0C18L08NWT3254 Soundbar, taotronics three equalizer mode audio speaker for television, 32-inch stressed out & wireless bluetooth five. 0 stereo soundbar, optical/aux/rca connection, wall mountable, remote manipulate

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  • room-filling sound: powerful audio system supply a spherical, excessive-stop audio enjoy
  • more than one wi-fi and stressed connections: effortlessly hook up with the sound bar via bluetooth 5. 0 or wellknown audio cable connection, rca, and optical input
  • three special equalizer modes: high-quality music your sound bar with 3 distinct equalizer modes (video games mode, track mode, film mode) through the remote manage to healthy your favourite sound
  • manipulate your sound bar remotely: deal with your sound bar from the consolation of your sofa or at once at the tool; a repeat click on of the power button switches thru the functions, the led screen will display the present day feature
  • narrow to store area: slick 32-inch design pleases the eye and slim dimensions store treasured area
  • for optical connections, please exchange your tv audio output to pcm(pcm is a shape of virtual sign that is used to represent analogue information, and is an non-obligatory audio layout on many televisions). Corded electric powered
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from the manufacturer

installation thru bluetooth

1. Turn on your device’s bluetooth mode

2. Press the bluetooth button/mode selection on soundbar to exchange to bluetooth mode

3. Choose “taotronics tt-sk023” within the pairing listing of your device

product description



6 reviews for 0C18L08NWT3254 Soundbar, taotronics three equalizer mode audio speaker for television, 32-inch stressed out & wireless bluetooth five. 0 stereo soundbar, optical/aux/rca connection, wall mountable, remote manipulate

  1. Mark G Heselden

    It took me awhile to get this installed it could have been easier if I knew these three things:1) Remove the plastic optical cable covers! Hey if you don’t know they liik like part of the cable!!2)Set PCM audio format on your TV (defaul is bitstream)3)Set PCM on your Digital Output (default is Dolby)After finding and setting these 3 things the box installed no problem.Read more

  2. Adriinina

    I’ve bought the 24in soundbar from Tao tronics and I’ve enjoyed it but this soundbar took everything to the next level! I place this one in my living room with my bigger tv in order to fix the issue where the sound from the tv shoots out from behind to the sides instead of forward which it makes it hard to hear. This sound bar fixes everything! The sound shoots forward (obviously) but it also practically engulfs you for a surreal sound experience which is freaking amazing! Did not expect I would get such a surreal experience just from a soundbar alone. The soundbar is made from wood it seems like which makes this soundbar of great quality. Definitely does not feel cheap at all. It has three modes to choose from depending on what you’re listening to you can switch between music, games, or movies and it will adjust the sound to give you a better experience. Every movement can be heard clearly with this and even though there is lots of bass it doesn’t sound muddy at all. The highs don’t sound screechy with this either. This was also incredibly easy to set up. My father who is definitely not a tech genius was able to set the soundbar up and connect his phone via Bluetooth in about ten minutes. (Though he was only able to set up the soundbar so it turns on but couldn’t figure out how to connect the soundbar to the tv so he only set it up half way but you get my point.) there’s only three cables to connect in order to be fully set up so it usually takes less than five minutes. You can also mount the soundbar it comes with the pieces included to mount it on the wall but I havent tried it as I have no need for it. Honestly I don’t think you can really go wrong with any Tao tronics soundbar.Read more

  3. MC

    I had been looking to buy a soundbar for quite some time when I saw this one. The sound quality is everything you can ask for in a soundbar. I blast it loud when I am cleaning and enjoy its rich sound when I watch tv. The product was promptly delivered and well-packaged. Thank you!Read more

  4. Carolina S

    My husband is crazy about having a great sound system and big TV when he’s watching his show, especially Sci-Fi movies or TV Shows.He has a great setup in our living room. 70″ 4K TV with full soundsytem.In the mean time, we have a small TV in our bedroom. Once a while when we both tired we watch our shows in our bed room, but the sounds is terrible.We used to have a sounds bar but we move that to the garage when we have a movie night. We set up projector and screen in the garage.After a while my husband got frustrated with our bedroom TV, so for his upcoming birthday I am getting him a soundbar.Looking around and I saw this Taotronic soundbar. The price is right, it has pretty recent Bluetooth connection (4.2) Very compact in size…. and what makes me choose this soundbar is the brand.To be honest I don’t know much about sound system, so getting him a sound bar for his birthday is nerve racking then I remember that he has TaoTronic headset and I remember how surprise and happy he was with the sound quality of his headsetSo I took my chance and get him this,II am glad I took a chance to get this. I couldn’t wait til his birthday so we tried it right away and he is so happy with the sounds.I tried to capture that in the video attached I am not sure if you can tell.SO much different depth of sounds between the sound bar and the tv speaker.With the TV speaker we can hear the conversation clearly but the background sounds is muffle.This sounds bar has a lot more nuances of the sounds, it;s like having a basic sound system set up in a tiny bar.My husband happy, I am happy …:)Read more

  5. MelyPR

    UPDATE: I’m udating the review because soon after writing my previous review Taotonics’ customer service contacted me and after exchanging emails they sent me a newer model (TT-SK15) and it works great. This one the sound is really good. Im loosing my hearing, so I need the volume really loud, and though this is not surround sound, of course, but I have no problem hearing it. This one is a good buy.Had I bought this just for listening to music from my phone, my ratings would be much higher. However, I bought this for a TV that its speaker is no longer working. Some channels you can hear well, as long as there is no outside noise, however for most channels you cant hardly hear it. I do not recommend this soundbar for TV use, the sound is very mediocre.Read more

  6. Brian Luong

    I needed a speaker for my television and chose this speaker. Everything about this speaker was great. From the easy 5 second installation to the crisp sound, this speaker is an an amazing product!One of the reasons I chose this speaker was because of the wall mount. My TV is mounted on the wall so installing this speaker right below it was one of my needs. This process was easy. All you need is a screwdriver. Next I connected the optical cord from my TV to the speaker. Immediately clear sound came through the speaker. The speaker has several sound profiles you can choose from depending on what kind of audio you want to hear. There’s a movie, music, and gaming mode. I set mine to movie mode since I usually just watch things. I change it to music when I’m listening to music.It connects via bluetooth. This is useful for me since I have the ability to pair my phone with it and play music when I want to.It also comes with a remote so you can control the speaker from a distance.Read more

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