0C18L8KZ8R8888 Honkyob transportable usb mini speaker with loud stereo sound,usb powered for computer,pocket book,computer,computer,domestic,outdoors,tour,checkout counter

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  • mind-blowing sound:breathtaking stereo sound with deep bass is delivered with super clarity and zero distortion by means of high exceptional of excessive-sensitivity drivers. Keep an extra 10% whilst you practice coupon.
  • easy connectivity:simply plug it into a usb port and it is equipped to go. It comes with exceedingly massive sound. It’s far well suited with the usb1. 1,usb2. Zero and greater. Compact with all usb port.
  • desigened beauty: combines a compact and mini length,three. 7×1. 8×1. 1 inch,mini usb speaker,saving vicinity,provide you a tidy desk. Ultra-portable,so small that you can pass it around very easy,and pretty exact for small space.
  • software:light-weight,but robust unibody layout offers the proper soundtrack for the backyard,office,home,dorm,eating place or everywhere else. Pointers:the pc speaker does no longer have a volume manipulate button,however you can alter the laptop’s quantity.
  • worry-unfastened purchase:honkyob’s exceptional usb speaker offers 7×24 hours customer service,fear-free 100% money-returned guarantee,existence-time alternative guarantee
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product description

  • coloration:black
  • weight:120g
  • length:3. 7×1. 8×1. 1inch
  • cable length:1. 2m/47inch
  • power:3w
  • voltage:dc 5v
  • usb speaker pc
  • usb mini speaker

  • usb strength,plug and play,smooth to apply.
  • excellent mini size,saving vicinity,offer you a tidy desk. This item can absolutely avoid interference, you can also place it as you need.
  • the bottom of this product with anti-skid layout to firmly keep itself.
  • immerse yourself within the wealthy sound of tune, films, and video games as this speaker is incorporated with twin speaker gadgets that deliver the mind blowing stereo sound.
  • it’s also the excellent choice for checkout counter,restaurant order and so on.
  • usb mini speaker features
  • color_name

    Black, Mini-1, Soundbar

    7 reviews for 0C18L8KZ8R8888 Honkyob transportable usb mini speaker with loud stereo sound,usb powered for computer,pocket book,computer,computer,domestic,outdoors,tour,checkout counter

    1. MamaSylvia

      I am older and my hearing isn’t what it used to be. I like watching movies on my computer but miss half the dialogue when I listen through the built-in speaker on my monitor. I have headphones that work fine but it’s a pain to plug and unplug them from the sound ports whenever I want to use them. So I wanted a small portable speaker that needed ONLY a USB connection for both power and sound that I could hear and understand dialogue on. I have been using this little speaker for over a month and fits the bill. It apparently has its own sound board because its only computer connection is through a USB port. (Most of the “USB speakers” get their power through USB but still need to be plugged into the sound port to play.) It’s small enough that I balance it on the arm of my recliner while I’m watching movies and can aim the sound right at me, which is easier for me to understand. It probably would not suit a sound guru but if you aren’t fussy about sound quality (like me), it is great. It does have stereo but obviously with 2 speakers crammed into such a tiny package, the stereo effect is minimal. And it’s cheap enough that if it only lasts a few months, I can afford to get another one. Definitely recommended!Read more

    2. MJ

      Ok, it’s not the BEST speaker by far, but is adequate if you are looking for a self-contained USB powered sound solution for your Raspberry Pi project. They are not very loud, but they are 100% USB powered and use built-in soundcard. They do not need (or have) ability to plug into the 3.5mm audio jack of a PC as the sound is handled completely via USB. The Pi 3, when powered by a 2.5 – 3.0 amp power supply, is more than able to power the speaker so it makes a nice speaker for any Pi Project. I use mine for holiday decorations – using one to give sound to my Halloween skeleton using the Pi to play sound out thru the speakers. I just bought 2 more for other Pi Projects I’m working on. If anything, they work well in prototyping and development to make sure sound is working for the Pi app.Do note that the fidelity of the speaker is not the greatest especially at loud volumes which cause distortion due to vibration of the plastic housing.So, for my use I love these little speakers. I would not recommend them for use as a speaker for regular music play. You are much better in that case of getting a Bluetooth or other name-brand externally powered speaker like from Logitec, Bose, Anker, or others.Read more

    3. KrisS

      Tiny speaker with a tiny cost = big sound & one happy customer!! My work computer recently died & the new one my boss ordered didn’t come with speakers. With the low price of this speaker, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but some sound was better than none, I figured. The sound this little speaker puts off, taken into consideration with the cost, blew my mind! I had to kick the volume WAY down & it was still louder than my prior computer’s built in speakers. I was really shocked. I love it!! I’d definitely recommend this to others & I’ll probably buy another one for the house!Read more

    4. Elizabeth

      I didn’t buy this because I thought it would be a mini Bose. I just wanted to hear streamed movies, not get lost in Mozart. This little speaker is simple, effective, perfect for what I wanted from it.Read more

    5. My Eyes Are Up Here!

      Many (most?) Toshiba laptops have a known defect where the sound chip begins overheating- the defect doesn’t kick in until after the warranty expires. When the sound chip overheats it cuts out. Normally the only “fix” is to use the headphone jack as a workaround.These mini speakers aren’t just speakers, they have a built-in PC sound card. This means you only need to connect the speakers to a USB port and it provides the sound, amplification, and speaker function, so it is a good all-in-one solution to restoring sound to a laptop, tablet, or other device where the on-board sound has quit working. Other similar products require a hookup to both USB port and headphone jack- not a good solution if your headphone jack is already worn out or if your sound chip is bad and/or put into a Toshiba product. Before I found this we had to use a bluetooth solution with an external speaker with batteries etc it was just too much effort when all we wanted was a simple cheap plug-and-play solution like this.The speakers do not deliver a rich immersive bass-thumping surround sound experience, nor was I expecting it to at this price point and the limited power available to any USB port. The speakers sounded exactly like I expected them to, in fact even a little louder than I was expecting. They sound pretty much like the original Toshiba laptop speaker. Except unlike a Toshiba product, these work!This was exactly the cheap solution I was looking for to restore sound to a crappy Toshiba product.Read more

    6. N. Keithley

      This compact and lightweight device saved me from dropkicking my laptop through the front door when my speakers died, alas, too soon. Requires no additional power source… just plug into an empty USB port and start listening to music, etc.PRO:LightweightNo external power source requiredCompactTravels easilyCON:Do not expect fancy $$$$ quality – you do get what you pay for… a good basic external speakerRead more

    7. Mohawk Mike

      The sound quality of this little speaker is pretty good. When you plug it in and don’t play music or video through it, there is a low frequency hum to it, but nothing too bad. Once you play audio it sounds solid. Now, for MacBook users like myself. It’s not a simple plug and play. When you plug it in, go up to the volume control and switch the audio output from internal speakers to USB. Otherwise, like me, you will get all upset and pack the speaker up for a return and leave a negative review about this item. Not sure if some PC platforms are similar, so if you plug it in and it doesn’t play, check your settings first. Also, don’t forget it’s not a pre-amped speaker so it will not be any louder than your internal speakers. I purchased this speaker for use to Netflix on my MacBook while I pedal on my bike trainer instead of wearing bluetooth earpods, but didn’t quite work out. The speaker does have a fuller sound to it than the built in speakers, so keeping it anyway.Read more

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