0C18LKLD89G793 Cyber acoustics lightweight 3. 5mm headphones – terrific to be used with cell telephones,tablets, laptops, desktops, macs (acm-4004)

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8 reviews for 0C18LKLD89G793 Cyber acoustics lightweight 3. 5mm headphones – terrific to be used with cell telephones,tablets, laptops, desktops, macs (acm-4004)

  1. A real mom

    I read the reviews, and the angle at which the headset rests is a bit awkward, but not bad. I am female and the set does not seem too small for me.The biggest issue is THEY DID NOT WORK in my Dell PC. It is a 3.5mm plug, but they did not divert the sound to the ear phones, it still came out of my computer.I tried my iphone ear buds, they worked fine. Not sure what the issue is, but I will be sending these back. Too bad seemed nice for the $$.Read more

  2. Sandy

    These headphones are fine for ordinary use on a laptop, and a good value for the money.Pros: the cord is long enough so that I can pick up the laptop with the headphone still on and move from a table to a desk. The sound is fine for an economical headphone but probably would not work well for video gaming or listening to music.Cons: I can still hear conversations, the TV, and household noises with the headphones on, but that is to be expected since they are not advertised as “sound cancelling.” The headpiece, although it can be adjusted for length, does not swivel at the earpiece. It felt a little tight at first but is comfortable now. I think these are probably made for use in school labs.Overall I would recommend it as a good value.Read more

  3. Michael l Dicke

    The headset has good sound,Sharp edges on top of headband very annoying if you have a shaved head.Also ear muffs do not work well with glasses.Read more

  4. Maria Carolina Villaseca

    My kids love the sound but the ear pieces fit really tight. Their ears get hot and my young one can’t wear his glasses with them. I’m not complaining too much as it limits their time on my computer! 😂Read more

  5. RJ

    They work swell. Adjustable headband is tight for adult melon. Manufacturers description did not state this as child or adult headphone. If you’re a size 7 ball cap, and spend considerable time with headphones on, you should consider headphones specifically for adult.Read more

  6. meagan

    Fresh out of the packaging and they don’t even work!They were for my two kids to be able to do school work and now i have to either order a different one and wait or go out in the pandemic and buy a pair… Doesnt work on any computer, tablet or phone we own. Very disappointingRead more

  7. JennyLynn1979

    normally when I get a dud I still think it was “a get what you pay for” kind of deal. in this case though, they are not. the sound is crap, they are not comfortable for me or my kids. we meant for them to be used in the car and after a few tries, the kids just choose to not have their sound on rather than use these.Read more

  8. C. R.

    These headphones are the basic headphones that are hard to find anymore, but they are comfortable, sturdy and well designed for the mere price of ten dollars. Sound is good too.Read more

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