0C18LHIOLOI580 Transportable pa speaker powered rechargeable out of doors speaker microphone set with mic talkover mp3 usb sd fm radio aux, led dj lighting, pyle pwmkrdj84bt (device-500w bt connectivity)

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  • 500 watt electricity: this pyle active pa speaker gadget and mic set consists of a 500w transportable pa speaker and a microphone w/ full range stereo sound reproduction and impressive bass reaction. It also has a handy deliver manage for portability.
  • compatible with bt connectivity: this field type pa amplifier loud speaker is well matched with bt connectivity for audio streaming and works with devices like iphone, android cell smartphone, ipad, pill, laptop. Perfect for personal indoor home and out of doors use.
  • 6 inputs: prepared w/ a usb port for dj blending/ audio mixing, micro sd card slot for mp3 playback, headphone jack, aux 3. 5mm, 2 ¼” microphone inputs w/ mic priority/ mic talkover mode. It also has an fm radio with virtual liquid crystal display display.
  • mic talkover: the karaoke speaker has a mic talkover and audio file recording characteristic that lets in you to create your personal soundtrack w/ track + vocals. Also capabilities a multi coloration flashing dj led lighting which pulse to the beat splendid for outside party.
  • rechargeable battery: this compact and effective battery powered heavy duty pa machine has built-in 11. 1v polymer, 4000mah rechargeable battery which makes it convenient and portable. Additionally functions a top panel button control middle.
  • colourful shade display, that goes together with your track

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14.72, pounds

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13, x, 18, x, 11, inches



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System, -, 500W, BT, Connectivity

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4.1, out, of, 5, stars, 562, ratings, 4.1, out, of, 5, stars

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#3, 692, in, Musical, Instruments, (See, Top, 100, in, Musical, Instruments), #47, in, PA, Systems, #1, 678, in, Music, Recording, Equipment

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Date First Available

November, 13, 2018

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Power Source

Battery, Powered


500, watts

8 reviews for 0C18LHIOLOI580 Transportable pa speaker powered rechargeable out of doors speaker microphone set with mic talkover mp3 usb sd fm radio aux, led dj lighting, pyle pwmkrdj84bt (device-500w bt connectivity)

  1. DeeLikesDeals

    Oh, wow. The plan was to make an unboxing video but I was so psyched I didn’t capture the unboxing. The Pyle Pro portable PA seemed too good to be true for under $150 so I tore right in. Didn’t read any instructions and wanted to see how intuitive setup was. This is a sleek unit on wheels with an extendable handle that is comfy for me at 5’8.” In the box were the speaker, a mic, a 3.5 mm audio cord, a power cord, and a remote. No batteries, though, unfortunately. The mic uses 2 AA and the remote uses 2 AAA. One early disappointment was the short power cord. About 3 feet, I estimate. Another drawback is no built-in way to hold the mic and the remote. Next was powering up. It was fun (not) discovering how to use the volume. There is both a general volume and a mic volume control. Next was Bluetooth setup to stream music from my iPhone. This was tricky and not so easy to do at first try. This is when I got introduced to the Mode button. Shift the Mode to “blue” as in Bluetooth and voila. Pairing is now possible. The rest from here was magic, once I figured out how to turn up the volume. I went through three YouTube karaoke songs and was pretty impressed with the mic quality. Keep in mind I wasn’t belting it out as it was after midnight and I share walls with neighbors. Looking forward to hearing the power of this system in a party environment tomorrow. The lights are cool. To turn them off, hold down on the lightbulb button for a couple of seconds.Will update after louder use in a more realistic setting. Overall, I think this is a geat buy with more wattage and features than many other systems at this price point.Updates:1. The Remote changes the song on my Bluetooth-connected phone! Awesome.2. It’s charging my iPhone. Sweet.3. Has trouble syncing more than one Bluetooth sources. I have it synced to my Apple TV and I have to unpair the Apple TV for it to sync with my phone again.4. Was loud enough for a 40-60 person party in an approximately 3000-square-foot church basement.5: Slight hissing sound in Bluetooth mode that is evident between songs. I wish I knew what was causing the interference and if there was a way to silence this “white noise.” Minus one star for that. It’s slightly annoying to hear the “static” when listening to soft music overnight.6. The bluetooth connection noise (to let you know it’s connected) is loud and annoying. Is there a way to silence this?7. Woah, this thing records audio, too?! Will be testing that feature soon and posting an update.Read more

  2. Glenn Vaillant

    Love all the features and qualityRead more

  3. Angelbug

    The PA Speaker system is easy to use and sound good. The Mic that it comes with is very cheap feeling and goes in and out… you have to hold it very close to mouth and steady, otherwise it is choppy and then goes eardrum bursting loud or nothing. Very frustrating. I am going to get a new mic and see if that is the issue or return it if not.Read more

  4. Cathleen L Sweeney

    The system is compact and has a very modern look to it. It is light and has wheels and an extendable handle for easy movement. The instruction are easily understood and the controls are all finger touch.I used it at a gathering and I and most of the guests were virtually blown away by the sound, volume and clarity. I used all the features and found them all very satisfactory. I used the bluetooth feature for the duration of the evening and the output was crystal clear including the microphone features. The Karaoke feature was the highlight of the evening as I used 2 microphones with sing over with some echo chariteristics which draw many non singers to try their hand at singing. One note, charge the battery completely before use. This is a fun speaker box with everything needed for a swinging party or event.Read more

  5. Charlie S.

    Needed a speaker for a 6yr old dance party. We had a room the size of about 3 garages and this speaker definitely filled the room! I didn’t even turn it up all the way. So impressed with the value and quality of this speaker. We also used it for a yard sale recently. Used the battery and played background music for a solid 6 hours. Very happy with the battery life.The mic was trash. I put batteries in and turned it on. The mic’s power light turned on for 1/2 second and turned off. Checked the batteries, tried different batteries, tried again, same thing. It never worked. I had a corded mic from an old karaoke machine that worked alright. Don’t buy this for the mic. Definitely buy for the great speaker.Read more

  6. Brandy N. Oliver

    Because of reviews about the microphone, as soon as I got the system, I unpacked and tested it. Everything worked. I packed it all back up, wrapped it, and gave it as a gift. They went on vacation the next day, so she didn’t get it out until returning.When she opened it, yesterday, the microphone doesn’t work. You connect it, it works for 5 seconds, and then no more. You have to turn everything off and turn it back on to get 5 seconds of microphone use. I tried to research troubleshooting and found nothing but negative comments about not being able to get it to work.Even just using it as a BT speaker won’t be great because there’s a lot of background static.Read more

  7. Brett K.

    Sound quality is really good, battery seems to last a while, and having a blast singing and dancing. A little concerned about the mode button. It doesn’t seem to work great, but other than that, it is an awesome unit.Read more

  8. NIN89

    Put fresh batteries in and could not get wireless microphone to connect to the base at all. We bought a corded microphone to use with it since I didn’t want to deal with sending the whole unit back since it’s a birthday gift for a ten year old. Problem is that the audio from the corded mic cuts in and out on it’s own making this unit useless for anything other than playing music from a phone or similar source. Tested the microphone with an interface and had no issues so I know the problem lies within this unit, it is just a cheapo piece of crap(should be far cheaper). Would not buy again and would not recommend.Read more

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