0C18NAXH3IY504 1more elegant proper wireless in-ear headphones – bluetooth – 6. 5 hours of battery – 15-minute quick rate for 3 hours of use – portable charging headphone case protected – real wi-fi earphones

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  • make certain this fits
  • by using getting into your model number.
  • premium sound: dynamic driver with a titanium composite diaphragm balances powerful bass and remarkable information for a herbal and true sound.
  • 24-hour playtime & rapid charge: revel in an uninterrupted playtime of 6. Five hours on a single charge and extend it to 24 hours with the charging case. Brief price function permits 15-minute charging time to gasoline up an additional 3 hours of leisure.
  • speedy and stable connection: an optimized qualcomm chip with aptx and aac (advanced audio codec) compatibility achieves a rock-solid connection delivering tune with out dropouts as you unwind and loosen up.
  • cushty and comfortable match: ergonomically designed earbuds with forty five°oblique-angled nozzles lay to your ear canals with no trouble and correctly even during strenuous exercising. Three extra pairs of ear pointers with unique sizes are protected so you can get the proper fit.
  • groovy colorways: four hues options available to fit your personal style thanks to the ncvm (non-conductive vacuum metallization) colour manner which provides each lengthy-lasting colors and smooth metal end.
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the quality wirefree earbuds-1more stylish tws

24-hour playtime with speedy rate

  • premium sound: dynamic driving force with a titanium composite diaphragm
  • 15-minute charging time to gas up an extra 3 hours of enjoyment
  • fast and solid connection: optimized qualcomm chip with aptx and aac
  • groovy colorways: 4 colour options to be had to match your personal style
  • quentyn kennemer says:

    ”the 1more stylish reviewed nicely within the virtual traits workplace. They function a bass profile that’s punchy but now not overpowering, and the well-balanced notes throughout the rest of the spectrum lead them to ideal for people with eclectic tastes. Bluetooth aptx allows them pass the ones subtle details thru the air with ear-pleasing clarity, some thing that far too many earbuds bypass on.”

    david carnoy says:

    ”1more stylish true wireless earphones sound exquisite for a real wireless headphone. Additionally they have top battery existence, suit pretty simply and maintain a reliable wireless connection. Easy one-button controls lead them to easy to perform.”

    reviewed. Com says:

    ”higher than airpods – try 1more.

    to my wonder, they sounded extra rich than apple’s and they have better battery lifestyles, as properly.”

    tim gideon says:

    ”crisp, clear audio with wealthy, full bass depth. Less costly. At ease in-ear suit.

    1more has emerge as regarded for, with distinctly accurate bass depth and crisp, distinct highs. That said, nothing about these real wireless earphones clearly stands out.”

    fashionable colorways

    1more elegant proper wireless earbuds are available in an ergonomically designed compact case that maintains your earbuds constantly charged up and equipped to pair as soon as you open the case.

    one button for voice manage

    double click to activate siri or google assistant in your cellular device.

    weighing simplest 52. 8g, those compact earbuds can match into your pocket conveniently for enhanced portability. Revel in cd-like nice sound anywhere any time.

    how to pair

    1. Take the earbuds out of the case, as soon as each led on earbuds flash crimson and blue alternately, pairing mode will provoke.

    2. Activate the bluetooth in your device, locate and connect “1more stylish tws-i”, while you heard ‘linked’,all steps are finished.

    a way to reset

    1. Positioned earbuds into the case and press/keep the left and right buttons concurrently for 5 seconds.

    2. Whilst the led glow pink, take the earbuds out and press the buttons 4 instances until the led flash red and blue instead (indicating pairing mode initiated).

    3. When simplest one of the led flashes pink and blue alternately, pairing mode is entire.

    *if the device call can’t be observed, placed the earbuds returned into the case and take out again to restart the pairing manner.

    *if earbuds nonetheless fail to attach, or earbuds no longer running typically, attempt the reset your earbuds as above steps.

    please kindly observe that we already were given new eartips, that are extraordinary from the ones in the package. If you like, we would like to set up a % for you.

    product description

    these fashionable proper wi-fi earbuds supply strong performance with their dynamic driving force , battery, and suit. A 7mm dynamic driver with titanium composite diaphragm balances powerful bass and incredible element. It produces crystal clear sound in an ultra-compact layout for improved efficiency. You’ll arise to 6. 5 hours of song playback/speak time, and up to 24 hours inclusive of the transportable charging case. And, a 15-minute quick charge will provide you with three hours of use . The wearing/charging headphone case will recharge the earphones for three additional complete-period expenses.

    a easy and glossy rounded layout for each earbuds and case mimics the streamlined nature of a water drop. Non-conductive vacuum metallization (ncvm) is an green vacuum plated coating procedure that offers both a graceful metallic end and solid sign transmission. The soft silicon ear hints and o-hooks increase noise isolation, fullness, and bass while working out. The 45° indirect-angled nozzles evidently lay in your ear canals for a good, relaxed match. Our earbuds are sweat resistant & offer put on resistant lengthy-lasting colorings in eco-friendly & sleek metal finishes.

    functions of these earbuds have been constructed with patron usability in thoughts. A excessive stability mems microphone + dsp environmental noise cancellation (dsp enc) lets in you to communicate in loud environments as in case you have been speakme face-to-face. You’ll see much less sign interference and transmission with a easy connection for music and make contact with calls.

    two bluetooth pairing modes means you may make use of trendy bluetooth pairing with each earbuds for an immersive tune listening experience, or single bluetooth pairing where each earbud may be used personally based totally on choice. The 2 multi-practical buttons will play/pause, pass tracks, answer/decline telephone calls, all at the earbuds . You may additionally get right of entry to siri or google assistant by means of double tapping the left button. Our earbuds are compatible with both android and ios.


    Black, Green, Pink, Gold

    2 reviews for 0C18NAXH3IY504 1more elegant proper wireless in-ear headphones – bluetooth – 6. 5 hours of battery – 15-minute quick rate for 3 hours of use – portable charging headphone case protected – real wi-fi earphones

    1. Nicholas Parker

      I spent way too long researching which TWS to buy. I read dozens and dozens of reviews over a few weeks. I would come close to buying some, then change my mind. I came close to buying these, then I didn’t, then I finally did. They aren’t new to the market.This is an authentic review. I paid for these. I’ve had them for 3 weeks now. It’s detailed because I did so much research before buying these and I hope I can help someone skip all of that. Plus – good products deserve it.TL;DR – They are awesome.=== PROSPHYSICAL BUTTON — This is a big deal!Let me just put this upfront. I’ve had other earbuds with “touch” controls and they never worked reliably. First, you have to make sure you tap in the right spot and second, you need to hit that spot with a solid tap or taps every time. Inevitably, you don’t hit the mark perfectly and find yourself repeating it. Plus – you have that tiny delay where you wait after you’ve tapped to see if you actually got it. That’s all gone with these 1More earbuds.These have a physical button on the top of each unit (see photo). You basically grab the whole unit, like a pinching maneuver, and you press on a real button that has a click response. Instant feedback. It works every time. You aren’t pressing into your ear at all, it’s a downward click. True, it’s not all futuristic with touch control… but I never thought I would appreciate an old school button so much. You can see it in my photos.In my daily use, I use the button for play/pause, skip forward, skip back.BLUETOOTH 5.0 and AptXYou get the latest Bluetooth version with exceptional range and the audio codec that boasts a higher quality signal and virtually eliminates any lag.GOOD SOUNDLook, it’s a tiny TWS earbud at this price point. It sounds very good. It’s not going to hit the level of some wired headphones but these sound really good. I do own a couple of other headphones that sound better but they have wires and cost double (or, errr, triple).INSTANT ON AND QUICK CONNECTIONYou pop out the right one and by the time it’s made it to your ear, it’s ready to go. Pop the left one in, same. Once in a while, you have a little delay in that first connection but we’re talking 2-3 seconds.LIGHTWEIGHTThese things weigh nothing and that’s what helps support their excellent fit and comfort. In turn, the little case is extremely light and small!EXCELLENT FIT AND COMFORTI can easily wear these for a couple of hours, probably more – I just haven’t tried. I actually used them for over a week with the default ear hooks attached and didn’t even realize they were too small for my ears because these just stay in regardless. I switched to the larger ear hooks which you can see in my photo. They fit even better now. These do not fall out. (I have small ears)BATTERY CASE IS SMALL, LIGHT, AND LATCHED SHUTThe battery case fits in the palm of my hand, easy to carry in a pocket. It has a push-button release so the case stays closed. It’s not a powerful latch but I have never had it pop open on its own.==== CONSMaterials – it’s all plastics. The case is a little slippery. It works for me but if you are expecting premium – like metal – these don’t have it.Still using micro-USB. I think these have been out a while so I’ll give them a pass. Hopefully, they go with type C in the future.The weird little plastic/vinyl pouch they give you to put the case in is… weird. Thick plastic material. It does cinch up and stays closed though. It’s certainly water-resistant.To access the Google Assistant, you have to stop the music first (one click), then click twice. You’ll have a noticeable delay before and after the command. This may just be a general issue with Bluetooth earbuds and accessing the assistant. I seem to recall another pair I have that has a disruptive delay. I think you access Siri the same way.=== THINGS I DIDN’T CHECKI haven’t made any phone calls, because I never use earbuds for phone calls. I also haven’t timed the battery longevity of the earbuds or case. I never had a problem. That’s more research than I want to get into and I think there is probably a lot of other info on this product page to help you work that out.=== NOISE AND VOLUMEThese are not active noise canceling. They use passive noise isolation. Noise is blocked because they seal your ear canal. If you can’t get a good fit, you will hear noise in your environment. Even if you do get a good seal, it’s just passive.You can’t control the volume on the earbud. You have to use your phone. **UPDATE** There’s a firmware update that adds volume control. I think they commented in the comments of this post.=== BOTTOM LINEI love these. They exceeded my expectations.If you read this far, here’s a tip. So, I said I had been doing all this research and going back and forth. What I noticed during that time is that these will periodically have a promotional discount available. I’ll just leave you with that thought.**UPDATE** I had to deal with a technical issue and customer service was excellent. Very helpful and responsive. Problem solved. I am impressed with the company. (I know it sounds like I am gushing over this product – this is not a paid or compensated review whatsoever)Read more

    2. Springer Rider

      If you were to go to my profile and read my reviews, you would see I have had a hard time finding earbuds that are worth keeping. The issues I’ve encountered are:1. Arrived broke2. Worked for a week and then the battery life went down to 30 minutes after a full charge.3. One of the buds would not stay paired4. Stopped working entirely after two weeks.5. The ergonomics of the vault was so back it took a nutcracker to open it.6. Bad reception when on calls7. Complaints from others when on a callI use the earbuds predominantly for two purposes. Calls (either cellular or Skype) for long periods of time. A two hour call with my client is not unusual. Or I also listen to talk radio.If you are looking for a beat-lab review or how they hold up while running, don’t bother reading on.While looking for earbuds, I was willing to spend up to $300. I think one of the orders I sent back was in the $250 range. They are a business expense.The first thing I notice is the vendor’s box. It is high quality, well laid out and eloquently packaged. Don’t start carving into it with your buck knife. Study the box and open is as designed. Inside you will see how each component has its own compartment. It is packaged like a piece of fine jewelry. The box flap even has a little embedded magnet to hold it shut. How cool is that?There is parts layout inside the box flap and a quick guide card. For my purposes, that was all I needed. I put the buds in the vault and let them charge while I read the instructions. The manual comes in every language spoken in the solar system. And that is my only complaint. The ink color is sky-blue or lite gray on an oyster white paper. The text is ~5pt. I had to dig out my magni-hood to read them. Paper is pretty cheap and if they dropped the swahili and ancient greek, they could bump the font up to 8 or 10 pts. for we aging baby-boomers. We might be old but we still have most of the money!I really didn’t need anything from the manual. I took the buds out of the vault and laid them on the table. I looked on my Pixel3XL for new BT devices and they showed right up. I paired them and that was that. The instructions talked about holding various buttons for certain time periods but I simply saw them on the phone and paired them.I popped them in my ear, brought up an old video and heard sound through both so I knew I did something right.You might want to check the BT settings to insure that all the features you want are turned on. See one of my images.Note the AptX audio. I was pleasantly surprised to see this codec. Especially HD AptX. I missed it while doing my pre-purchase review. I am an embedded developer and am familiar with AptX codec. It allows more data to be passed per unit time and reduces latency significantly. Though not so important for streaming music, it does matter when watching a video so that the sound matches what you are looking at. Stereo is far better. It would account for some of the cost since Qualcomm owns the codec and does not give it away.So I stick them in my ear. They fit pretty well. I just used the ear tip that was installed. I press them in until I feel them tickle my brain.You audiophiles probably want to mess with various tips for that “perfect seal”. I will do that eventually but these stay in so I am happy.There is a button on each bud. I haven’t had touch them yet.I use Google Assistant on my phone. I am not entirely sure if the phone is picking up my voice directly or through the buds but GA does what it is told.So, after the sound test, I call the wife. I normally talk on speaker with the Pixel3XL. We talk for awhile and I ask her if I sound different. She didn’t know I am using buds. She says everything is fine, actually better than usual. The speaker phone would obviously pass background noise. But it is cool is that I am hearing her through both buds!! All the other earbuds and even my BT Over the Ear headphones only used the right ear speaker during phone usage. This is so much better.Today I go to eat lunch at a little cafe. Because the weather is so nice, I sit outside. I am listening to talk radio and realize that my waitress forgot something. Leaving my phone on the table ($800 Pixel3XL, no less), I go inside and talk to her. I am about 15 feet from the phone, inside a brick building. I realize I am away from the phone so I wait a little while (keeping an eye on my phone through the window) to allow the buffer to be consumed. Not a snap-crackle or pop. Just keeps on streaming. I have had other buds that were so picky that I had to keep the phone in my top pocket (they all went back to the seller).Don’t think I have any cons. I have seen sexier vaults. One had a magnet inside that would just suck the buds out of your fingers. Others had a little light show going on. This is pretty much plane Jane with a light to tell you it is charged and a little button to open the door. But you know what? I don’t listen to the vault and it does what it is supposed to do.This is only day two and I’ve probably only have had them in my ears for three hours or less. From previous experience, this could all go south in a week or so and if it does, YOU WILL HEAR BACK FROM ME.So, no news is good news.Read more

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