0C18RY7UHSZ820 Klipsch history wi-fi the 3 ii tabletop stereo in matte black

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  • the mythical, unique and dynamic sound you’ve come to count on from klipsch
  • proposing actual wood finishes and sturdy steel accents, this timeless klipsch design gives heirloom-pleasant and a mid-century present day appearance and feel
  • all inputs, including bluetooth connectivity, make it easy so that it will concentrate to anything your heart goals
  • bi-amplified for audio decision, the three ii gives an unrivaled sound experience
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from the manufacturer

true amusement

true enjoyment: the three ii is a professionally-tuned stereo tabletop machine presenting 2 1/four” complete-range drivers and a five. 25” lengthy-throw woofer.

real craftsmanship

proper craftsmanship: proposing a continued emphasis on mid-century cutting-edge design, the three ii features numerous key aesthetic improvements, which includes a new grille, emblem, and top panel. This fantastically-crafted tabletop stereo system may be positioned anywhere in your property.

genuine connectivity: versatile and perfectly-sized to match into any area, the three ii includes audio enter connections bluetooth, analog, three. 5mm miniplug, phono pre-amp, and usb kind b audio.

product description

with award-prevailing acoustics and layout, the klipsch heritage wireless three ii tabletop stereo can hook up with nearly whatever, that means you could convey your music to lifestyles from honestly any supply – anywhere in your property. True connectivity:all enter alternatives, connecting to simply any source, inclusive of your turntable, laptop, cd participant, telephone, or tablet


Klipsch The Three II Table Top Stereo Speaker (Matte Black), Klipsch The Three II Table Top Stereo Speaker (Walnut)

3 reviews for 0C18RY7UHSZ820 Klipsch history wi-fi the 3 ii tabletop stereo in matte black

  1. Secret Weapon

    This speaker is capable of excellent, LOUD, clean sound!I like to play hi-res audio files. There are certain bluetooth codecs, such as aptX, that support the transfer of large amounts of data needed for hi-res (you still don’t get true hi-res but it’s better than basic bluetooth). This speaker uses the lowest level codec and to my ear, bluetooth mode sounds pretty weak.The speaker does support full hi-res (up to 24 bit-192kh), when connected via USB to a computer. In that mode, it sounds fantastic.I actually bought two of them and was planning to run them over wifi, in stereo, via the DTS Play-Fi app. It turns out that wifi / Play-Fi was supported only on the original Three, not the Three II. Klipsch seemed to go out of their way to obscure this fact (normally you get new features, not simply lose existing ones w/ the 2.0 version). I was way bummed but a found a good solution.I’m running the two speakers, in stereo, via a wifi preamp (Yamaha WCX-50), using the RCA connectors (pro tip: go with subwoofer cables– they are longer and shield noise better). Even though technically I’m using only half of each speaker and I can’t get full hi-res, the sound is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! This setup results in the best sounding stereo I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a lot.I even went so far as to buy a third one to use as both my computer speakers and my tv soundbar. The computer and tv are near each other so I use USB for the computer and RCA from the tv.PROS: 1) Looks awesome. I prefer the walnut finish (the ebony is a finger grease magnet). 2) Sounds great over USB and RCA. 3) Even with no wifi option, lots of versatility. I love the fact that it has a grounded turntable option even though I don’t own a turntable.CONS: 1) Wifi went missing from previous version. 2) Substandard bluetooth codec. 3) One of my speakers powers off after it’s idle for awhile; the other doesn’t. Not sure which one is behaving correctly.EDIT: I upgraded the WXC-50 to an Arcam rPlay and now it sounds even better– pure musical bliss!!Read more

  2. Elena Doloboff

    Let me start here: Growing up in the middle part of the 1970s, I became enamored (no, totally infatuated) with stereo equipment. I read Stereo Review, but I loved Audiophile (the magazine/miniature book that found sonic differences between various gold (yes, real gold) stereo cables that cost as much as some decent used cars). Of course, my love was unrequited, because I could not possibly afford even the cables that Audiophile dismissed as inferior.And then I saw Klipsch speakers, with the fabulous Klipschorn tweeters, each of which was larger than a console television. Yes, I had starved myself enough to buy a Teac cassette tape deck with Dolby noise reduction, and you really could hear the difference in tape hiss when the Dolby button was in the “on” position. (And for those of you who now associate Dolby with outstanding cinematic sound, remember that its humble roots were grown by suppressing tape hiss in cassette tape players.) And I had compromised for a Marantz integrated amplifier (or receiver) and Altec speakers, all cabled together with just decent wiring (with 24k gold plating on the connectors). But oh how I wanted a pair of those incredible Klipsch speakers.Time for another brief history lesson: a pair of those marvelous Klipschorn speakers cost slightly under $2k. Remember, this was around 1975 or so, and $2k could buy you a fairly decent NEW car. Once again, Satan was fiddling madly and the fates were aligned against me – how could I spend $2k on speakers when I was earning $5/hour? I was mesmerized by great stereo equipment. But I had a $200 cassette player, a $300 integrated amplifier (ok – a receiver) and $200 speakers. My entire stereo system cost about 35% of a pair of those beautiful and alluring Klipsch speakers.Now fast forward to 2020. I am older, maybe a bit wiser and while not affluent, I am relatively comfortable. And I see this marvelous, retro-looking Klipsch speaker available for my various forms of listening to music. (And for those of you who have had the patience to read this review and are wondering, yes I have a turntable and vinyl records.) So I immediately buy the Klipsch speaker and, when it arrives, I am like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning. I was just so excited and, in a strange way, fulfilled.Time to listen to the sound. Despite my ongoing fascination with Klipsch, I am able to give an honest review. The speaker is absolutely, inarguably and completely fantastic!!! Klipsch builds speakers with care, and while some may carp about minor things, it is the sound that is so crisp. No one can talk me out of it: this speaker is the best that you will find at price points up to $650. Buy it; you won’t regret it.Read more

  3. Auspician

    I purchased this speaker to play music in my home office, and wanted it to connect to Spotify through my Amazon Echo so I didn’t tie up my laptop which isn’t always hooked up. It works wonderfully for this purpose, with one major disappointment – bluetooth. Despite both the Echo devices and this Klipsh “the Three ii” supporting bluetooth, both of them expect the other device to do the pairing. This means that I can put both devices in pairing mode, but both are ‘passive’ bluetooth devices and thus can’t connect to each other.I’ve settled for running a 16′ long 3.5mm Y-cable to the left and right speaker ports on “the Three ii”, running it under my baseboards along the wall to hide the cable. This works acceptably well, and probably gives better overall speaker quality, but it was a small inconvenience I didn’t expect considering that both this speaker and the device I want to connect to support Bluetooth.Read more

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