0C18RCXGQXH182 Jbl lifestyle bring case for rate 4 bluetooth transportable speaker; rugged eva shell with weather resistant zippered seal and carabiner fashion clip (jbl-charge4-case)

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  • durable eva tough-shell case presents weather resistant safety for the jbl fee four portable bluetooth speaker
  • officially licensed case with jbl emblem plate and custom suit interior
  • smooth micro-suede lined indoors
  • includes carabineer fashion backpack clip

from the producer

move somewhere

this custom designed speaker case is made to match jbl’s famous portable bluetooth speaker, the charge 4. It is simple sleek layout is made for journey offering a weather resistant zipper, soft micro-suede coated indoors, and comes with a handy carabiner for smooth transport.

jbl way of life price three bluetooth speaker case capabilities

secure your rate 3 bluetooth speaker inner with a climate resistant zippered seal to keep out the factors.

a reachable carabiner fashion clip lets in the case to be effortlessly connected to hold bags, backpacks, baggage and greater.

the smooth indoors is coated with a micro-suede cloth to cushion and defend your fee 3 speaker.


Charge 3 Case, Charge 4 Case, Flip 4 Case, Link 10 Case, Link 20 Case

8 reviews for 0C18RCXGQXH182 Jbl lifestyle bring case for rate 4 bluetooth transportable speaker; rugged eva shell with weather resistant zippered seal and carabiner fashion clip (jbl-charge4-case)

  1. Todd K

    I love these cases. I purchased two of them for my Flip 4’s. I read so many reviews and settled on the cases made by JBL for the JBL Flip 4. I am so glad I went with these. The cases are just big enough for the speaker without adding to much bulk. My concern with some of the other cases with room for the outlet and cable is they measure out to be about 2 to 3 inches longer than the speaker. That’s great if you want to always have that with you. I wanted a good strong case with minimal added size. These are perfect for that.They are very stiff and I believe they will protect the speaker from drops and other possible damage. It has a soft suede interior that will not scratch the speaker. The cases come with a carabiner style clip that looks and feels like it is pretty robust to be clipped to a bag.I personally would not trust it for aggressive use but hiking and walking with it should be fine.At $15 per case I feel it’s a great bargain for for protecting your Flip 4. Thanks for reading and if you feel like this helped you please click the “Helpful” button below.Read more


    Very good quality, perfect size and fits my JBL Charge 3 Speaker – no space for charger & cable but this is what I was looking for as the other cases with charger & cable compartment will be either longer or thicker and I want to easily carry it in any small backpack or bag. The case is hard but not padded for protection from any drops however, this case is perfect to protect the side base of the speakers, specially when you carry too many thing together in the same bag. I didn’t test for water resistance but it is mentioned that it is. highly recommended if you are looking for a light weight and small case with good material.Read more

  3. Ronando

    We got two of these puppies and they work great. I like how you can link up several to each other. The only issue is that you might want to set your notifications to off, so your text messages won’t interfere with the music. Also, if you have more than one, you always have to keep bluetoothing to that same one that you initially linked up to. You can’t link up to the other speaker. By this I mean, we have a grey and red speaker. My phone will only hook up to the red speaker, not the grey speaker. But I can still play both speakers.Read more

  4. 3DayPriest

    Very well-made case. I particularly like the slightly rubberized feel as it allows a firm grip on the case. Since there is no handle and the case is rather large this is a really functional design aspect. There isn’t as much padding inside as what appears to be used in other cases. This might mean less protection, but this drawback is countered by minimizing the overall size. All things considered this is a good buy that offers adequate protection. And it has that cool JBL logo!Note: One design feature that would have been nice would be a flat ‘foot’ just like on the speaker. This would help prevent any rolling of the case.Read more

  5. John H.

    I have always been fond of the OEM JBL cases for portable speakers. I did not see anything specific for my recently purchased Pulse 4. I studied the specs on what was currently offered from JBL, and discovered that the LINK 20 was nearly spot on in size. Today, I received the case, and it fits perfectly! I would not procrastinate on purchase, once the word gets out, this case will sell out quickly. I’ve taken a few pics. Thanks Amazon!Read more

  6. Dave O

    The product is coated on the outside with a sealing zipper to keep the elements out. Outer coating is semi non slip and helps to maintain grip on case with speaker inside. There is an attached carabiner which can be used to secure case to a backpack. Inside has a fleece like lining with padding to protect speaker while in case. Care should be taken when zipping case closed around speaker to hold two halves closed to avoid possible damage to zipper. Item is well constructed and an excellent value.Read more

  7. drumn_bass

    This case is not bad. Looks OEM, and has a JBL logo on it, yet not made by JBL, so must be a licensed product. That logo though, was not glued on straight, and so I tried to move it and it just came off. It was just glued on with rubbery silicone, and when I pushed it back it stayed on in space fine. So idk about that. Quality is not amazing, but it looks nice and OEM, even though it is not.Read more

  8. Ron W.

    The product arrived very quickly. The product arrived just as the seller described. It was great for travel but did not test the water resistance. I’d rate this product a 9/10 only because the aftermarket version has an extra compartment to keep your charger with the speaker within the case.Read more

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