0C18O8EAYXE344 Knox dual speaker and mixer package – transportable eight” 300 watt dj pa gadget with wired microphone, and tripods – eight channel amplifier – bluetooth, usb, sd, 1/4” line rca, xlr inputs

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  • complete dj mixer package: this portable pa speaker & amp package consists of everything you want for exceptional live track performance. It capabilities 1 x eight channel audio mixer, 2 x eight” passive speakers, a stressed out mic, 2 x adjustable top tripod speaker stands, a electricity cable and a couple of line-in speaker cables.
  • excessive powered sound overall performance: enjoy crisp, clean and powerful sound whilst you pump up the jams indoors or outside! The 2 audio system each function eight” subwoofers with a three hundred watt peak (100 w rms) – that’s true, uninflated wattage! Don’t sacrifice exceptional for loudness. This set is a dream come genuine for performers who need robust bass and expert sound.
  • eight channel audio amplifier mixer: join this sound device to nearly any tune or sound supply! There are four x xlr microphone inputs, line inputs with rca or 1/4 inch cables. Connect your phone or tool with the bluetooth, usb or sd card. Each channel is personally managed. There is additionally a 5 band equalizer and phantom electricity.
  • one piece portability & garage: unbelievably compact, this speaker set has an interlocking layout: the speakers and the mixer connect with every other whilst the accessories are saved in the back of the mixer, so you can without difficulty carry it in one piece! It’s perfectly portable for tour and clean to shop.
  • 1 12 months guarantee: we want to make certain that you’re satisfied with our products. With our 12 month failsafe assurance, we guarantee that it’s going to work precisely because it need to. This guarantee covers parts and exertions so you can enjoy using it worry unfastened!

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product description

get the celebration commenced with the transportable pa speaker & mixer set from knox equipment! Ideal for djs and performers, this speaker gadget includes the whole thing you want to pump up the quantity and supply clean, loud and powerful sound. Designed for tour, you can convey the complete set effortlessly in a single piece!

speaker specs:

  • eight” subwoofer
  • 300 watt top, one hundred w rms
  • sturdy bass
  • woofer magnet: 30oz.
  • woofer coil size: 1. 5”
  • woofer impedance: 8ohmsx2
  • horn size: 1. Seventy five”
  • frequency reaction: 60-19hz
  • mixer features:

  • eight channel powered amplifier
  • 4 x xlr microphone inputs
  • bluetooth, sd card, usb mp3 inputs
  • 1/four” and rca line in inputs
  • phantom power
  • 5 band equalizer
  • digital echo results
  • individual level controls
  • Product Dimensions

    28, x, 14, x, 24.5, inches

    Item Weight

    49, pounds


    Knox, Gear



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    4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 399, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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    #1, 130, in, Musical, Instruments, (See, Top, 100, in, Musical, Instruments), #20, in, PA, Systems, #543, in, Music, Recording, Equipment

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    Date First Available

    January, 29, 2019

    8 reviews for 0C18O8EAYXE344 Knox dual speaker and mixer package – transportable eight” 300 watt dj pa gadget with wired microphone, and tripods – eight channel amplifier – bluetooth, usb, sd, 1/4” line rca, xlr inputs

    1. Dr. Payne

      As so many others have said, this is a nice little system for the money. If you expect high dollar performance, you need a high dollar machine.Pros – It was easy to pull right out of the box and set it up and get the microphone to working. Then, it all fits nice and neat back together so you can pick it up with one hand carry it.Cons – A LOT of the material is plastic. The dividers for the cords are plastic and they fit into plastic grooves. The connectors used to connect the legs on the speaker stands to the central post are plastic. There is other plastic too, but I want to focus on both of these because I had three broken pieces of plastic pulling it out of the box. Neither stand is usable because the plastic connecting the legs to the central post is broken. On one stand, the leg is completely broken free, on the other stand, one leg is cracked and looks ready to break. Is this important? It’s what keeps the speakers from topping over. I’m setting them on stools until I have a chance to buy some more stands. The plastic divider in the storage compartment is not a big deal, and if it was working the way it should, I wouldn’t use that particular divider any way.Would I buy it again? Probably. But I would definitely inspect the packaging and look for broken pieces before I accepted delivery. As it is, I just don’t have another 3-4 days to wait for an unbroken item to show up. I need this tomorrow.Read more

    2. Steve L.

      This is a great little system for what you’re paying. Comparable systems usually will run somewhere in the $500 and up so to pick this up for under $200 you can’t really go wrong. The mic that it comes with could be better, you really need to speak directly into it, so maybe an SM-58 might be a worth while purchase.The speakers do distort at higher volumes, and the audio quality isn’t what you would get from a Bose system, but it is again, its what you get for under $200. I wouldn’t buy this to be a DJ, but for doing general announcements, it works nicely.The technology is a bit dated regarding the SD Card Reader for MP3s, but you could totally just get a RCA to 1/8″ mini cable and run it directly to your audio device such as an iPhone. Bluetooth would be nice, but again it cost less than $200.The Tripods are short. When fully extended this puts the speakers at around 5′. So for trying to project audio over people you might want want different tripods.Overall impression though, is that it is a nice unit for what you pay for. You can buy this, and fire it up right away without needing to buy anything else.So far, I would buy this again if I needed another.Read more

    3. bobh@huntershome

      I am pretty happy with the setup. It worked great and sounds good, and is easy to transport. Everything I was looking for. I only have two complaints which aren’t big deals, just worth listing though. The first is simply in the description they don’t list the length of the speaker cables, they are roughly 18’6″ long. The second issue I feel is more critical and is why I didn’t give 5 stars. I feel the 8 channel input is misleading. I found the I could only use either the Line input or the MP3 input at one time, I couldn’t used both simultaneously therefore I couldn’t have a Bluetooth device playing music and the PC playing sounds too. Not a major deal just have to get an XLR cable to connect the PC on one of the other channels line in (1-4) . Oh yeah one last thing, the Blue tooth only allows one active device connection at a time.Read more

    4. JLA

      The Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Kit is surprisingly adequate, especially for the price! It as more usable features than comparable systems that are higher priced.So far, we used the system for 3 singing vocals and 1 phantom mic for an instrument at a retirement center and received a number of compliments on the quality of sound. It is not a powerhouse for a huge bldg or outside. Weighs 47pounds. Easy and compact to transport, set up and break down. It has more than twice the performance of another new system we found at $199.We added 2 small Yamaha computer monitor speakers as our monitors.Read more

    5. Brandon L. Little

      My only issue so far is that the plastic is kind of flimsy, so one of the little dividers in back came broken. That’s not an issue, but it makes me worry about the rest of the build quality. Still, for the price, you can’t go wrong.It’s light enough to carry short distances.Sound quality is pretty good. It’s more of a PA system than anything, but music and voice sound fine through it.The included microphone is a tragedy. Keep that as a backup, but DO get a better handheld.Read more

    6. Naimitsu Kan

      I purchased this to play in two venues; first to play in a duet (Playing In The Shade) for this it was very good in a small venue. Good sound quality and plenty of power (300 watt), second to play in a “blues jam in various large clubs with a full band and several guitars (usually with 500-1000 amplifiers). During the two “blues jam” I played in the 300 watt system could not keep up with the “band”. In every case, the “band” had to play softly so the audience could my solo. I returned this and with the help of another musician I purchased a 600 watt system. When I played in a “blue jam” I could be heard by the audience with the “band” having to “turn down the volume” or “play softly”. I was very happy with the return of my money in a timely fashion.Read more

    7. CJ

      The first kit arrived DOA and I had to return it and reorder. Second kit arrived in working order and sounds very good for the price. I also like the Bluetooth feature that allows me to play music from my smartphone. The seller promptly responded to my issues and made a very conscientious effort to make sure I was satisfied with the product. It is great to see a seller who strives for customer satisfaction.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Great sound quality, easy to use, however the 3rd time I lifted it the handle broke off, making the portability not as easy. I attempted to return it but due to communication issues it hasn’t happened, I was offered a small refund but I want a product that is easy to transport, not a broken 5 piece set. The customer service has been helpful in trying to help me, regardless of the fact that I was unable to successfully return the item for a refund and repurchase.All and all the sound is great and it is easy to set up and connect.Would purchase again.Read more

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