0C18QRZT0UD760 Pair of generic angled speaker enclosures containers pods surface mount for deploy of 6. 5 inch audio system or smaller

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  • make certain this suits
  • by means of getting into your model wide variety.
  • a pair of familiar speaker fitment enclosures – accepts 6. Five inch speakers or smaller
  • external 1 inch mounting flange with rubber trim
  • object is bigger than what it appears in snap shots. Dimensions: pinnacle base – 7. 25″ / backside base – 10. 25″ / top – 2. 75″ angled to four. Seventy five”
  • pods are sold with out a speaker hole cut in top – customer should cut own hole for speaker installation
  • no set up hardware is protected. No audio system are blanketed.

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product description

for the set up of audio system up to 6. Five inches. Can be used for the addition of new audio system or the relocation of existing speakers. Includes: 2 speaker pods with rubber gaskets. Functions: constructed of high great abs plastic, accepts 6. 5″ speakers or smaller, external 1 inch mounting flange, easy non textured finish. Programs: cars & vans, boats, utvs and rvs. Set up options: door panels, kick panels, under dash, rear deck and overhead. Special notes: audio system aren’t included in buy, pods are bought without a speaker hollow cut in pinnacle, customer ought to cut personal hollow for speaker installation. For a airtight seal on those you may use clacking across the flange. No installation hardware is covered- the speaker mounting hardware is typically supplied with a brand new set of audio system. The hardware for mounting the flat flange of the pod will very relying on mounting area and type of material that it’s far being set up too.




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9, ounces

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10.3, x, 10.3, x, 4.5, inches

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March, 15, 2019

8 reviews for 0C18QRZT0UD760 Pair of generic angled speaker enclosures containers pods surface mount for deploy of 6. 5 inch audio system or smaller

  1. Billy Hell

    I looked and looked for enclosures for my 1964 C10 that would hold some 6.5 speakers that I could mount easily. These arrived much faster than I anticipated and I was very happy with the design. They feel sturdy but are sort of rubbery. That means they form fitted to my speaker and to my kick panels (over my carpet). I cut the holes out with tin snips and used clips to screw the speakers in. They have a lip around the edge that you can drill to hold the enclosures on. While they look pretty big they tuck up well and aren’t in the way. I added some Kicker 6.5-inch speakers and they whole deal really made a huge difference in how music sounds in my cab. I totally recommend these. Great to find something that exceeds what I’m looking for!!Read more

  2. M00011 owner

    When I pay $30 for a piece of molded plastic, I expect a very sturdy product. But, just like others have said, the mating surface for the speaker, as well as the walls and the flange, are -super- thin. I started cutting them and just threw them away in favor of spending an hour to make my own. If you can, find something that is 3x thicker so you’re not mounting your speakers to cling wrap…. 2 stars for having the balls to actually ship this to customers.Read more

  3. Boots and pants

    Wanted a larger set of speakers for our camper, but surface mounted speakers are very tough to find. Found these pods and figured I would try making these work for our application. The plastic cuts very easy and used a compass to draw my cut. Used a rotozip and it was done in not timeOre drilled the holes and then painted the pods with regular shaker can spray paint.Used a little silicon on the seal, and then caulked the rim. Turned out as expected. Good product for our applicationRead more

  4. Dave C.

    I was looking for an option to add speakers into a side-by-side UTV other than the intrusively large towers. These pods did the job quite nicely. They have a slight flexibility which allows installation on curved surfaces (as long as you don’t get carried away). I recommend silicone on the mating surfaces for a good seal. The speaker mounting surface is a bit thin. I siliconed plastic speaker mounting brackets on the inside surface. The gave me a more sturdy top lip in which to install screws. I especially like the angle of these pods which allow for mounting in any direction for speaker aiming. Great price and they look nice, too.Read more

  5. Thedivorcee

    I kinda feel guilty…. For around $25, I have a killer sounding system!! I mounted them in the rear of my GMC Savana. I had originally installed the speakers recessed in the wood paneling that covers the walls. It sounded “tinny”, but it was better than singing to myself. I used these pods and the same speakers and mounted them on top of the paneling, all sealed up with the new included gaskets (free!!) Instead of “tinny”, I now have bass!!! I’madmittedly an amateur at sound systems, and I didn’t wanna put too much time into silencing the gutteral tones some might say resembles my “singing”. I bet you anything I spent less than an hour installing these! Someone who’s put something like these in before could likely to it done in 15 minutes. I HIGHLY recommend that you buy a 6″ hole saw. They have one (on here somewhere) for $15.99 (w/free shipping) that includes the arbor. I already own one and used it to make 6 inches of the 6.5 inches I needed to stick the speakers in. I used a box cutter to trim the rest of the way. It would’ve probably been quicker with their older model, which is much thinner than these new ones are. It’s some real solid material now! I’m buying another set and I’m going to mount 2 pods more in the center of my van. The speakers I used are 300 watt Pyle 6.5 inch. The pair of them cost me less than 30 bucks at Microcenter, but I’m sure they’re even less expensive than that on here. Just buy these pods and enjoy!!!Read more

  6. D. Bickley

    These pods were exactly what I needed to install speakers on my boat. The plastic is sturdy, textured, and somewhat glossy, also comes with vinyl trim for the bottom edge. These are universal, allowing it to fit a variety of speaker sizes up to about 6.5″ round, so you have to cut the opening to fit your specific application. A sharp utility knife works fine to cut the plastic; it does take some patience and work, as the plastic is not super soft. One could use a hole saw or jig saw too, but again, a sharp utility knife will suffice. I’d suggest buying these to surface mount speakers, they are of decent quality and you can use your choice in brand of speakers.Read more

  7. Joshua S

    The product is a great universal idea with nice features but as you can see in the photo don’t expect them to match finish or thickness. I ordered 2 pair. 1 pair was textured and a nice thick plastic but the other pair is smooth very thin flexible plastic. Looks kinda funny having 2 different styles together.Read more

  8. Kent

    These speaker pods are extemely thin vinyl, NOT hard plastic. Do not expect these to hold their shape after a few hours in a hot car. These pods are probably best for using as a form or mold when building your own fiberglass speaker boxes. However, by the time you buy the materials you might as well have purchased good speaker boxes. Definitely garbage.Read more

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