0C18NRXH4QS735 Tribit maxsound plus portable bluetooth speaker, 24w wireless speaker with powerful louder sound, incredible xbass, ipx7 water-proof, 20-hour playtime, 100ft bluetooth rang for birthday celebration, tour, outside

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  • sound that satisfies: maxsound’s audio enjoy is one that appeals to informal listeners and audiophiles alike. The superior audio processing tech, larger drivers, and more powerful amplifier modules outcomes in a totally articulate sound in any respect volumes.
  • bass that booms: small speakers generally supply small sound. That’s not the case with tribit’s proprietary xbass era. At the clicking of the button, the bass is amplified to offer those low-give up bass traces depth and synth and acoustic drums tight punch.
  • critically water-proof: portability is incomplete with out the capacity to climate the factors. With ipx7 water-resistant, maxsound plus offers you the confidence to revel in your music even within the maximum humid or wettest of situations.
  • prolonged playtime: do not permit a protracted daytrip forestall you from bringing a soundtrack – with up to twenty hours of battery lifestyles, you can have the playlist going all day. Enjoy exceptional tune with the liberty of portability without the fuss of entangled power cords.
  • pair and play: move freely round together with your clever cellphone, without traumatic about losing your track. Maxsound plus wi-fi speaker offers an incredibly strong, relaxed connection and lossless wi-fi sound at a variety of as much as 100 ft.

product description

maxsound plus bluetooth audio system

maxsound plus bluetooth speaker

founded through a collective of sound engineers and design maestros, tribit has turn out to be one of the quickest-developing audio manufacturers in north america.

as a wireless audio emblem, tribit hits the highs on each smashing sound high-quality and stunning seems. For us, the tune in no way. Ever. Stops.

tuned by means of tribit’s elegance main audio engineers, each speaker has been painstakingly crafted to acquire an unequalled musical overall performance, that’s why tribit maxsound plus bluetooth speaker turns any environment into a theater of sound. Recall this speaker your backstage pass to every tune in the world. Get entry to to all the world’s tune has by no means been less complicated.

  • large sound – surround your self with rich, nuanced sound.
  • proprietary xbass generation – enhance your track’s bass frequencies in real time.
  • proper portability – the strength to movement tune virtually everywhere.
  • weatherproof – a speaker made for sunny days and for relaxed forecasts.
  • extremely durable battery existence – play your music for 20 hours on a single charge.
  • movement-proof – shockproof, dustproof and put on evidence.
  • size does not suggest compromised sound. This rugged wireless bluetooth transportable speaker is engineered to supply a larger than life multi-directional sound a good way to immerse you on your music, indoors or out. Its pronounced and articulate sound pushes the limits for a speaker of this size.

    let move of your low battery tension. Whether you are camping, basking in nature, or simply putting out on your very own backyard, the maxsound plus bluetooth speaker can make a massive difference. Continuous 20 hours proper music makes celebration even longer than it could. You do not need the music to forestall, and neither will we – so we have engineered up to twenty hours of play time on just a unmarried charge.

    the maxsound plus bluetooth speaker is designed with portability in mind and is constructed to accompany the texture-proper moments. Acquire round your preferred playlist and permit it’s the history vibe to each minute you spend with the individuals who remember the most.

    stabler and more potent

    active lifestyle? Unpredictable weather? No hassle. The maxsound plus bluetooth speaker handles the elements find it irresistible handles the genres. This bluetooth wireless speaker comes with definitely waterproof function, providing you with resistance to water, dust, sand, and the element du jour.

    bluetooth four. 2 of this bluetooth speaker presents genuine wireless sound at quite a number up to a hundred feet while keeping connectivity. The integrated microphone works as a speakerphone, allowing you to chat with pals and colleagues with hands-free clarity.

    maxsound plus bluetooth speaker advantages from tribit’s design philosophy of using top rate first-rate materials to defend the portable audio revel in. With its rugged construction, the bluetooth speaker is perfect for each sort of adventure and life-style.

    tribit maxsound plus – premium sound in a compact profile

    large than life sound

    with its greater audio capabilities, the upgrade speaker from tribit, tribit maxsound plus brings existence to all kinds of tune and activities with its compelling sound profile. It functions a pair of front-firing neodymium drivers that supply remarkably clear sound that is natural, articulate, and voluminous.

    hear and feel the bass

    there’s no such thing as an excessive amount of bass. Tribit has embedded our proprietary xbass era with the touch of a button to introduce thundering basslines and punchier drum beats.

    20 hours playtime

    get on the street with maxsound plus. Loose from the confines of wires and cords, this bluetooth speaker offer 20 + hours of portable playtime on a single price. Longer and louder sound pump up the quantity, this juiced up powerhouse ensures the celebration never ends.

    absolutely waterproof

    the maxsound plus’ ipx7 water-proof score arises from its strong creation that seals internal additives from the risks of water, dirt, and sand. You could trust the maxsound plus to accompany you tough environments.

    seamless connecting

    staying proper to tribit’s method of easy, clean audio reports, the maxsound plus integrates bluetooth four. 2 so you can pair a telephone or tablet to being streaming within seconds.

    tune at the move

    tribit maxsound plus is freedom of movement. A small, compact speaker which include a effective battery, a bluetooth connection and a sturdy strap permitting you to convey your tune along, anywhere you go. And whomever you is probably going with.


    Black, Blue

    5 reviews for 0C18NRXH4QS735 Tribit maxsound plus portable bluetooth speaker, 24w wireless speaker with powerful louder sound, incredible xbass, ipx7 water-proof, 20-hour playtime, 100ft bluetooth rang for birthday celebration, tour, outside

    1. Brendon DuVarney

      This speaker lives up to the hype! It’s worth every penny. I have been using this speaker for 2 weeks now and I’m thoroughly impressed. I own a JBL Flip 4 and a Douni A7 and this speaker is better then both with truly balanced audio quality! If you are picky about sound this is the speaker to get. I also own the Tribit xsound go and that is a great speaker as well but this one for a little more then $20 more is well worth it! You will not be disappointed. Tribit is a great up and coming audio brand and their customer service is outstanding. They will do whatever it takes to make you happy and satisfied. Not to mention they have the best warranty in the business 30 day money back and 18-MONTHS replacement if anything goes wrong with your speaker also if you register your device on the company’s website they give you an additional 12 months on top of the 18 months they already give you so you get 30 months of replacement warranty. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give this company a chance they deserve it!Read more

    2. Justin

      Bought this after watching clavinetjunkie’s review on YouTube. I had researched for about a week solid, at the end of my searching I came across clavinetjunkie’s channel. I enjoyed watching his videos for a few days. Super detailed and informative videos and database of all he has tested! This one was to be released very soon. I decided to wait for it and I am glad I did.Its exactly as he described, very nice indeed! Very nice enjoyable sound in a small portable package. Day one and I am happy… update in the future. This one takes the cake.I would recommend you run over and check out his channel atleast before you come to your conclusion.Read more

    3. big james

      Already using one of this company’s products the X sound go, my expectations were very high for this and they were completely met. I can’t say enough about it read the reviews for the X sound go this is twice as loud for twice as long for a little less than twice the price you can not beat the value. It sounds as good as the X sound Go with approximately twice the volume The bass boost works great at lower levels doesn’t make much difference at full volume. I can only assume for my experence with the x sound go that it is rugged durable and problem free, time will tell. The value is the same as the x sound go, simply phenomenal.Read more

    4. }:-[

      Although the overall sound quality is very good, it’s not as good as expected. Without the x bass system engaged, it lacks bass, and with, it seems a bit too boomy, overwhelming the clarity of the mids and highs, and muddying the mix. I also noticed speaker distortion a couple of times on low bass notes I guess it just couldn’t handle. I’m sure it wouldn’t bother most people, but it makes it unacceptable to me and I sadly will be returning it.Distortion notwithstanding, there’s just something not quite right about the sound to me. I wish I had the ability to equalize it and tailor it to my liking. I own the smaller Tribit XSound Go and am EXTREMELY pleased with the sound balance. It’s almost like listening to a nice hi-fi system in miniature form and makes me happy to listen to it. No, it’s not as loud and doesn’t have as much bass as the MaxSound Plus, but, owning both at the same time, I found myself (surprisingly) listening more and more to the smaller XSound Go and not the deluxe MaxSound Plus. I also have an Oontz Angle 3 Plus, which was the small bluetooth speaker I had been using. Although I still like it, after hearing the better sound signature of the XSound Go, including it’s much more substantial bass response, it now remains in storage. I’ll use it as a backup.I have a feeling I will regret returning the MaxSound Plus when the weather turns warmer and I do more outside listening. I’m going to wish I had that extra bass which usually tends to disappear in the great outdoors. I think I’ll wait for a slightly larger bluetooth speaker with better sound and more power to come along for that purpose. For now, I’ll be extremely happy with my XSound Go for a little desktop music.This being said, this is still a great little speaker for it’s price class and I am giving it 4 stars. It may even be the best you can get for fifty-sixish dollars. I don’t know. But I’ve heard a heck of a lot worse!Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Edit: adding that 5th star as I continue to be impressed. I don’t know if Television’s Marquee Moon has ever sounded as taut, dynamic, and punchy as when I listened to it with this little speaker. Also I wanted to add the IKEA Eneby 20 and 30 to the bang-for-buck line up; lose portability, but provide much bigger sound!Was turned on to this release by Oluv’s early review. As a former vintage stereo enthusiast/audiophile, I can say this speaker does indeed have an excellent sound profile, very flat. Even frequencies and very clear. like the smaller Xsound Go (and most of Tribit’s lineup) its better made/performing than the price would imply. A value at $55 (or $40 for us earlybirds).That being said, there are some other bargain speakers to check out: the Doss Soundbox XL, at $60-$80 will give you much more sound and lower bass; will fill a small room. The Douni A5 at $60 splits the difference; more bass/volume than Maxsound, but not as clear even or present. Can distort at higher volumes, but a nice unit overall. And the Douni A7; really impressive low end for size, good at low volume if a bit muddled, comes alive around 80% where the mids/highs peak through. Its a great laptop companion for movies though, with a rumbly, mini home theater vibe.I’d rate those 3 speakers, and now the Maxsound, as the absolute best values in low-cost BT speakers; But if you’re looking for “hi-fi” type sound, buy the Maxsound Plus!Read more

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