0C18QHM9K9H396 Sony whxb700 wi-fi extra bass bluetooth headset/headphones with mic for cellphone call and alexa voice manage, black

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  • make certain this fits
  • via getting into your model quantity.
  • feel the energy of extra bass
  • up to 30 hours of battery lifestyles for long-lasting listening
  • listen in consolation with an on-ear design and swiveling ear cups
  • optimize your sound settings with the sony headphones-connect app
  • easily take calls wirelessly with the integrated mic
  • get right of entry to your cellphone’s voice assistant with a push of a button
  • high pleasant wireless audio with bluetooth and nfc
  • sub-c connection for immediate and green recharging
  • in the field: connection cable, usb cable, card, running instructions, reference manual
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from the producer

wireless greater bass headphones with alexa voice control

get greater bass in a light-weight, comfortable wi-fi headphone.

love the bass

more bass enhances all of your low-cease frequencies, lifting each tune with wave after wave of thundering rhythm.

up to 30 hours of battery life

the integrated rechargeable battery offers up to 30 hours of continuous wireless playback. Passive mode (using the provided cable) lets in for endured listening, even if the headphones are out of power.

experience the benefit of palms-free calling

with included microphone and bluetooth connectivity.

headphones connect app

set the perfect sound for every tune.

adjust your bass tiers with presets for club, concert corridor, arena, or out of doors level.

connect easily for your favorite gadgets.

bluetooth with nfc to revel in excessive nice wi-fi streaming.

amazon alexa constructed in

alexa-enabled for arms-unfastened voice get admission to to music, data, and greater. Clearly download headphones connect app and the alexa app on your phone’s software market, and comply with the setup instructions at the sony join app.

sony wi-fi headphones






product description

get more bass in a lightweight, cozy wi-fi headphone. Powerful, clean sound lasts all day long with up to 30 hours of battery lifestyles. Down load the sony headphones join app to optimize your sound settings, take telephone calls with the built-in mic, and manipulate your phone’s voice assistant with the push of a button. Frequency reaction (bluetooth verbal exchange) – 20 hz–20,000 hz (44. 1 khz sampling)


Black, Blue

8 reviews for 0C18QHM9K9H396 Sony whxb700 wi-fi extra bass bluetooth headset/headphones with mic for cellphone call and alexa voice manage, black

  1. G2N

    Big Sony fan, I’ve bought their products for over 30 years. Currently using the XB950BT, and any Sony fan can tell you this model WILL eventually break apart by the ear cups joint, so I was so looking forward to these XB-700 headphones to replace. Bought them when they went on sale for $99. Eagerly got them and synced to my iPhone. The bass HITS, there is no doubt about that. Nice and tight, not as muddy as the 950s, so that’s a plus. Downloaded the app. Very nice options so far, the ‘club’ option is my go to apparently. Turned up the volume. What, wait, it’s almost maxed out already? That can’t be right. Reread the manual and played with the settings and different music for hours. Still no louder than this? The XB950BT is so much more louder and I don’t even have to max out the volume on those headphones.I am not saying these are bad headphones, it just doesn’t get loud enough for me. I really wanted to love these new XB700s, imagine my disappointment as I packed it back into the shipping box and requested the return label. Taped up my XB950s some more and hope they’ll hold on longer, fingers crossed the upcoming XB900N will be better suited to my tastes.Sony, I hope you read this…Read more

  2. Tashi Sherpa

    Best for bucks headphone. People commenting as it is not that loud are either have lost their hearing power or want to blow their ear drum. USB C and long battery life. The ear cushions are soft and comfortable. I did not had any pain after having it on for 5+ hours.I was wearing it on hot sunny day and the part i liked much was the soft cushions around ear did not absorb all the sweats from my ear n i was able to wipe ot easily with knapkin.I wish it also had little bit more trembleo as i am a huge guitar fan and love to heat all those harmonics and other crispy sound.Anyway i would anyday choose these over beats.Read more

  3. Recent Customer

    Hands down, the bass is amazing. No distortion at all in the bass and it sounds and feel like listening to bass on a great sound system. The downfall is with the mids and highs which don’t sound crisp and clear. This isnt a problem for bass heavy music where bass is the star of show, but it is a problem for non bass heavy music which focuses on instruments and vocals. No room to EQ the mids and highs, meaning if you raise the treble things wil sound harsh. The headphones are best used as is beyond Sony’s “clear bass” setting in its app.Battery life is amazing as well. The 30 hour advertised battery life is accurate. No issues here or false advertising.The physical quality of the headphones themselves is okay. I really like the matte finish but the plastic and does feel a bit fragile.Overall if your not someone that EQ’s your music or audio gear you’ll really like these. However if you know your way around audio you’ll be left wishing you could make these headphones sound better in the mid/high range.Read more

  4. John Kolacz

    You want extra BASS? You got it. You’re not here for audiophile quality crisp highs, perfect clarity, professional level sound reproduction, and a studio experience. You’re a non binary millennial who likes looking like Princess Leia and listening to really low quality gangster rap where the only selling point is an overwhelming off tempo beat that makes every trained percussionist who hears it cringe. Or maybe I’m just complaining about my kid. Either way, if you’re not super picky about overall sound but love the boom, these are great. They fit well, run surprisingly long on a charge, and seem really well made.Read more

  5. RP

    This doesn’t work with Skype or any calling apps- thats in tiny print in the manual. It won’t pair with anything without the app and they don’t offer an app for the MacBook pro. So you can use this with an iPhone. This is garbage I hate itRead more

  6. R z

    It doesn’t have alot of head clench. It doesn’t have alot of volume. (For comparison I have the Sony ch700n) It’s half of the 700’s.It however does have Nfc and Aptx.(Same as the 700’s) To get the most I’d recommend the Sony Headphones app but unlike the 700’s you can’t change the EQ settings).This isn’t a review but more of a suggestion. Go buy the Sony ch700ns. They’re around the same price, has more features, more compatible with the app, stays on your head better, loud while still sounding better. Heck the 700s can have more bass.Read more

  7. Luis Cantu Saldivar

    In 5 months they stopped working completely the headphones do not turn on is a waste of money I do not recommend them.Read more

  8. Mike A

    I had to come here just to leave a review on the battery life. I fully charged these headphones over 2 weeks ago and I’m still at 70% battery. I’ve used them for several hours on a plane, I’ve watched hours worth of movies and shows on my iPad, and I’ve used them on and off at the office. I’m blown away by how great the battery life is and the quality of these headphones. Would recommend!Read more

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