0C18M7S0WYS814 Cleer audio degree, water-proof transportable bluetooth speaker, shockproof, alexa enabled, 15 hours battery, powerful bass – grey

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  • transportable speaker with terrific, room filling audio – proposing a effective digital amplifier, (2) 48mm neodynamic drivers and passive radiators, enjoy distortion-unfastened replica of your favored audio tracks, indoor or outdoors
  • compact & convenient – this ipx7 rated shockproof & water-proof portable speaker is blessed with rugged desirable looks & powerful sound this is positive to set the mood, whether you’re planning a bbq, a pool facet party or chilling with friends & circle of relatives
  • simply ask alexa – access alexa voice carrier through saying the instructions out loud – play track, listen the news, listen to radio, manage clever domestic gadgets, and more. Down load the cleer join app in your cellular device to speak in confidence to access alexa offerings and a global of opportunities
  • extended wireless variety & simplified connectivity – transportable speaker that features bluetooth 4. 2 and near subject communications (nfc) generation, this speaker pairs effortlessly and fast along with your telephone and tablet. Additionally, consists of a 3. Five mm aux input for wired connections
  • extended battery life – this fantastic wireless bluetooth speaker with lithium ion rechargeable battery provides up to fifteen hours of playback time, with alexa enabled. It truly is greater than sufficient on your events, tour or out of doors relaxation

product description

revel in flexible portability with the stage bluetooth speaker. Play music or use your voice to get the maximum out of alexa services. Take a look at the weather or order components on your next party all via the usage of your voice. With a virtual amplifier, dual 48 mm drivers, and passive bass radiators, deliver the beats to any birthday celebration! With up to 15 hours of playback, set the mood each time, anywhere. With stage, you could revel in great bluetooth four. 2 audio streaming and simplified connectivity with near discipline communications (nfc) generation. Built out of aluminum and a durable cloth facilitates gives longevity at the same time as its ipx7 water-resistance guards towards unintended spills and splashes. Equipped with super voice reputation and the constantly-on alexa voice, our cleer degree portable speaker grants a powerful wireless overall performance on every occasion. In addition, the stage capabilities cleer connect, allowing you to make bigger the birthday party through pairing two audio system together for a bigger stereo sound. Take calls and speak simply via echo- and noise-cancelling functions. This speaker offers selectable voice modes which include always-on, tap and ask, or mute.


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8 reviews for 0C18M7S0WYS814 Cleer audio degree, water-proof transportable bluetooth speaker, shockproof, alexa enabled, 15 hours battery, powerful bass – grey

  1. DougT

    Needed to replace/upgrade my Bose Mini Sound Link and was recommended this one. Handsome speaker had a bigger and brighter sound the old Bose (and cheaper). Classical sounds much better, less of an “echo chamber” when comparing the two speakers. Solidly built, great battery life, water resistance (although I wouldn’t test that), pairs easily. I like the light that works as a status meter and battery indicator. A winner. I couldn’t figure out the app–basically using this for a speaker–but wanted an option if I want to Alexa in the future. Wish I could change or stop the loud start up sound.Read more

  2. aatom

    They haven’t upgraded this product in years. I bought but tech support said they hadn’t updated the software to keep up with phone changes and this caused issues. Also their Alexa reference is misleading, as it doesn’t have the software there onboard and has to pair with another Alexa device. They understood and easily returned it. Replaced it with Ultimate Ears Megablast instead which actually has Alexa on board and a working app etc.Read more

  3. SandyLynne

    This is a good quality Bluetooth speaker. I was happy with the sound quality. I wasn’t able to get Alexa working right. I got it connected, but I had difficulty getting Alexa to follow commands. I will continue to use the speaker with my phone. I disconnected Alexa. I have another Alexa device, so this isn’t really necessary for me, but if you are looking to use this as an Alexa device, this might not be the speaker for you. But if you are looking for a good quality, portable speaker, I would definitely recommend this product.Read more

  4. M. Jones

    First song to play by UNKLE – Sunrise (Always Comes Around) (Feat. Liela Moss) went very well. To be continued…Update 10.30.19 – it appears to on occasion have issues registering volume controls, for example saying my volume is all the way up and the device will not go any higher, when the Cleer is in fact playing a lower volume. I find turning the Cleer off and back on again fixes the issue suitably.This is a speaker used by multiple people at work usually more than once per day. Since purchase it has held up and is still handling being moved around and used every day, charging and being left uncharged. Sometimes the battery has issues charging, but it always ends up charging after a few tries of plugging and unplugging it into the electrical socket. It may be the adapter, I’m not sure, but it’s still working, and pretty well. After more than 6 months of owning this I feel appropriate to say it is a mostly reliable speaker with good volume and is pretty durable.Hasn’t been dropped in water yet (it’s a kitchen environment), so hopefully no one will have to test that, but I have grabbed the speaker with wet fingers and noticed nothing except slight color change to a darker color. The slight color change doesn’t really fade, but it’s not super noticeable either.Read more

  5. JMuzik

    I love this speaker!!! The speaker is well built and sounds great. It came with a nice carry case, so I can carry anywhere. The speaker definitely packs a punch. The bass is clear and not muddled. The mid’s and high’s come across as crisp. I liked it so much that I bought a second speaker to pair with…Read more


    Awesome Bluetooth speaker. Deep bass and great sound. However, I’m a little bit miffed at the Alexa ready advertising. You must download an app called Cleer on your smartphone and use this in conjunction with the speaker. How is this Alexa ready? To make that claim would require a standalone device that can use Alexa services on it’s own. This clearly does not do that. Any Alexa owner has an app on their phone that can stream to any speaker. So why is this special? Other than that nice item.Read more

  7. Asha

    Bought it because of the Alexa function, which turns out to be useless. You have to have the app open to talk to Alexa which defeats the purpose of “hands free” speaker, and even with that she glitches and doesn’t follow commands while music is playing.Sound is pretty good, but for the price and not functioning Alexa feature you can buy a better top-brand Bluetooth speaker. Disappointed. 😕Read more

  8. David R.

    Does not connect to Alexa as statedRead more

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