0C18RL4ML67159 Jbl turn 5, water-resistant transportable bluetooth speaker, white (new model)

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  • wi-fi bluetooth streaming
  • 12 hours of playtime. Sign to noise ratio > 80 db
  • ipx7 water resistant
  • pair multiple speakers with party improve
  • premium jbl sound quality

from the manufacturer

what’s new


motive force length



energy output



battery length



stereo pairing

usb-c short fee


driver size



electricity output



battery size



stereo pairing

usb-c quick charge

sounds better than ever

sense your tune. Flip 5’s all new racetrack-fashioned driver provides excessive output. Revel in booming bass in a compact bundle

convey the party anywhere

do not sweat the small stuff like charging your battery. Flip 5 gives you extra than 12 hours of playtime. Hold the tune going longer and louder with jbl’s signature sound

make a dash with ipx7 water-proof design

convey your audio system everywhere. Pool celebration? Perfect. Unexpected cloudburst? Included. Bash at the beach? Turn five is ipx7 waterproof up to 3-ft deep for fearless out of doors leisure

a rainbow of colors

with 11 awesome coloration alternatives, the turn 5 is anything but uninteresting. Increase your spectrum with jbl’s signature sound

bluetooth connectivity

wirelessly connect your preferred devices

tough as it sounds

long lasting fabric cloth and rugged rubber housing preserve the turn 5 safe even as you set free in the extremely good outdoors.

crank it up with partyboost

partyboost permits you to pair two jbl partyboost-compatible audio system together for stereo sound or multiple a couple of well suited speakers for massive sound

jbl flip5

formidable sound for each adventure

take your tunes at the go along with the powerful jbl turn five. Our lightweight bluetooth speaker goes anywhere. Horrific weather? Now not to fear. With its water-resistant design, you may rock out to our signature sound rain or shine. Flow extra. Pair jbl partyboost-well matched audio system together for stereo sound or hyperlink more than one speakers to create a larger birthday party. Revel in more than 12 hours of play time for your favored tune. Stand it vertical or horizontal and be formidable with your choice of eleven colourful colours


.Black, .Blue, .Red, Black, Black Camo, Blue, Camo, ECO Blue, ECO Green, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, Sand, Teal, White, Yellow

8 reviews for 0C18RL4ML67159 Jbl turn 5, water-resistant transportable bluetooth speaker, white (new model)

  1. Alexander P

    After reading a handful of reviews that were based on people upset about emotional aspects of the speaker… ie it won’t connect to their flip 4 speakers. Whatever. I looked past that and am glad I went with the 5. The sound quality is superb. The bass response is indeed superior to the 4 as well as the battery life. At the same price point of 100 dollars its a no brainer. The Flip 5 is a superior model in all aspects. This speaker far, far exceeded my expectations. This speaker is stupid loud – and crisp at that. I work in an automotive shop and I keep my volume at 25% in my station. Phenomenal sound, phenomenal quality, could not be happier. I highly recommend.Read more

  2. Ronny Acosta

    The speaker itself is really loud. As you can see in the video, I barely have this turned up and the speakers on the side are bouncing. Changing the song forward is really easy, just push the play button twice (double tap). The only thing you can’t do is change it back. I can have my phone away and I’m still able to turn the volume up or down with just pushing the buttons of the speaker. You’ll see that I have a case on my speaker, it’s the RichSmile Silicone Carrying Travel Case for JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Even with the case on, it doesn’t alter the sound that comes out of this thing. I haven’t tested the waterproof on this however, I have taken this at the beach and in the mountains and the sound on this is amazing. Easy to connect to either types of phones and even tablets. Really am amazed with the sound quality on this speaker.Read more

  3. Rudy Hartelius

    So far I love it. Have the flip 4 and charge 3 and this one out does both. It’s a bit bigger then the flip 4, but not much and has great balanced sound.Read more

  4. Frank DeLorenzo

    This little speaker packs a punch!! I drive a truck over the road and some of the different company trucks get crap signal. This thing has been a lifesaver for music!!! It’s loud even with the windows down in the rig. Wheather you listen to country music or rock, this thing plays with amazing quality.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have not tested the waterproof aspect of the speaker yet but I’m so impressed with the sound quality/battery life that i gave it a 5 star across the board.Read more

  5. Cobluesky

    Flip 5 uses JBL PartyBoost, while other recent JBL speakers use JBL Connect+. Therefore, you cannot link the Flip 5 with other JBL speakers besides the Flip 5 (until JBL releases new speakers that have the PartyBoost technology). Very disappointed as that’s the reason I purchased the Flip 5 (and waited for it to come out). Check out JBL’s Flip 5 question and answer page on their website for further clarification. If you’re not worried about linking your other JBL speakers, then the speaker itself has great sound.Read more

  6. SubduedBlonde

    I don’t see (hear) anything improved in the Flip5; mattera fact, it seems to be heading in the opposite direction. The speaker is mono…who wants to hear something in MONO?? It’s not compatible to pair with anything but other Flip5s/Partyboost…connect a hundred or more speakers! (Why?) No voice assistant or speakerphone connectivity, either, if you’re into that kind of thing, which I’m not. Bought it for some highly-anticipated sound quality, and was terribly disappointed. Returning tomorrow.Read more

  7. Captain Midnight

    If you just need a good sounding portable speaker with heavy bass range and no wires then this might be a good option, but far better sounding units out there at less price if you don’t care about not having a JBL tag.However, they advertise if you buy two, you can configure one for left and the other for right channel operation. Forget it. First it’s not easy as they force you to download a special “JBL connect” App. Which is required to reset the speakers each time as they keep defaulting to mono mode. In addition, the app is next to worthless as it keeps having problems recognizing any speakers are present requiring many many attempts to connect.Finally, in order to actually use this piece of crap software you first have to agree to TWO (2) totally separate licensing agreements, which are about 1000 pages long and describe all the snooping they plan to do regarding when you are using the speakers, the other connected devices, where you are physically when you are using them, and also agree to let them send you all kinds of JBL and third party advertisements to your email address. The most recent Federal Budget had fewer legal terms, conditions, and far less pages than these speakers require!Please explain why a very basic utility program needed only to reset default settings on something you just purchased suddenly requires the same licensing and usage monitoring as purchasing MSWord or Excel?.Save your money, and don’t blame me if you think I’m exaggerating.Read more

  8. Katherine Connelly

    Cannot be used as a speaker phoneRead more

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