a bluetooth hiccup, or maybe an issue with PartyBoost? The one I have connected directly to my phone does not seem to chirp, but the one connected via PartyBoost does. But I can listen all day and MAYBE hear it once or twice. Quite possibly not at all. Not enough to turn me off, but enough to be a tad annoying.Overall very pleased!Read more

  2. Aeacmtc

    These speakers are advertised to play in party mode meaning both speakers play at the same time. They absolutely DO NOT WORK at the same time. We used the app, followed the instructions, and they glitch out every time when used in party mode. We spent hours on end trying to get these to work as advertised and they simply do not. I wish I had gone with the off brand I was considering (Oontz) as I know someone who has them and is very happy. I bought them for a special occasion and was pretty disappointed they did not work as advertised. These will be going back and JBL customer service will be hearing from me.Read more

  3. CV

    We use these to provide music to our backyard patio. The speakers have plenty of power and the sound quality is on point. We use the speakers in stereo mode.I was initially upset with the speakers cutting out sporadically when they paired up. After tinkering around with them for a few mins, I found that my phone was automatically connecting to both at the same time which was causing the disruption. After forgetting one of the devices the pair work flawlessly together.The app is very lackluster. It needs a total overhaul.Update: one of the speakers stopped working completely after one week of use.Read more

  4. Dali100789

    Yo the speakers are Amazing! My only complaint is that in party mode, my new phone pairs with both speakers simultaneously, when it supposed to be hooked up to one “master” speaker, while the “slave speaker” is only connected to the master via blutooth. So the speakers sometimes cut in and out quickly, and both try and auto connect with my S20, and I, nor the speakers find it amusing 🙄. But depending on the Bluetooth device you are playing from, it usually works fine. So personally, I usually just charge one while I use the other. Great to always have a backup ready to go!And let me say, I put this baby in 3 of my car’s cup holders, and it fills the cab with crisp, yet bass present sound. Already gifted a few, Definitely worth the price. Cheers!Read more

  5. Stone

    One of my speakers has power problems. i would have to return both for refund. i chose not to because i bought warrenty. other speaker is flawless. use well before return period so u know u dont have a defective problem. also i suggest u get warrentyRead more

  6. Taylor

    I go camping and to the beach a lot and wanted a waterproof speaker. My friend has one of these and I was blown away when I heard it and was like.. well, my little bose soundlink isn’t waterproof so this is better. I found a great deal for 2 of them and pulled the trigger.Unfortunately, the music doesn’t sound as good as I wanted… Comparing to Bose isn’t fair, but the Soundlink just sounded a lot better. The bass is non-existent unless you do the bass boost (hold down bluetooth and volume down button), but then you have to use an Equalizer to get it to sound right and every time you turn them on or repair them you have to turn on the boost again. The boost is good – see the video attached.. the thing shakes and walks on it’s own! However, it just wasn’t good enough to justify having them and the Soundlink.Bottom line – for a portable speaker that is loud enough, waterproof, and easy to carry – this thing is actually really great. For people wanting high quality audio on a tiny speaker… You’ll have to step it up from this unit.. maybe the boombox JBL makes, which I originally wanted until I thought the pair of these would be just as good.I did return them, but if I didn’t already have my Bose I would have kept them and pissed off everyone at the campsite’s and beach with them.Read more

  7. Gail Hart

    I love these speakers. The only issue you need to be aware of is they will not connect with older versions of speakers. If that is what you want to do you need to get the older versions. They will pair very well with like generations however. I bought this newer generation specifically because they would not pair with my older speakers because my husband wanted to play his music at the same time I did from our respective offices and the pair so well we could not separate them. As with all generations you will get great sound. Great buy.Read more

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