0C18KN983AZ335 One hundred watt forty inch tv sound bar, bestisan domestic theater system stressed out and wireless soundbar speaker(bluetooth 5. 0, 105db, dsp audio, bass adjustable, wall mountable)

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  • 100 watt 40 inch deep bass sound bar trasfer 105db room-filling and and crystal-clean domestic theater sound.
  • diverse sound effect mode, movies/music/dialogue mode, highlighting the sound effects of different events.
  • dual stressed and wi-fi connection, pair thru bluetooth 5. Zero from up to 33 feet/ 10 m or connect to the in-unit 3. 5 mm, rca, and optical inputs.
  • customized acoustics, extended 40” design is optimized to supply the same crystal and clear cinematic sound whether or not wall mounted or placed in the front of your tv.
  • first-rate provider, worry-unfastened 18-month after-income help and friendly customer support, lifestyles time technical support.

product description

wirelessly circulate all your favored tracks and playlists with bluetooth five. Zero, wireless connection range as much as 33ft.

  • wired connection together with usb, optical, rca, and line-in
  • optical cable and rca to 3. 5mm cable provided
  • set television audio output to digital pcm/optical format while optical connection
  • set television default speaker to outside speaker when aux connection
  • bass & treble adjustable to suit your favourite sound.

    audio reset placing pass returned to factory audio setting.


    28 inch, 34 inch, 40 inch

    6 reviews for 0C18KN983AZ335 One hundred watt forty inch tv sound bar, bestisan domestic theater system stressed out and wireless soundbar speaker(bluetooth 5. 0, 105db, dsp audio, bass adjustable, wall mountable)

    1. A. Murad

      It took less than 10 minutes from openning the box and setting it up. Easy and simple, there are many options to use it, bluetooth, AV cable, Optical port. I prefer optical connect to TV. Looks great on mt TV stand and sounds great as well! And when you feel like it, easy bluetooth connect to cellphone for Music. A wall template with screws was also in the box making it so easy to mount it to the wall.Read more

    2. Happy Camper

      I got this sound bar to replace another sound bar that could not be programmed to my cable tv universal remote. After a couple of years I was getting tired of having to have the old bar’s remote around all the time for volume adjustment. This bar programmed to my universal very easily! The sound quality of this bar is better than the old bar, and far better than the tv’s speakers.The quick sets for Movie and Dialogue modes are actually pretty useful. They do enhance the sound for their particular mode. (Music mode not as useful for me) I was very pleasantly surprised with them. But, the irony of that is… now I have to keep this bar’s remote around to switch modes… Oh,well.To get the basic (on/off, volume +/-, mute) functions for your existing TV remote programmed into the sound bar, use the following steps to put the sound bar into learning mode:1. Power on the sound bar2. Press and hold both the “+” & “-” buttons on the side of the sound bar until the LED blinks RED. The soundbar is now in Remote Learning Mode, .3. Using your TV/Universal remote point it at the sound bar, and press the remote’s “Power” button, RED light stops blinking. Press “Power” button again to confirm.4. Press the “Mute” button, LED turns GREEN. Press the “Mute” button again to confirm.5. Press the “Volume up” button, LED turns ORANGE. Press the “Volume up” button again to confirm.6. Press the “Volume down” button, LED turns BLUE. Press the “Volume down” button again to confirm.Your TV/Universal remote should now control the sound bar (on/off, volume +/-, mute). The sound bar’s original remote can still be used to control all of the sound bar’s basic and advanced functions (like modes).Read more

    3. AngelDeath

      I bought this soundbar a few weeks ago and wanted to test it out before I posted a review. Overall I am happy with the Soundbar. One thing I was disappointed about was that I couldn’t get it to sync up with my LG TV so that I could control the sound with the magic remote, but this is no fault of the manufacturer. Overall the sound is very good, Bass wise it could be a bit better, but being a soundbar I didnt expect sound like a 5.1 system.The Remote control for the most part is fine, the only thing I didnt like with the remote is the reset button. I expected that the remote would reset settings, did not expect that it would reset the level to a blaring loud setting, thats the ones that the remote should not reset. But overall I’d say it was a good purchase and anyone on the fence with it, dont expect theater booming sound, but its not a tinny sound either. I’d buy it again.Read more

    4. DataDr

      Having success with other product by seller, wanted to get soundbar for my son’s college apartment. Went with this item since he didn’t need a subwoofer. The only negative thing I have to say is that it took longer to unpack it than it did to perform complete setup.This unit produces unbelievable sound for a soundbar. Filled his entire apartment. Actually needed to reduce the sound to prevent causing disturbances to neighbors.Setup was extremely easy. The included guide is very straightfoward. Since his TV does not have bluetooth capability, we needed to use the included optical cable.We did not use the included remote but instead used the learning feature to allow current remote to be programmed for volume and power. Again, very easy language in the manual to perform.The entire setup took less than 5 minutes. When select power for TV, the soundbar turns on. We turned off the internal TV speakers (which weren’t loud to begin with) and use his current remote to now control volume. Again, this is very easily explained how to configure in the manual. When we power off the TV, the soundbar also powers off.The sound is incredible. It fills the room with great mid-ranges so people speaking is easily understood. There is enough treble and bass to produce very fulfilling experience. Watching football and basketball games (this is a college apartment) was a great experience. We streamed a movie and the surround-like sound was more than expected. Granted, this is not a complete surround sound system that circulates the room. It’s a soundbar so don’t expect theater-like experience. But for casual watching and enjoying a good movie, you won’t be disappointed.The price is excellent for what you get. I’m extremely pleased.I’ve had experience with other products by this seller and can confirm 100% they back what they sell. Won’t hesitate to purchase smaller sized unit for compact room in the very near future.Read more

    5. Erol Ak

      Bass is awesome in this bar. Sound quality is excellent. Installed just above my TV and works great. Bluetooth connection makes sound transfer easier. My son has a favorite song and keeps asking me to open it with that bar:) the package has everything I need. Wall mount hardwares, cables, remote control and manual. No need to go to local hardware store!Read more

    6. Jianz Ch

      This speaker really make my day,I’m using the optical cable which included in package to connect my LG smart tv now,it’s easy setting,and the sound quality from this speaker is much more better than my tv’s,I did try Bluetooth too to my phone,works good too,haven’t try other kinds of connections far I really recommend this one,in this price,it’s really worth.thank u!Read more

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