0C18NDAHMCY231 Sonos in-ceiling audio system – pair of architectural speakers by means of sonance for ambient listening

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  • the architectural audio system by sonance for ambient listening. Revel in crystal clear sound and cozy listening from everywhere in the room with sonos in-ceiling by sonance. Energy those stressed speakers with amp for the full sonos revel in, along with custom trueplay tuning.
  • amp unlocks trueplay, which bills for the scale, production, and format of the room in which the speakers are located and adjusts for the satisfactory viable sound.
  • the in particular designed spherical, or elective rectangular, grilles may be painted to healthy your ceiling.
  • with a shared dedication to superior sound and superb layout, sonos and sonance have partnered on a set of passive architectural audio system optimized for sonos ampere
  • without problems join sonos speakers in exclusive rooms over wi-fi to create a domestic sound machine that brings each room and all and sundry together.
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product description

immerse a room with brilliantly clear sound from above.


Single, Speakers + In-Wall Speakers, Speakers + Sound Bar

8 reviews for 0C18NDAHMCY231 Sonos in-ceiling audio system – pair of architectural speakers by means of sonance for ambient listening

  1. Pete Kaminski

    2019 Samsung tvNew Sonos amp Pair of these in stereo plus a Sonos sub in the backMuch much better than my $3000 Sonance in wall 5.1 systems… which require much more backend equipment and a 3rd party interface such as RTI.Literally plug and play. Samsung remote controls everything with hdmi ARCNew Samsung 18-2019s now have a native Apple TV app. Don’t even need Apple TV anymoreRead more

  2. Amazon Customer

    with $599 you could get lot better speakers quality.the speaker is not as quality as they advertised. just try this, call the sonos and ask them to give you the speaker specification they do not give you the specification . it is while any legitimate store or product in the world does give you the basic and general product information.before you buy the speakers you have to know minimum;Power Handling?Frequency respond?sensitivity?and Impedance?these are the spec that you can find in any speaker out there so you can compare.i called sonos at first they said they do not have it , and they they said they can not give it to you.. it is funny and scam.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    i was disappointed that i had to buy an amplifier i wish it would been suggested when i purchased had to pay more more installationRead more

  4. DreamMar

    These Sonance speakers were advertised as used with damage in the Amazon Warehouse. There were others advertised as used in better shape. But I went with the cheapest, saving about $200 over list price. I thought – they are either going to work or not; or, the grilles could possibly be damaged, and if so, could be replaced. If nothing else I could return them. When they arrived the box showed obvious signs of damage and had been taped back up somewhat hurriedly. When I opened the box, to my surprise, these speakers appeared to be brand new with absolutely no sign of damage, and in what I guessed was the original, undisturbed packing. I installed them in my ceiling, and have enjoyed them for the past two weeks or so. 100% satisfied. And did I mentioned it already? I saved about $200 over list. Sometimes you get lucky.Read more

  5. Cory Edward Germon

    Garbage sound quality compared to their other stand alone speakers. Don’t waste the money.Read more

  6. Albert H Fortman

    Awesome product ! Easy install ! Going to order 6 more pair !Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Amazing!Read more

  8. NT

    Love them, wish the Arc was in stock. Great brand!Read more

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