0C18R448WW4310 Bose home speaker 300: bluetooth clever speaker with amazon alexa built-in, black

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  • sound overall performance: room-rocking bass and 360-degree, real looking sound in a compact size
  • built-in alexa: amazon alexa and google assistant are constructed into this smart speaker for fingers-loose voice manipulate. And a noise-rejecting mic device listens in each course to your voice
  • connectivity: pair your tool to this home speaker to movement your favorite track and extra thru a bluetooth connection, your house wi-fi community, apple airplay 2, or spotify connect
  • control: without problems control your private home speaker with three unique methods to control what you pay attention: your voice, the bose song app, or 6 one-contact presets on top of the speaker
  • make or take calls: with alexa most effective, make or take calls from this smart speaker to bose clever merchandise, amazon echo merchandise, and everybody to your contacts list. Fingers unfastened, telephone unfastened, and free of charge
  • bose track app: use the bose tune app for simple setup with specified prompts
  • like minded merchandise: this home speaker is part of the bose smart family and works with other bose clever audio system and soundbars for a multi-room listening experience
  • bose simplesync: use bose simplesync era to pair a member of the bose clever family with a bose bluetooth or soundtouch speaker for synchronized song playback

from the manufacturer

live domestic — and entertained.

the bose home speaker three hundred offers you room-rocking bass and 360° sound in a area-saving size. Plus, built-in voice control from amazon alexa and the google assistant places all of your music at the tip of your tongue.

what sources am i able to play tune from?

because the bose home speaker 300 is like minded with wi-fi, bluetooth, and apple airplay 2, you can wirelessly move almost whatever. You could also use the 3. 5mm aux jack.

how can i manipulate my track gambling on the speaker?

you could begin and manipulate content material at the bose domestic speaker three hundred together with your voice, the bose song app, or the 6 one-touch presets on the pinnacle of the speaker.

what app ought to i exploit to set up and manage the speaker?

the bose tune app is used to set up and manipulate the bose home speaker three hundred. Once installation, you could additionally use your voice or the 6 one-touch presets on the pinnacle of the speaker.

what is the difference among the bose home speaker 500 and the bose domestic speaker three hundred?

the bose domestic speaker three hundred is a compact, mono speaker. And the bose home speaker 500 is a larger, stereo speaker that offers an lcd display screen to show you what’s gambling.

can i make or take calls from the bose domestic speaker 300?

sure. With alexa only, you can make or take calls to bose smart merchandise, amazon echo merchandise, and everyone for your contacts listing. To name merchandise, both parties need to have this selection installation and be on wi-fi.

easy manipulate. Tough to prevent listening.

take overall manipulate of your listening experience with the bose song app. Without problems browse all of your track in one area — and seamlessly soar between stations, playlists, and services. Plus, it’s some other easy way to manipulate the bose home speaker 300. Installation presets, so the tune you like is just one contact away. And multiple users can customize their experience and content material

meet the own family.

the bose home speaker three hundred is part of a bose family of clever audio system and soundbars. They all paintings together, so you can upload some other whenever you need to revel in extra tune in greater rooms. And with voice control constructed in to the whole own family, you have tens of millions of songs on the tip of your tongue. Bring all of your entertainment to life: tune, films, and television, in any room you want.

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8 reviews for 0C18R448WW4310 Bose home speaker 300: bluetooth clever speaker with amazon alexa built-in, black

  1. A. Hunt

    The sound quality is good and I’m giving it two stars because it comes in a really nice box. Setup failed because a required firmware update failed. This left the speaker unusable. Spent three hours this morning researching the problem, I found many other purchasers having the same problem, then I had to download an update, get the correct USB cable, and then try to update the speaker firmware. My update also failed but I was able to finish setup of the Bose Home speaker. I have no idea of the condition or state of the Home Speaker 300 or the version of the software that it is currently running but it is “working”. I mean by working I’m able to play music and Alexa is working.Beware! There are problems in the setup of the Bose Home Speaker 300. It may be better to wait or look for other options.Read more

  2. Brian

    First off, I looked through the reviews to see why people had issues with this speaker. I noticed many were issues with the app and/or software complaints. I will touch on that aspect.First impressions with this speaker is it is well designed. Small but heavy. Very well constructed. I have a much older Bose soundlink mini Bluetooth speaker that is still running strong after many years. I have confidence in the brand and the way the devices are made. This one is certainly bigger than the soundlink mini and also will need to remain plugged in. But where you lose in portability you gain massively in audio quality. This speaker has a fantastic range of audio. The bass is strong and deep even without being turned up. I actually prefer the bass level at a lower setting with Bose as I feel you get a more natural and balanced audio at that level. That’s more of a personal preference. I did test it with full base to get an idea and it certainly would not disappoint people who love base heavy music.As far as the software is concerned, you do need to download the Bose app to really get the most out of this speaker. I followed the instructions. I wish I could say it was a super easy setup but there were some slight issues with pairing the device to work with Alexa and also to get Spotify registered. That being said once you mess with the app a bit for anyone with a little bit of tech knowledge this is not a complicated set up. The firmware update I installed perhaps was not available when earlier reviewers had purchased the device. Pandora worked flawlessly right away. Like I said Spotify was a little fussy to link at first. As far as Alexa goes you need to go into the Alexa app first and add the Bose device before you can use the Alexa voice control. Once you do get it programmed the speaker is one of the best I’ve tried in this class.My favorite feature of this device is the 6 preset stations setting with the buttons available for quick changing on the top of the speaker. Meaning you can have station #1 be your favorite pandora station and #2 be your favorite Spotify station. Or you can have several stations from just one of the apps preprogrammed in. This is a great touch that many other speakers have not adapted with physical buttons for easy control.This is a very well made product that is fairly priced in this type of speaker class. The audio is superb. I wouldn’t take away any stars for a software issue that seems to be almost fully resolved at the time I tested the device.Read more

  3. Chef o’ da future

    I have several other Bose systems and they pretty much perform well. This would be OK for podcasts, books, Alexa or Google voice assistants (though it doesn’t support Google Play Music). It produces “room filling” — but low quality — murky sound satisfactory for stoned millennials. Sounds like an industrial strength AM radio. My old 1st gen Bose Soundlink Mini sounds much sweeter, just not as loud.Read more

  4. Kody Myers

    We have had many Bose products over the years and we were very excited for this one to come out and actually pre-ordered it. However, it did not live up to any expectations. First, the sound quality was good, but not great. From there, things get worse. Over the course of a few weeks, we could not get either of the voice assistants to work at all. We spent several hours on the bose app and help forums and could never even get a single wake word to work (and we have several other smart home devices). Then the only other feature that we cared about, AirPlay 2, didn’t work correctly. The speaker was alway a full beat behind our other speaker and there was no way to fix it in the app. Fully disappointed with this speaker and returned it for a HomePod. For just $25 more, the sound is significantly better and the smart speaker actually works. I couldn’t even recommend this product if it was $30 since none of its ‘smart speaker’ features work and the Bose app is a complete mess that crashes constantly.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Unpacked and began setup. Hung up when receiving updates. Spent an hour w/Bose tech support, could not fix. Shipping back to Bose and they will send replacement. Was able to connect via bluetooth and played some music. Bose sound quality, as expected, shone through. Was not able to use any other functions. May change review when new unit ships. After talking w/tech support, they sent me a shipping label. Got the speaker shipped on Monday, new one was at my door on Friday (today). Setup went flawlessly. Typical Bose sound quality. All is now right with the world.Read more

  6. BoldScorpion

    Does not work with Echo devices for group grouping speakers feature and even if I use the Bluetooth function of Bose and have an echo be the brains, it has a very noticeable delay and out of synch with others speakers. Very disappointed with this product I will be returning.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely beautiful sound and we have a large open great room and still sounds great. Microphone is very sensitive. I spoke to the Philippines and the UK in one day to get it set up! But it is worth the hassle. Other people say the apps don’t work but they do it is just cantankerous (would have been a 5 Star if it didn’t take over 12 hours to get it set up correctly..Read more

  8. Rich T.

    Out of the box and playing in 5 min set up. Outstanding sound and even connected to the internet.Read more

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