0C18OY2YZIA230 Divoom tivoo max smart transportable bluetooth led speaker with app-managed pixel art animation, notification and construct- in clock/alarm, 6. 42×7. 26×3. 39 inch (black)

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  • divoom 40w led bluetooth speakers – the tivoo-max bluetooth speaker with a 5. 7 inch led screen, it capabilities a 2. 1 stereo audio with the active sub-woofer;40 watts of power grants exceedingly loud room filling volume,suit for domestic or outside use
  • energetic subwoofer – tivoo-max chassis layout used a bass portand, harnessed with the state-of-the-art dsp era for audio first-class-tuned, make its sound to perfection, plays your tune and not using a distortion, even at maximum quantity, perfect speaker for any room
  • diy pixel artwork kit – clean to get admission to to over 1000+ dressmaker in our app network and get proposal to create awesome pixel art layout at your finger recommendations. We also prepare severa pixel artwork creation equipment for you in divoom app, you’re loose to spark your creativeness with this smart pixel package
  • magic of light – our pixel bluetooth speaker is ready with 256 programmable led. Able to 16 tens of millions of coloration, it gives an immersive lighting fixtures revel in. You could convert your tivoo-max into a message billboard. Just input your message, and permit it play, looks clearly splendid!
  • construct- in reachable daily tools – over 30 helpful every day features, with connection divoom smart software, you could enjoy media notification,like as smart alarm clock, voice memo… So on,on tivoo-max display display!
  • can you download pixel art or animations?
  • can you download pixel artwork or animations?

  • is there sincerely a display protector at the divoom pixel speaker?
  • is there virtually a screen protector at the divoom pixel speaker?

  • does this pixel speaker have built in wifi or is it bluetooth simplest?
  • does this pixel speaker have constructed in wifi or is it bluetooth handiest?

  • i cannot seem to find the divoom app at the app shop (apple). What is occurring?
  • you may be available to the app via methods: 1. Experiment the qr code at the package deal; 2. Look for “divpix” in apple store. Sorry for the inconvenience we added you throughout the past days. If any greater questions, experience loose to allow us to recognize through e mail: jason@divoom. Com exceptional regards,
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    Black, Red, White

    7 reviews for 0C18OY2YZIA230 Divoom tivoo max smart transportable bluetooth led speaker with app-managed pixel art animation, notification and construct- in clock/alarm, 6. 42×7. 26×3. 39 inch (black)

    1. T. K.

      this speaker sounds amazing no complaint. We use it every night with the radio station it came with in the app, it adds to the value. The GIF display however, you have to either work for it by making GIF and contribute to communities in order to gain the resolution on the display. Strange business plan but i guess it works for them. If you download 32×32 GIF it will display on your screen at 16×16 (or less, not sure now) unless you pay to unlock or contribute. Again great speakers and decent app. The GIF thing? it should actually disclose that in product page. Also the Bluetooth connection can only connect to 1 device period. If you set 2nd device with wont connect the speakers but will ONLY connect the app. I used this speakers for 3 months and it only drop from 1 device i connected to twice. don’t expect a lot and you will kind of enjoy it.Read more

    2. madison b.

      Please read my review and look for other reviews that aren’t obviously paid or bias. This company obviously astroturfs and has gone out of its way to lie to make it seem like this can connect to just bluetooth through your phone. It cannot, I spent hours of my time researching and every method is very poorly explained and it will not give you exact instructions how. You just cant.That along with the app is absolute gore, it is atrocious and you cannot have the customizable features to the degree this company leads you to believe. If you want something to display the time or cute pixel pictures for your kid this is great. But the bluetooth and nice speaker cannot really be tested out with real music. Even the alarm clock wouldnt play with my last played song on.Read more

    3. John Roche

      Very Nice product from Divoom! The Tivoo Max has it all.. the 40w Speakers with Subwoofer sound absolutely amazing! Very elegant modern design and is built strong and does not feel cheap in the slightest. The screen is very vivid and bright with very good color. I like to design my own pixal artwork and make it come to life right on the Tivoo Max! You will not get bored anytime soon because this speaker truly will entertain you no doubt!Read more

    4. Typographics

      I love this thing. It’s a great speaker, but that’s not why I bought it. I just love the pixel art, and the fact that you can change it whenever you want. I’ve received a ton of compliments (it sits on my desk at work). Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth the price? I think so. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.Read more

    5. Stella

      I am absolutely in love with the vintage design of the speaker. It really fits well with the industrial style I have going on in my living room. The pixel art display is just brilliant. I could spend time to my own animated pixel art, or I could effortlessly just choose from the creations other users share on the community platform. As a personal greatly influenced by the 90s and early 2000s anime and video games, I finally found a great way to express my inner child. This speaker gets loud and has decent sound quality. Even though it’s not the best speaker in the same price point out there, you can still feel the effort they put into designing this speaker. I enjoy the large display and the endless options of artwork I get to choose from the community, and I also appreciate the sound quality provided from this speaker. It will be sitting on the side table in our living room and will be a conversation starter for the times to come.Read more

    6. Arslan

      This speaker is very nice. When i saw it i know i had to get it, it looks like one of those vintage TV sets from the 60’s. It has the curve and the knob on the right side just like those TV’s. The speaker has a knob on the right side which you can rotate to select the various different pixel art presets. It can also be pushed down. There’s a button underneath the knob which you can press when you want to pair the Bluetooth with your phone or other transmitting device. The speaker is surprisingly heavy and I didn’t expect it to be this heavy but it’s pretty heavy. This means it feels good when holding and looks like a premium product which it is. The power button is on the back and so is the USB-C charging port. It is under a rubber flap so no dust can get in. There’s also an SD card slot so you can plug in an SD card full of music/podcasts and play without any device streaming to it. Overall the design is pretty simple and straight forward.The main thing everyone looks for when buying a mid-high priced Bluetooth speaker is the sound, this speaker does not disappoint in that department. The sound is absolutely amazing and the bass is surprising because the unit itself isn’t too big. There’s a pocket at the back which throws air out like any other woofer. It is pretty loud as well, matter of fact I had to keep it at 65%-75% volume because I didn’t want the neighbors to complain.Now the best part of this speaker is the pixel art LED’s. This feature is absolutely amazing and awesome. They have installed a lot of presets which you can navigate through the knob on the right. You can download their app and make custom art and send it directly to the speaker which displays the art in real-time, meaning as you draw, you get to see the image being drawn on the speaker too. There’s a community on the app which submits all sorts of pixel art and animations, again you can select them simply tapping them and the art is displayed instantaneously on the speaker. There’s a clock on the speaker (it automatically gets adjusted when you connect with app, otherwise it was showing wrong time). There’s even pixel games you can play like Tetris, which was so much fun, you rotate the blocks with the press of the knob and move the blocks left and right by turning the knob left or right. It’s very cool. There’s different modes, music visualizations, DJ visualizations, animated art. You can save a bunch of these to the device itself and have them play in a loop.This speaker is very cool and will definitely turn heads when you have a party or company over. It has that factor which wow’s on first look and keeps on impressing.Read more

    7. Zeddicus 2018

      I love this thing, it really stands out, too. The amount of awesome pixel art on offer from the app is very impressive. I love walking into my room to see cool pixel art on my nightstand.Highly recommend.Read more

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