0C18NQ2LIAU402 Home luminaire 31703 spence 1-mild out of doors wall lantern with seeded glass and integrated gfci outlet, black

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  • traditional fashion: ideal for a traditional appearance or to maintain things simple, this fashionable wall lantern functions seeded glass for an unexpected present day touch
  • gfci outlet: a gfci (floor fault circuit interrupter) outlet with two receptacles built proper into the base affords smooth get right of entry to to power outside with brought safety from energy surges, short circuits, and different electrical faults. Genuinely activate the light and plug-to your holiday décor, strength equipment, and greater
  • flexible placement: without difficulty add this piece in your the front porch, back deck, or garage wall for extra light at night time
  • smooth-to-install: all mounting hardware is covered for short and easy installation
  • bulb records: calls for one 60w medium base bulb or equal (bought separately). Sconce type: instruct light, voltage kind: line voltage

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product description

traditional and absolutely timeless, this fashionable out of doors wall lantern is an easy manner to add a hint of favor in your outdoor area. Easy strains in black supplement the current appearance of the seeded glass. Integrated gfci outlets upload convenience to any outdoor space and can be used to electricity speakers, string lights, and more! Upload this to your front porch to increase your scale down appeal or to the back deck to feature a touch of atmosphere. Wherever you select to vicinity it, it’ll upload fashion and lots of mild.




Black, Graphite, White

8 reviews for 0C18NQ2LIAU402 Home luminaire 31703 spence 1-mild out of doors wall lantern with seeded glass and integrated gfci outlet, black

  1. Laurie McCabe

    The single most important thing you need to know about this light is that when you install it properly and it won’t turn on, you have to press the GFCI reset button located between the two outlets (they’re underneath the cover on the left side of the unit).We figured that out after reattaching the wires three times, trying the second light I bought … and retwisting the wires on that one twice. As we were giving up for the day, I remembered the GFCI reset and felt super foolish.Those who have complained the light didn’t work probably didn’t have the revelation we did.I’d hope the company would add this to their instructions … if it’s there, I didn’t see it, and I read the troubleshooting section.That said, the light is light but feels sturdy. It’s attractive and well made. It IS easy to install, and gives off a pleasant light through the pebbled glass.If you have a small porch area and a screen door, take measurements before buying or installing … we had to remove our screen door to make this work on our front porch. (SO happy to have that heavy wood thing gone!)I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this product … just remember that GFCI reset button!Read more

  2. BobKat

    I installed it correctly but it does not work despite my pushing the reset for the GFCI. Had to re-install the original fixture which works fine so the issue is not with the power source. The buttons to test and reset the GFCI do not “click” as they are supposed to. I’ve installed many lights over the years and I know what I am doing, this item is totally defective.UPDATE – I’ve tried numerous times to call the company. Same message every time, “We are experiencing a high number of calls now, please try later”. So I emailed them. No response.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    The light looks good, but when I installed it nothing worked. Power in, but no light and no power at the outlet. Since the power goes to the outlet first, it looked like the GFCI outlet was bad. Rather than return the light and wait another week for a replacement, I opted to pick up a replacement outlet at ACE Hardware (standard outlet). $15 with a coupon, but when I removed the original outlet, the problem became apparent. The wires to the outlet have shrink tubing at the tip overlapping the tinned wire and the cut-back insulation. On the neutral wire, that shrink tubing went almost to the tip of the wire, leaving only about 2mm of the conductor exposed and preventing the wire from making a connection at the outlet. No neutral, no complete circuit. So 1/2 hour drive to get a $15 outlet I didn’t need to correct poor quality control in assembly. If you purchase this light and have a similar problem, check the wires.Read more

  4. A. Showman

    I ordered 3 of these and I Love this light. The outlet will be very convenient for hanging holiday lights. It’s well built and looks great.Only 4 stars because we did not get screws in any of the boxes so we had to get them separately at a local home improvement store.Read more

  5. Mega Shopper

    This is the light style i wanted. Needed something that had an outlet to allow for external power such as running a tool while outside. Installation was simple and all parts were included. ONLY fault was the wires were not correctly seated when shipped and had to take apart and rewire as it would not work due to the fact the wiring was wrong. If you know how to fix electrical items then its worth trying but if your are not then I would be weary of this as you may have to do some rewire. It may have been a 1 time error only affecting the one shipped to me but want to make an honest review of my experience with the light.Read more

  6. K R

    I bought this light to replace an old porch light that had receptacles added. It was easy to install single handedly. I don’t know what issues some folks had with it not working but when I installed it at first it didn’t work. Then a light bulb went off. There were 3 caps to secure the wires and I had only used 2. You have to secure your ground wires and also attach to grounding screw. Initially I attached the ground wire to the screw but had not tied in the ground wire from the electrical box. Voila! I also bought ordered dusk to dawn bulbs that arrived with my light. Looks great!Read more

  7. SimpsonsTX

    Ive installed a variety of outdoor lights in the past decade and they’ve ranged in quality. One constant though has been that dawn to dusk and motion detects tend to fail. So I opted for this one. I can always install a lightbulb that has those features built in and is cheaper to replace. For now I’m just using an old fashioned $3 time wall switch to turn it off/on as appropriate.I only installed it yesterday so certainly can’t speak to longevity, but it was as easy as removing the old light (I took a picture of the wires to ensure I knew which was which). It was an older light box with only 2 lights so I connected the ground to the box but it’s covered and away from water, so hopefully good enough. And if I attach outdoor christmas lights etc. then the GFCI will work without ground for those (I validated on a variety of electrical codes that this is approved). Light went up without a hitch, the screws didn’t fit in the old mount but I just reused the old ones.Overall good value, feels heavy enough to be strong, but not burdensome to install. Was packaged very nicely to avoid damage. Overall I’m very happy with the purchase.Read more

  8. James

    Very poor quality. Great design, just flawed reality. 1st one the cover over the GFCI outlet broke off the very first time I plugged my string lights into it. I initiated return and ordered a 2nd one. It came promptly and appeared pristine. Took down 1st one and installed 2nd. Light came on 1 time, then tripped GFCI and it refused to reset. Grrrrrrr! Sent 2nd one back, Amazon customer service refused to send me a 3rd until I they received both of them back. I see now the price has jumped from $47 to $58. No thanks this purchase and resulting frustration has left a bad taste in my mouth. I was willing to chance a 3rd one in the hopes that I simply got two bad ones by pure chance the first time. I’m not willing to pay $11 more to take that chance. I will just buy one from Home Depot instead.Read more

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