0C18LS73ZCE443 Bluetooth headphones, wireless earbuds for walking, noise cancelling headsets for workout, sports activities earphones bluetooth 5. 0 with mic, exceptional beats waterproof cordless sports activities ear buds for fitness center walking

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  • incredible sound excellent with wealthy dynamic bass, balanced midst at the side of crisp clear highs, ultra-modern bluetooth generation and upgraded acoustic components produce the very best constancy song. Experience loud and clear conversations with the incorporated superior goertek microphone which produces call great like you’re speaking at once to your cellular phone. You may love the amazing sound of these and they’re exactly what you are looking for.
  • fantastic battery existence achieved by way of an upgraded and progressed lithium polymer battery that charges completely in much less than 2 hours and can keep a charge for up to eight hours always for a long time. The earphone is straightforward to apply despite the fact that those are your first pair of blue tooth headphones or a present, they’re very clean to setup and that they quickly pair together with your cellphone right out of the field.
  • will stay to your ears whether you’ve got small or huge ears, the adjustable over the ear ear hooks may be moulded round your ears to provide you the nice custom designed and snug in shape. These light-weight ear phones are comfy and could not fall out of your ears while you run, workout on the health club, exercising, or play any other lively sport or fitness hobby.
  • robust connection – your audio will no longer cut inside and out whether or not you put your smartphone in your pocket or walk up to 30 ft away from your cellular smartphone, a 360 degree antenna along side the bluetooth five. 0 wireless generation make sure headphone stays seamlessly related on your device.
  • engineered for durability – with a sturdy patented structural design and advanced high-quality components, those pinnacle rated headphones will final a long term and will not dissappoint you. 1-12 months manufacturer’s guarantee and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy. Cost for cash guaranteed, buy senso merchandise fear unfastened.

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4 reviews for 0C18LS73ZCE443 Bluetooth headphones, wireless earbuds for walking, noise cancelling headsets for workout, sports activities earphones bluetooth 5. 0 with mic, exceptional beats waterproof cordless sports activities ear buds for fitness center walking

  1. Sammy

    I have had way too many sets of headphones. Mostly because my dog eats them if they are within reach. While I still have not found the perfect headset with these, they come pretty close.Durability and battery Life – Way too early to tell. I’ll update this after a few months.Noise Canceling- Let’s get something straight – if you put your fingers in your ears, they will cancel noise. That’s called passive noise canceling, or simply, blocking outside noise. True active noise canceling head phones are over the ear, and usually very expensive. These head phones do a pretty good job passively blocking outside noise by fitting very well to the ear and being angled correctly.Sound – Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what they like to hear. Some headphones have good or bad ranges from high to low. But it is the quality of the range that matters. For instance, I like to hear bass, and to me there is nothing worse than a tinny am radio sound. These definitely have bass, but it’s a bit muddy. The good news is I was able to adjust the equalizer on my phone to clean it up, mostly. Overall all though, for the price, the sound quality is pretty darn good.Fit & Hold – They Fit and stay put! The best part of these headphones is they fit my ears perfectly. The part that goes around the ear has a wire going through it, unlike so many others. This allows you to mold the over ear wires exactly to you ear and they do not fall out. None of the last several sets I had do this, and it is an enormous benefit.Controls – The are typical up and down volume and a center button that is used for on, off, hold, answer, etc. I wish the volume buttons were reversed, but that’s just being picky. They announce power on, power off and connected. Sadly, they do not announce battery life.Appearance – Meh. They are a bit big and boxy, but I don’t know how that‘s different from having white things hanging out of your ears for $200.00Overall – I am giving this 5 starts not because they are the best headphones. I am giving them 5 starts because they check off almost all of my boxes and the price it great. So, 5 stars for overall function and price.Note: I paid full price for these and I was not asked to review them. Also, if you like this review, please indicate so below. Thanks.Read more

  2. Hpg

    This is my third pair of Senso Bluetooth Headphones. I purchased a pair for my husband to use while doing his workouts. (He loves them.) And I purchased two pair for myself. I use bluetooth headphones all day long while working. These last all day, but I always have a second pair charging on stand-bye for when the charge runs down.My one negative point is the irritating voice that alerts you when the battery is low – no matter what volume you are listening to, the female voice screams at you, “BATTERY LOW,” and scares the snot out of you!! Haha! At least it’s loud enough to hear in all situations. It’s just a little unsettling when you’re in the middle of a podcast and she screams BATTERY LOW in your ears!Read more

  3. Benjamin D. Hall

    I’m using these headphones to listen to my phone and my tablet while exercising – mostly walking, but some hiking as well. They allow me to listen to podcasts and music while I am walking and hiking, which makes both activities more enjoyable. Because they are more enjoyable, I find myself exercising longer, which is of course good for my health.Sound quality is quite good – as you’d expect for a small headphone, the bass isn’t awesome, but sounds very nice. To my hear, the highs seems a bit “bright”, but I am not a “golden ear audiophile” so it may just be me. They have plenty of volume and I generally like to turn my music up very high as I have hearing loss from operating machine tools as a youngster without hearing protection.I tested the noise cancellation by wearing them around the house. They easily blocked out most household noises which was nice. Unfortunately they did not block out my wife yelling at me to get off my lazy rear end and mow the lawn…I could still hear her screaming at me. Hahaha, just kidding, I like mowing the lawn and my wife doesn’t yell at me so neither of those things happened so I thought it would be a funny thing to write. Seriously, the noise cancellation is good but not as good as something that would go inside your ear. But that’s part of the point of these ear buds, I don’t want something inside of my ear!Bottom line, good little headphones.Read more

  4. DJM76

    Other than that, these sound great, they are easy to use and set up took me a minute or so. Great price, sure beats spending $200+ on some name brand ones, although I have only owned these for a short time and used them a few times, I’m happy wiith them for now.(UPDATE) So I have never had a cell phone, till this iphone xr, so i never needed some goofy earbuds for my ears, but these are awesome, not sure if others do this or not, but I had these connected to my Iphone XR and was wondering if i could also pair them with my PC, the answer is YES. So I paired these with my PC by turning off my Iphone and once connected I wasn’t sure if only one device at a time could use it or would both be able to use it at the same time. I have yet to do a ton of testing, but if watching a movie on my PC, via VLC media player, if i make a call or a call comes in, it pauses the video automatically and then once my call has finished, it starts playing the video again. I plan to use this for voice chat or streaming.Read more

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