0C18LGM07EM152 Tikitunes portable bluetooth 5. 0 indoor/out of doors wireless speakers, led torch atmospheric lighting fixtures impact, 5-watt audio usb audio system, 2000 mah battery for iphone/ipad/android (set of 2)

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    the tikitunes transportable five-watt speaker offers 6-hours of non-stop playtime from any wireless well suited device with its built-in 2000 mah rechargeable battery. Join up to two speakers using dual sync abilities from a maximum distance of 30 ft for a real stereo-sound. The nice and cozy led ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light offering the perfect atmosphere for evenings spent outside or a comfortable night time in.


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    8 reviews for 0C18LGM07EM152 Tikitunes portable bluetooth 5. 0 indoor/out of doors wireless speakers, led torch atmospheric lighting fixtures impact, 5-watt audio usb audio system, 2000 mah battery for iphone/ipad/android (set of 2)

    1. William Vance Jr.

      Great quality!! They are perfect to have music. Love the lights in the eveningRead more

    2. Glen King

      Poor poor connection I have an I phone 10 s and they won’t stay connected even if the phone is within 3’. I have a cheap Bluetooth speaker I paid $15 for and it works just find these are horrible. Also have Bose Bluetooth in the house they work fine on my phone. I turn every other Bluetooth device off before I synced these but you can’t even understand the songs. They keep reconnecting and telling you they’re reconnected then they go out again horrible productRead more

    3. Tim Ofstead

      I was excited to get these speakers but one works great and the other no light. I contacted the seller and will update once I hear back.The sound is good, the paired easy, just missing the light in one.Read more

    4. Roberta A. Taylor

      Had to return the first set – one speaker did not work and the light on the other did not work. I gave it five stars because replacing them was easy and the replacement set worked fine. They were a gift that the receiver is very happy with!Read more

    5. Natash4

      I bought a 2 pack and both did not have a micro usb cable instead the sent it with a cord with a regular usb plug on one end and the other end is this very small barrel plug in not a micro usb plug. I can’t get them to stay connected to my amazon echos with bluetooth. I is a waiste of money now trying to return them as they just arrived today. Eight days since I requested a return and no response. Resubmitted return request.Read more

    6. DiamondPilot

      As an LED tiki light, it’s great and worth the asking price.I’m deducting one star because it could’ve been so much more if the audio quality weren’t poor.Its thin, muddy, lacking in bass, treble, and max volume.Many other small bluetooth drivers with similar sized drivers sound quite a bit better.The small driver appears substantive for its size, so I expect the flaw is in the audio circuitry driving it.One thing they did get right is, it’s extremely simple and reliable to mate two of these together for stereo, with one speaker playing the left channel and one speaker playing the right. No app required, no hassle, no fuss, unlike other bluetooth speakers I own with stereo mating capability.It still is excellent as a tiki flame-effect lamp, so if you don’t care much about the audio, I recommend it.If your primary purpose is bluetooth audio, I recommend the LG PL5 XBOOM instead, which sounds incredible for its form-factor and its price, and last I looked was approximately the same price as a pair of these.Read more

    7. Austin F

      Setup was easy, they paired with one another right away, listening to music was decent, however I intended on using these outside with a projector to watch movies, and when connected to my phone playing from multiple sources (YouTube, Plex, Videos from my phone) the audio was no in sync. Tried pairing to my PC via bluetooth, same issue, iPad, iPhone, Smart TV, 3 Bluetooth Dongles (one of the dongles even allows for 2 bluetooth devices to be paired simultaneously which I paired them with that instead of to one another) and no matter the device, no matter the codec, no matter the source, the audio would not sync, and there’s no way to adjust this per the hardware of the actual speakers. So if you’re thinking of these for Audio, they’re a decent buy for the price, however if you are planning on anything with video where you can’t adjust the audio offset, skip these and find something else.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Great for the boat at night!! out door on the deck….Love itRead more

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