0C18OQ3HK9A860 Tic b503 8″ out of doors wireless omnidirectional in-floor bluetooth 5 speaker (hook up with a hundred+ speakers)

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  • single lively 360° omni-directional in-ground speaker integrated 80w energy amplifier and coaxial 2-manner speaker layout (8″ woofer and a pair of” tweeter)
  • bluetooth 5 (wireless distance up to 300 ft* ; no stressed input)can connect and play in sync with up to one hundred+ well suited tic bluetooth five gadgets
  • in-floor or surface-mount set up
  • pleasant-in-elegance climate and effect-resistant outdoors design
  • protected accessories: far flung control and 30-feet waterproof, bury-equipped power deliver

product description

the b503 is a part of tic’s new bluetooth five. Zero circle of relatives of multi-speaker audio answer. As compared to bluetooth four, our new bluetooth 5 chipset gives significantly variety improvement, as much as 4x the gap (vs. 4. 0) and expanded audio excellent because of pace & bandwidth enhancement. High-quality of all, you may effortlessly join up to one hundred like minded tic bluetooth five devices to create a large multi-speaker sound machine. Unmarried energetic omnidirectional in-floor speaker integrated 2*50w power amplifier, more tail can connect to every other any 8ohm speaker to get stereo,along with b03,b06,gs3,gs5,tfs5,tfs6,tfs10,tfs25 and so forth. Powerful coaxial 2-way speaker layout (8″ woofer and 2″ tweeter) bluetooth five. Zero wi-fi distance as much as three hundred ft* can connect and play in sync with as much as a hundred+ compatible tic bluetooth 5 gadgets 360° omnidirectional sound in-floor or surface-mount installation best-in-elegance weather and impact-resistant outdoors design 30-ft water resistant, bury-ready energy supply bluetooth wireless enter best (no stressed enter) blanketed accessories: far flung control and power deliver dimension: 15″ w x 15″ l x 19. 25″ h bluetooth own family: b503 b526 b515 bps560 ,bps565,rb506,rb505, new designs will are available in quickly. Most of these items may be paired together upto 100 pieces.


6.5"Patio Pair, 6.5" Patio BT v5.0, 6.5" Patio BT v5.0 Pair, 6.5" Rock BT v5.0 Pair, 6.5’’ Premium BT v5.0, 6.5’’ Premium BT v5.0 Subwoofer, 8" Rock BT v5.0 Single, 8’’ Premium BT v5.0


Black, White, Canyon, Slate, White Granite, Green

7 reviews for 0C18OQ3HK9A860 Tic b503 8″ out of doors wireless omnidirectional in-floor bluetooth 5 speaker (hook up with a hundred+ speakers)

  1. ABD1980

    I was so excited to get this speaker. I was sure this was going to be the solution I was looking for to get a simple yet quality outdoor sound system. Simple…YES! Quality sound…NO! I’ll start with the good – Simple set up, very strong bluetooth connection and far range. The bluetooth easily connected to my phone each time I turned it on. The speaker is LOUD and overall has a nice look. Now to the bad – The best description I could give to the sound quality would be “a tin can that plays music” This had almost no bass at all. I actually did a side by side comparison with this and a small Bose Sound Link Bluetooth speaker, so to make sure that I was not being too critical. I could actually feel the bass coming from this tiny Bose speaker and could feel nothing when playing the same song on the TIC. That sealed the deal for me and I put in for a return. The vendor gave me no problem with returning the speaker and processing my refund. I went ahead and bought a GS3 instead that I plan to wire into a Sony receiver. I’ll be leaving a separate review for that speaker. I know that TIC makes good quality wired speakers, but they are not ready to play hardball in the Bluetooth speaker world just yet it appears.Read more

  2. Ron L

    I bought 3 of the PBS560’s. I did plug one in just out of the box and the sound was questionable (minimal bass). I should have wrapped them up and returned them immediately. Instead, I thought perhaps they might sound better once installed on the patio. That was my mistake. They did not. I telephoned the owner (actually twice), who was very nice and gave some helpful hints how to make them sound better. Nothing worked. Meantime, the speaker boxes were thrown away (my wife didn’t like them sitting in the garage!) These speakers were expensive. If I had the boxes and didn’t unwrap the speaker, it would have only cost me 20% restocking fee ($90.00). Yikes! The second time I spoke with the owner he was gracious enough to offer me a small discount if I added a woofer to these speakers. That woofer alone costs about $300.00. How could I in good mind buy more products from TIC when the already expensive ones I have sound absolutely terrible like sound from a tin can. I had confidence in the product before buying and now I’m just screwed! No box to return them in and they have already been installed. I’m so close to taking them down and throwing them away. An expensive lesson. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you like any bass what-so-ever, don’t buy these. Because the Tic owner was so nice, I really wanted to write a good review. I hope in the future TIC will sell quality products. I’m so sorry to have written this. Hope you have better luck.Read more

  3. LG

    Great sound but got tired of tearing up my yard to replace the crappy power supply. TIC rep says they do not make the power supply so they cannot warranty. Crazy since they sell the power supply with their speaker. Horrible customer support. More concerned with them making money than making sure I have a functional system due to power supply failures.Read more

  4. Jeff Nicholson

    Sorry to say that ABD1980 is absolutely spot on about these B503 speakers. They are big, look very durable against the elements and are easy to set up. Perhaps the best feature is that the Bluetooth range is phenomenal. However, I expected great sound from these pricey speakers and, as previously reported, what I heard instead was muted sound like that from inside a can. So I’m returning them. Too bad TIC… Work on the sound quality for the next generation and maybe you’ll have a winner.Read more

  5. Kevin C.

    I first purchased 2 for may backyard. After hearing how great of a speaker they were I ordered 4 more. They also have a patio speaker that works with these as well. (I didn’t know). After I spoke to the company i purchased 3 of the patio speakers. unbelievable quality. i went from having a few speakers in the backyard to a fill backyard that in complete stereo mode with full quality sound. You will not be disappointed.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Read all the reviews, researched, and decided on the B515-8 Bluetooth, subwoofer with the TIC B03 8″ speakers. Was looking for simple install, easy Bluetooth connection, and ability to play from iPhone for any family member. Impressed with the size and set up for a test run in the front yard. Sound is great, setup is so easy, and connecting Bluetooth turn speakers on. I used low voltage landscape wire to extend speakers. Speakers do not sound like a tin can! Very impressed and love that I do not have to use an amp or stereo base unit with much more wiring and setup hassle.Highly recommend. The B515-8 connecting the BO3’s require nothing but power source and connecting side speakers to sub.Thanks so much TIC! Your product has greatly enhanced our front yard experience and we will replicate in the back yard around our pool!Cheers!JHolmesRead more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I ordered. Great speakersRead more

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