0C18ORRZS59574 Gemini sound mpa-2400 20″, 240w watts wi-fi portable rechargeable weatherproof bluetooth trolley tailgate speaker with led birthday party lighting fixtures, 6 dsp modes, microphone/guitar inputs, fm radio, usb

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  • weather-resistant: built with rugged and durable material, the ipx4 score of the gemini mpa-2400 lets you out survive all your rain or shine adventures.
  • dynamic sound: 10” woofer, 3” tweeter and 240 watts of height strength, all deliver crisp and clear sound with dazzling quantity. 6 dsp modes shift your speaker from ordinary, to pop, rock, classical, country and to jazz – all with the touch of a button.
  • rechargeable audio device: enjoy severe bass and powerful wireless sound at the go. Its integrated rechargeable battery grants up to 18 hours of fantastic playtime anywhere.
  • bluetooth streaming: integrated bluetooth makes for a continuing wi-fi sound device. A stable bluetooth connection range as much as one hundred ft presents the ability to play your preferred songs from all your devices.
  • dynamic celebration lighting: heighten the excitement with the front and rear-facing dynamic built-in multi-coloured led celebration lights and create a enchanting effect for any indoor or outdoor celebration.

product description

at gemini, our purpose is to layout products that offer fee and innovation inside the dj and seasoned audio markets. Given that 1974, we’ve advanced and thrived through knowledge the desires of our clients and spotting enterprise traits. From our humble beginnings, we understood the potential of the dj motion.

the mpa-2400 tailgate birthday party speaker

deliver deep bass, pristine sound best, and weather-resistant design in your subsequent celebration. You’d be hard-pressed to locate an all-weather speaker that packs a punch like this one. Movement music from your bluetooth tool or plug in actually any sound supply thru the aux enter, now not to say devoted inputs for microphone and guitar.

our hand made layout consists of the whole thing you need to take the birthday celebration at the go, consisting of an led mild show.

  • led lightshow
  • 2400 watt height
  • bluetooth
  • color_name

    Blue, Grey

    8 reviews for 0C18ORRZS59574 Gemini sound mpa-2400 20″, 240w watts wi-fi portable rechargeable weatherproof bluetooth trolley tailgate speaker with led birthday party lighting fixtures, 6 dsp modes, microphone/guitar inputs, fm radio, usb

    1. 🤓

      DO NOT buy this!! I’ve used it once since I bought it. The battery last about two minutes and then dies. Useless. Most expensive piece of junk known to man.The sound isn’t what I expected. Not terrible. But not great. If you turn the base up all the way the music skips. Riddle me that… it’s Bluetooth.Portability. It’s suitable for my kids. I’m 5’3 and the handle is just sort enough to make you think you can make it work but ya can’t. I carried it. And, it’s heavy.I could have felt with the subpar sound and the midget handle stick but the battery has me livid. This thing was like $200+ 😫You should be ashamed taking that much money from people and giving them this product.Read more

    2. figmentdj

      Like others have said, I was hesitant to buy since there were no reviews. Other music equipment outlets have just begun to get this in stock. I needed a semi loud system that can hold singing vocals and be battery operated. I have owned gemini products in the past and some are great – others not so much. This was replacing a Pyle pro battery operated portable system that burned up. The Pyle Pro was not as loud as I really needed so I hoped this one was louder. So far it sounds like it is. Doesn’t seem too “tinny” and the base seems solid.The controls on the side seem odd but I can get used to it. Most people will turn it on its side when using anyways. Bluetooth connects easily. The various “presets” for genres are worthless, just customize it the way you think sounds good. Depending on what mic you use, you’ll probably have to turn the mic volume up all the way. I suspect most won’t be using it for singing. It is lighter and sturdier than the Pyle pro but doesn’t have as many inputs. The lights are cool but we won’t really be using them.The all important battery feature will have to see. It has a battery indicator but not sure how accurate or how long the power lasts. No real instructions on charging or how long to charge. It does have a nice feature that you can use to charge a phone (although again, not sure how long it takes and how much battery it uses)I understand that there will also be an all black version which I would have preferred.Read more

    3. BWK

      UPDATE: I had a chance to use this outdoors finally. It fills a decent size space with good sound. Tested max volume, not super impressed, it distorts if you don’t significantly adjust bass and treble. Actually surprised it doesn’t get louder considering it’s size. The other really annoying thing is you can never tell when the battery is charged, battery indicator just keeps flashing with one bar after 24 hours of charging. Really stupid, but based on other comments, sounds like this is a glitch with all these speakers. Also, when using the speaker, it drains to one bar on the battery indicator within 2 hours of use. However the speaker continued palying for another 3 hours and never died. No clue how long the battery will last.Read more

    4. Nutritionist

      The speaker/amplifier arrived damage free. I wanted a 10′ speaker for more bass and 200 watt power. I wanted the battery operation for busking outdoors. It has two 1/4′ jacks for microphone or instruments with seperate volume control for each input. It has a echo effect, but it effects both inputs so not too practical for a mike and instrument. For 2 mikes this is ok. Has a 1/8′ stereo input jack. So in aux mode, you can turn up the stereo input and adjust the bass and trebel of the stereo input. Also has a USB output that could power your phone and charge it. Good for playing audio apps on your phone you can play along to by bluetooth pairing your phone to the amp. This one has the skate wheels attached to the side, only stable on a flat smooth floor, pretty useless. The pop up handle is nice and tall enough for a 6 foot tall person to use.I use a 4 channel battery powered mike mixer that acts as a preamp and has delay and echo effects. With a 1/4′ mono to 1/8′ stereo cable on the amp, it sounds like a 200 watt PA. The two 1/4′ mono inputs, I plug in my guitar pedal or other instruments, and add a little echo effect on the amp. It sounds fantasic.Some complaints it wasn’t loud enough. Well after 50 years in the music business, I know most all these class D amplifiers need a preamp, but man about 0 distortion. Some noise from my pedal, but it’s CMOS (5v) and these will pickup electrical noised. Most of these Chinese amplifier products don’t have good electrical grounding practices.Overall, great battery powered amp with power to spare. Long battery run time as well.Read more

    5. Bruce Kinkead

      Not sure it sounds like 240 Watts, but it is plenty loud and clean for a small room that I am going to social dancing and be a backup for winters. The wheels and and telescoping handle and a regular carry handy are nice additions. The light adding is more than I expected. I’d give it 4.5 stars. Until it stopped working after a few hours. Gemini says it is a battery problem and likely held in the warehouse too long without charging up.Read more

    6. michael zuchowski

      I wanted a portable bluetooth rechargeable speaker to use for parades that I do without useing much clutter or space for to be placed inside a hatchback SUV so this was what I was looking for!! It is very light which did worry me ,but after connecting my tablet and cracking it up ,it sounds good, connected a wireless mic and it got plenty of volume ,I believe this speaker will hold it’s own, very portable, easy to use and sounds great, battery life I connot comment yet on this ,I might just connect it to my inverter in my suv. light show on this is a great added effect ,the remote is not the greatest not sure where the best spot is to point it at??, it does work but not always without moving it all over the place ,I can live with that, also built very solid, and waterproof, with all the bluetooth speakers I’m happy with this!!!Read more

    7. jameslrd

      This speaker has a constant chopping Humm. It never goes away. If the power is on, it is humming. It ruins the music. Also the woofer is very tight and will not reproduce low bass tones. The eq is a horrible joke. The only sound setting that sounds okay is the rock setting. I hate this cheap pos. I’m returning immediately. It is not worth the price. Buyer beware.Read more

    8. TwinMomma1117

      Best purchase I’ve made. It’s been a huge a hit with the neighborhood adults and kids. Thanks for making a great product.Read more

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