0C18Q4ANMLI623 Soundcore motion+ bluetooth speaker with hi-res 30w audio, bassup, wi-fi speaker, app, custom eq, 12h playtime, water-proof, usb-c, for home workplace

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  • super sound cherished by 20 million+ humans
  • media acclaimed: tech radar says motion+ has “amazing audio performance” and nice product says “it’s the satisfactory speaker $100 should buy”.
  • hello-res audio: anker soundcore motion+ bluetooth speaker is geared up with stunning hi-res audio that is further more desirable with the aid of qualcomm aptx for lossless track duplicate while streaming thru bluetooth.
  • large sound with excessive bass: full of ultra-high frequency tweeters, two neodymium woofers, and passive radiators to fill each nook of your room with 30w of rich sound. Low frequencies are enhanced in actual-time by means of our exclusive bassuptm generation.
  • exquisite intensity and clarity: anker soundcore movement+ bluetooth speaker has an ultra-wide frequency range that stretches from 50 hz to 40 khz and is paired with a complicated dsp to make certain all of the details and idiosyncrasies of a tune are faithfully reproduced.

product description

fantastic accuracy

a sophisticated dsp and devoted energy components for every man or woman woofer and tweeter boosts the accuracy of sound reproduction.

enhanced sound dispersion

movement+ is placed upwards at a fifteen° angle, to fill the entire room with music.

extended bass and treble

stretching from 50 hz to an extremely-excessive forty khz, motion+ is capable of effortlessly fill your room with each single element of your tune.

wi-fi stereo pairing

pair two motion+ via a unmarried tool for double the extent or big stereo sound.

bluetooth five. Zero

hook up with your tool in an instant and experience a rock-strong connection and bypass-unfastened music streaming.

usb-c connectivity

makes use of the contemporary usb generation for wider compatibility and smooth charging.

extraordinary sound loved via 20 million+ people

excessive-constancy sound

hello-res audio certification ensures your music sounds the manner the artist wishes it to be heard, whilst qualcomm aptx technology preserves sound satisfactory while streaming via bluetooth.

remarkable output

motion+’s dual 40khz extremely excessive-frequency tweeters, neodymium woofers, and passive radiators produce 30w of wealthy sound and are located at a fifteen° attitude to optimize sound dispersion.

bassuptm era

our specific bass-boosting generation affords real-time enhancements to low frequencies for bass that drops deeper and deeper with each beat.

active crossover

in contrast to other speakers which use a passive crossover, anker soundcore motion+ bluetooth speaker has been engineered with an lively crossover for boosted accuracy. This is performed by using an advanced dsp which splits the sound frequency and sends every part to individual amplifiers powered via their own dedicated energy resources.

extended bass and treble

motion+’s relatively huge frequency range extends from a great-low 50hz to an extremely-high 40khz to boost every little element of the track—so that you revel in the song inside the manner the artist meant for it to be heard.

the track is going on and on

a 6,seven hundred mah li-ion battery with anker’s proprietary battery technology and safety system gives you as much as 12 hours of non-stop track on a single charge.

ipx7 water-proof

permit your hair down and dance the night away! Movement+’s completely waterproof casing continues it fully included in opposition to sudden spills, downpours, and submersion.

wireless stereo pairing

connect 2 movement+ audio system via a single device for seamless stereo sound* or double the quantity.

custom designed eq

use the soundcore app to personalize movement+’s eq and create the appropriate blend for your favorite music genres.

usb-c connectivity

anker soundcore movement+ bluetooth speaker makes use of the modern-day usb era for easy charging and extra compatibility with different devices.

extended versatility

use with cellular telephones, computer systems, ipad, imac, or for gaming, as a portable soundbar, and greater.

*word: for foremost performance in wi-fi stereo mode, function speakers within sixteen toes (5m) of every different indoors, or forty eight feet (15m) in open spaces.


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5 reviews for 0C18Q4ANMLI623 Soundcore motion+ bluetooth speaker with hi-res 30w audio, bassup, wi-fi speaker, app, custom eq, 12h playtime, water-proof, usb-c, for home workplace

  1. T. Jones

    I really wanted to like this speaker, I’m a big fan of Anker products. Received this speaker yesterday afternoon, I was able to pair it up with my Samsung Note 8 no problem, downloaded the Soundcore App and that’s when the problems began, the app told me that there was a newer version of firmware available for download and install, I attempted to upgrade the firmware 6, 7 or 8 times with my Note 8, no luck, just kept going around in circles so I’m returning it.Anker, make sure everything is good to go before you release a product, I couldn’t find one ounce of documentation on this new model on your web site, very frustrating.5/28/19 Update – Anker quickly reached out to me after my review and sent me a new unit that had working firmware, this thing is now awesome, I have several Bluetooth speakers that I have collected and the Motion+ is by far the best, the sound is clear at any volume without distortion, it is my new favorite speaker.Thanks Anker!!!Read more

  2. Doc Elektronc

    I received my speaker yesterday Monday July 8th, 2019. I will have to admit that it is a very remarkable wireless bluetooth device. Since I still had possession of my Doss Soundbox xl I decided to run them through the paces of a side by side comparison.First I would have to say that both speakers are melodic and unique in their perspective sound signatures. Of course how I may hear sound may differ from the next man/ woman, so in short sound is subjective. But getting to the point, to my ears the Anker Motion+ not only exhibited more depth or layering in it’s sound, but it also demonstrated more stereo separation than the Doss Soundbox xl. Therefore the Anker sounded a little more airy and open. The Anker Motion+ is also louder, not by far but it is. The sound from the Anker Motion+ was in my opinion slightly more refined.Of course people will have various reasons for selecting what they choose. My reasons for choosing the Anker Motion+ were primarily for it’s portability, sound, waterproofing, ability to pair 2 of them, and its battery life. All of these things are better than what the Doss Soundbox xl has to offer or some of these features don’t exist on their unit at all. From price to performance ratio the Anker Motion+ is significantly phenomenal outperforming even some of the much higher dollar competition. This is exactly why I would recommend anyone within eye contact of this review to believe me when I say it would definitely be one of your best purchases to date. Don’t sleep.Read more

  3. Joshua LeBlanc

    It’s a good speaker, but the Bass is not as prominent or deep as advertised. Even if you use EQ it seems the DSP keeps it in check and slightly weak. I feel the flare+ has a nicer warmer sound with bass that is just as deep as the motion+. The flare has the bonus of LED mood lights and a power bank function.$100 is a crowded price point for Bluetooth speakers and I personally feel that at this price or for slightly more there are better sounding speakers.Read more

  4. C. Freeman

    I was in the market for a high quality Bluetooth Speaker and bought the Sony SRS-XB22 and the Bose Soundlink 2 but the soundcore Motion + has blown away my expectations. When I purchased it for $85 before tax compared to the Bose at $159 and the Sony $80 I thought that it would be closer to the Bose Speaker. Let me tell you though this thing is awesome. The Motion+ has punchy mids and very I mean very clear highs. The Bass is really good as well. I know Anker makes quality products for the money and this speaker is a prime example. So if you are researching for a good portable speaker for the money, look no further.The only con to this speaker compared to the Bose is that it isn’t quite as small. I would say its near twice the size of the Bose but the sound quality is far superior to the Bose.BTW… Notice how I didn’t say anything about the Sony speaker… It’s just not even on the same playing field. Sony makes some good speakers and headphones but the SRS-XB22 is nothing to write home about.Read more

  5. KB Weldon

    Keeping the review short & sweet…this speaker is an INCREDIBLE value! Soundcore has done their homework and released a full-range, portable, USB-C chargeable, and nice App controlled speaker. Many other companies have built speakers and missed the mark. Either too bassy, too thin sounding, lacks depth, lacks audio accuracy, lacks modern charging (USB-C), not loud enough, etc. I’ve been collecting portable bluetooth speakers for over 8 years, and the Motion + is one of the best speakers I’ve heard in this price range. Many others have tried to hit the perfect balance of audio accuracy, with portability, and affordability. The Motion + is truly the first portable speaker that checks all the boxes.All genres of music sound full and true. Very limited distortion at higher / max volumes…still very controlled sound overall at max. The App gives you many EQ options, plus a Custom EQ that actually works quite well…so you can tune the speaker to your liking. Firmware updates will come thru the App as well.My only small wishes would be: some kind of hand strap or carry case, a better battery readout on the speaker (only has the single power button LED), and the ability thru the App to enter 2 speakers into TWS or Dual Pairing mode. Having (2) Motion + allows you to pair the speakers in true wireless stereo (TWS)…and they remember that pairing once you power off / power on. Quite a nice feature.As an audio enthusiast and with a degree in electronic music, I understand the power of music and how it can transform our lives. The Motion + gives such accuracy and truth to your music, it’s quite shocking. Sure, it’s not the most powerful portable speaker made (see Diamonboxx, Aiwa, Soundboks)…but for a small to mid-sized speaker, with 2 tweeters, 2 mid-bass drivers and 2 bass radiators…you simply cannot go wrong. Buy it!Read more

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