0C18OQY7MM7688 Audioengine 512 portable bluetooth speaker outdoor song machine wireless speakers bluetooth, 20w powered transportable speaker, a hundred ft wireless range, 12 hour battery lifestyles (black)

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  • surprisingly loud bluetooth speaker: audioengine, an austin, texas-primarily based organisation, has delivered traditional extraordinary audio into the digital age. Their award-triumphing merchandise were praised over the last thirteen years through cnet, stressed, gq and laptop magazine to name only a few. The 512 bluetooth wi-fi speaker is the first portable speaker in their line – with the identical dynamic audioengine sound!
  • send music from any bluetooth enabled tool: wireless bluetooth sets up in seconds from any tool and any app. Tidal, spotify, pandora… all your favored streaming apps play instantly. For devices without bluetooth, an aux input is likewise included.
  • up to 12-hours play time from the built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • what’s protected: audioengine 512 bluetooth transportable speaker, 2. 6ft charging cable
  • assurance: audioengine builds exceptional audio system that we stand in the back of. All audioengine products include a 3-yr transferrable assurance. Insurance: stellar us based totally customer service and 3 yr product insurance is included. Based in austin, tx, audioengine has been changing the way humans listen to track seeing that 2005. Our ardour is creating merchandise that sound amazing, are smooth to apply, and make human beings need to concentrate to song every day.

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the 512 transportable wireless speaker has superb sound, lengthy-variety wi-fi, and extraordinary battery existence. Stream all of your favored tune from any device.


Black, Forest Green

3 reviews for 0C18OQY7MM7688 Audioengine 512 portable bluetooth speaker outdoor song machine wireless speakers bluetooth, 20w powered transportable speaker, a hundred ft wireless range, 12 hour battery lifestyles (black)

  1. Marfoo

    This is a hard review to write, I own three other sets of Audioengine speakers and two of their DACs and thought the 512 would be a no-brainer, audio-quality first, no-nonsense purchase. This is the first product I’m not completely impressed with.THE GOOD: This speaker does inherently sound amazing. It sounds like a much larger and more robust speaker and can get very loud. There is a good sense of stereo separation and touches every part of the spectrum in a way that doesn’t sound forced. The bass isn’t booming but it is present and comes off conservative/balanced, never artificially boosted. This is what it sounds like with a wired connection.THE CATCH: Bluetooth audio is awful on this because it only supports the SBC codec. High frequencies suffer, instruments like cymbal crashes and vocals become distorted by the compression. Because this is a good sounding speaker you hear every imperfection in the compression. Bluetooth does not have to sound like this, and Audioengine knows this. Other Audioengine Bluetooth products support AAC as well as AptX and do not suffer from this same problem. I have a B2 speaker as well and I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between wired and Bluetooth for a 320 kbps streaming music service. With the 512 it makes me want to stop listening or switch to a wired connection immediately. Both my phone and laptop have a BT 5.0 chipset and I couldn’t get a good experience out of either of them.BOTTOM LINE: Amazing speaker hardware held back by poor codec quality, which kind of defeats the purpose. Really surprised given Audioengine’s good track record with BT in the past.EDIT: Ended up returning the speaker.Read more

  2. Tuckers Kahuna

    I really wanted to like this speaker, I love a number of other Audioengine products, in fact I just gave a friend a pair of A2+ speakers for a birthday present.It has a very clear balanced sound, sounding like a more traditional audiophile speaker than a typical bluetooth speaker. If you listen to jazz, classical, vocals at moderate volume, these are probably better than just about anything else in a portable form factor.My issue was that if you like your music above moderate levels, it does start to sound harsh, and the bass distorts. It also does not really play bass below about 100hz or so. Also if you play music like EDM or some Pop that has lots of bass, it can distort at even moderate volumes. Adding some EQ into the sound to compensate for the bass just creates distortion too.I listened to it with Bluetooth and it sounded ok, but I could hear some compression artifacts from the Bluetooth codec. I preferred it with the Line In/AUX input it had more clarity and smoother sound.The speaker has four small rubber nubs on the bottom to stand on. I didn’t like how wobbly it was on them, and it’s easy to tip over. From a design point of view those feet can’t be good for the sound, as the speaker does not have a solid footing (which usually affects bass and even treble in some cases). The speaker is also heavier than it looks, and if you travel and have weight considerations for baggage, this might be an issue.Overall I still prefer the Bose Soundlink Mini II for sound quality, it has good sound, gets very loud, and has prodigious bass. With the Aux/Line in as source it does a surprisingly good job, and it’s smaller and lighter.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Although this speaker sounds very good for the price in many genres of music (classic rock, oldies, jazz, soft rock, world, etc) I noticed a specific and glaring sound reproduction problem which was present in numerous songs from the hard rock and heavy metal metal genres (e.g. from bands like AC/DC, Halestorm, etc.) I contacted Audioengine and one of their representatives, at my request, did some testing of a particular song which highlighted the problem by comparing how it sounded on the 512 (which only offers SBC bluetooth) versus how it sounded on one of their other models which offers the more advanced Apt-X and AAC bluetooth codecs.His reply confirmed: “It seems most prominent with the distortion used in the synth/guitar tracks in the chorus of that track. The specific way that track was mastered, with the distortion effect they used, typically doesn’t ‘play nicely’ with the SBC codec. When streaming the audio via Bluetooth to our A2+’s, the audio sounded the same as when using a wired connection — which would make sense considering the A2+’s utilize the aptX and AAC codecs (in addition to SBC).Though I’d love to have a way to resolve this for you, unfortunately we do not have a firmware update that can be applied to allow the 512 to support aptX. I can certainly respect if this is a deal-breaker for you with the 512, but I’d rather be honest about the results of our testing with this particular song than to act as though another unit will behave differently with this track.”As you can see from that reply, it confirms the issue is not just with my 512 but with all of them. It manifests because the 512 only offers the SBC codec whereas it doesn’t manifest on their A2+ speaker with Apt-X and AAC. Lastly, in response to my request that they provide an updated firmware to resolve this issue on the 512, they declined. In a follow-up message, I asked if the 512 was being discontinued or if a replacement was forthcoming. The rep indicated an updated model was not planned at this time. I find it very disappointing that Audioengine has acknowledged the issue as being present in all 512s and yet, despite the fact there is no upcoming replacement and they are continuing to sell the 512 to customers, they won’t provide a firmware to resolve the situation. As such, due to this confirmed issue with the 512 and no resolution, I have no choice but to return mine and make others aware of this deficiency via this product review.Read more

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