0C18OGQHOXE812 Remaining ears wonderboom 2, portable wireless bluetooth speaker, large bass 360 sound, water-resistant / dustproof ip67, floatable, a hundred feet variety – ice gray

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  • exceedingly bigger 360 sound: final ears wonderboom 2 is a wireless bluetooth speaker with distinctly bigger 360 diploma sound and further bass.
  • new outdoor enhance: push the outside improve button on this extremely transportable speaker to right away increase loudness and readability for outdoor listening.
  • thirteen hr. Battery: powering thirteen whopping hours of killer sound, the long lasting battery sees you through day journeys, seashore detours and biking adventures.
  • waterproof, dustproof & floats: ip67 score method it’s water resistant, dustproof and it floats! Use it within the pool, the seaside or as a shower speaker.
  • double up, now in stereo: pair wonderboom 2 audio system to celebration louder in mono or stereo mode.
  • outstanding transportable & rugged: wearing a convenient loo, dust resistant and drop-proof — it’s equipped for motorcycles, backpacks, and massive adventures.
  • easy play/ pause/ bypass: effortlessly control your music proper from the speaker, without having to reach to your cellphone.
  • compatibility: for audio playback, smartphones, pills and different devices that help bluetooth and bluetooth clever wireless audio profile [advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp)

from the manufacturer

say howdy to wonderboom 2

meet the extremely-portable bluetooth speaker with particularly larger sound that’s crisp and bassy. Now with all-new outdoor raise.

particularly bigger sound with outdoor improve.

closing ears wonderboom 2 rocks a particularly larger, bassy-er 360 diploma sound — anywhere. Outside raise instantly boosts loudness and readability with audio mainly tuned for outdoor listening.

13 hours of boom

powering thirteen whopping hours* of killer sound, the battery lasts via day trips, seashore detours, and cycling adventures.

crazy water-proof, dustproof & it floats

ip67 manner wonderboom 2 can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for half-hour and is protected towards entry of dirt. Use it in the pool, on the beach or as your shower speaker without a worry.

double up, now in real stereo

pair wonderboom 2 speakers to without a doubt birthday party louder or revel in a true wi-fi stereo experience. You can additionally hook up with wonderboom to double the sound.

great transportable & rugged

sporting a handy loop, dirt resistant and drop-proof*— it’s prepared for bikes, backpacks, and massive adventures.

easy play / pause / pass

control your song right from the speaker, while not having to attain for your telephone. Effortlessly play, pause and bypass tracks immediately at the speaker thru a unmarried button.

athleisure stimulated layout

the wonderboom 2 sports activities a brand new 2-tone knit fabric that’s movement-prepared. Big sound, sharp appearance — it’s now not only a speaker. It’s a statement.

greater growth + raise

wonderboom 2 rocks a quite larger sound — and then a few with outside raise.

way extra bass

we pumped up the bass, way up. Wonderboom 2 adds more intense sound on your adventures.

+30% battery existence

with an epic thirteen hours of battery existence (up from 10), wonderboom 2 has the energy to rage ‘till dawn.

water + dustproof

wonderboom 2 is not simplest waterproof, now it’s dustproof, too. What’s more? It additionally floats!

actual wi-fi stereo

pair wonderboom 2 audio system to truly birthday celebration louder or enjoy a true wireless stereo experience.

what is new? Wonderboom vs wonderboom 2

examine audio system

wonderboom 2

increase three

megaboom three


product description

remaining ears wonderboom 2 is a tremendous transportable speaker that rocks a especially massive sound — everywhere. Heading outdoor? Hit the all-new outdoor improve for louder, crisper audio that’s mainly tuned for outdoor listening. With 13 hours of battery life, it’ll rage ‘until dawn. It’s were given a score of ip67, so it’s fantastic waterproof. And dustproof. And it floats. Plus, you could wirelessly pair wonderboom 2 speakers for a fair larger stereo or mono sound. It’s your bathe buddy, your seaside volleyball captain, and the “big splash” at your next pool celebration.


Bermuda Blue, Crushed Ice Grey, Deep Space, Radical Red



5 reviews for 0C18OGQHOXE812 Remaining ears wonderboom 2, portable wireless bluetooth speaker, large bass 360 sound, water-resistant / dustproof ip67, floatable, a hundred feet variety – ice gray

  1. Connor

    Pro:- waterproof- sound 360°- sound quality and volume- form factor and build quality- price- battery life at half volumeCon:- battery life at full volume- no rewind button- battery status indicator does not appear on phoneLet me start off by saying I had ordered the original WONDERBOOM because it was cheaper and within 48 hours it completely failed. Dead. So I paid $10 and exchanged it for the newer WONDERBOOM 2. I really wanted to like the first one. It completely crapped out, which I attributed to it being a year old and never opened. The battery must have degraded from disuse.Now about the WONDERBOOM 2. The sound quality is good-great, but does fall short of some of the JBL products. The sound is truly 360° which is great for outdoor use. Speaking of outdoors, the little tree button on the bottom does make a noticeable difference in the sound when pressed. The form factor is excellent, especially with the elastic loop for the attachment of a clip or carabiner. One might even describe the build quality as WONDERful. My only real complaint is regarding the battery life. Sure, it could go 13 hours at half volume, but if you hit that outdoor button and crank the volume to full blast, you’re looking at something closer to 2.5-3 hours of playback. Other smaller complaints are that there is no rewind button/function (you can skip tracks by double clicking the center button) and there’s no battery life indication that can be viewed on your connected device (in my case, an iPhone 8 plus). The only indication of battery status is the number of “bloop” sounds heard after pressing the + and – buttons simultaneously. Overall it is a great (not excellent speaker) and for the money I would highly recommend looking at the Oontz Angle 3 Raindance (I probably butchered the name).Read more

  2. bri abel

    I loved the sound and portability of UE’s WonderBoom 2 until it stopped charging and working after 5 five months. They sent a replacement that didn’t charge or work right out of the box, after trying every suggestion they offered…I was nothing but kind to those I related my problem to @ UE, even after the replacement they sent, right out of the box (yes, it didn’t even charge up). After explaining my problems about this speaker and my lack of satisfaction (nicely) again to a customer service rep…she blocked any further correspondence from me (even though I was kind, yet firm about the possibility of a refund and automatically sent me to lawyer’s online website…really bizarre…called Amazon afterward and explained everything to a terrific customer rep, named Gage, who gave me great service in trying to help me with what had turned into an unfortunate, and disappointing situationRead more

  3. Sean

    Great sounding speakers. 😎👍Clear crisp with full bass. The originals are great the 2nd version is like an update with L & R stereo mode and outdoor mode. As for sound quality it is hard to tell a difference from the originals. Love these speakers. 🔊🎶Read more

  4. Cygnus

    I have a few pairs of Bluetooth speakers. Are these my best? No, they are not. But then my best also cost almost twice as much. Are these half as good as my best ones then? Definitely not…they are definitely much better than half as good as my best ones. It doesn’t matter what the factor is…suffice to say that after factoring in all that I feel these Wonderboom 2 speakers are well worth 5 Stars!I own 2 of these and pretty much always use them as a pair so please bear in mind that while they sound great individually, some parts of my review will be a bit more biased toward commenting on them working as a pair vs individually.These speakers deliver great sound quality. The tones are nice and I’ve noticed that the lyrics and sounds of instruments in many songs are a lot crisper than when I listen to those songs transmitted from the same device (usually my phone) but using other cheaper speakers or even similarly priced ones.I’m especially pleased to see how well the connectivity is maintained. For my majority use case (i.e. I don’t need to keep the 2 speakers too far apart and nor do I need to keep the transmitters too far away or around too many obstacles) these are perfect. The odd time I need to “break the bounds a bit” for distance they still generally maintain good connectivity.All in all I’m very pleased with these speakers. I’m a huge lover of music and these speakers have been a great addition to my home (and a couple of travels and probably a few more travels down the road too!)!In closing, just going to point out a couple of things (in the grand scheme of things I personally don’t find them major enough to warrant deducting a star) that I wish these speakers could do a bit better:1) After pairing my other speakers the first time, thereafter when turning them both on at the same time they automatically connect to each other. With these I have to manually pair them back again every time I turn them on2) For something called Wonderboom these speakers could use just a bit more boom (i.e. bass)Read more

  5. Daniel C

    I bought this after someone I met on a boat trip had the original wonderboom. The wonderboom 2 has all the great features as the original but with improvements. It delivers good quality sound in a small package. I take it with me on trips, use it while doing yard work, and any other time where I need portable music. One feature that sold me on it is that it floats. You can take it tubing or throw it to someone in the water and not worry about losing it. Also It pairs to devices easily and has good battery life. I did quite a bit of research before I purchased this speaker and it might not be the “best” in all categories but it is arguably one of the best speakers in terms of value.Read more

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