0C18IZ98KNM395 Boompods aquablaster – water-proof bluetooth portable wireless speaker with amazon alexa – hello-high-quality sound – notable listening in shower at the pool or the seaside (black)

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  • ✅ pocket length wi-fi speaker – extremely small and transportable layout making it clean to hold for your jacket pocket, you could additionally additionally be hung on the rope, smooth to carry, suitable for family, workplace, observe, and journey. This bluetooth wireless speaker has a top notch motive force. Take alexa any in which and everywhere with amazon alexa at a hint of a button.
  • ✅ amazon alexa like minded: our alexa enabled bluetooth speaker allows you to control your speaker with our boompods app. Sincerely down load the boompods app, connect, and play! See setup commands blanketed for complete steps. Definitely take this speaker with you everywhere. The bluetooth generation permits this speaker to attach seamlessly to iphones, ipads, samsung, kindle, smartphones, and tablets. Or use an aux cord to connect to any laptop and computer.
  • ✅ perfect for events – fully water-resistant and drop examined for tough situations with a fashionable layout. Fully loaded with all of the accessories to hold the track where you need it, hang, convey, strap or wall mount it. This is the speaker that suits all activities! The powerful speaker lets in for loud bluetooth tune right in your room. Fill an entire room with sound and feel the bass the usage of one simple device.
  • ✅ longer time to play – with it is built-in energy, each price will provide long-lasting playtime preserving your smartphone charged. Take calls and chat with your buddies with the onboard convention speaker. You could without problems mount it to your motorcycle, on your vehicle, clip in your backpack on a hike or even to the seashore!
  • ✅ fully water and drop proof – this product has the ipx7 waterproof score and has gone through a rugged drop check to feed track into each adventure. With it is fashionable layout it come completely loaded with all of the accessories to take this transportable speaker everywhere you cross! Grasp it, stick it at the shower wall, bring it, pocket it, strap it on your motorcycle or automobile to suit every and all events.
  • how loud is that this speaker, like if in the wind on a motorcycle?
  • i am continually driving my mtn motorbike with the aquablaster! The strap is supertight & wraps round any pole-shaped surface, gripping my handlebar solid enough so the speaker doesnt slide at all. It is virtually like a surprise absorber, best on a motorbike, at the same time as the speaker vibrates. And yes it sounds terrific, definitely deep bass and with none great harmonic distortion at excessive volumes. I genuinely have to be privy to the extent on the ones sunrise rides, or i’m able to wake up the neighborbood, tunes echoing off the homes & pavement! Lol i left it connected to a patio chair within the outdoor for the duration of hurricane sally nine/20!! And it nevertheless paired with my smartphone as i picked the chair up right!! I paid 2x as an awful lot closing christmas, and it is nevertheless really worth it! Buy it!! See less

  • so will this most effective paintings together with your cellphone close by and the app open? I will’t just set it up for my son and forget it?
  • so will this handiest work with your smartphone nearby and the app open? I’m able to’t just set it up for my son and overlook it?

  • i just acquired mine in the mail and i cannot get it to connect with alexa. Linked to bluetooth effortlessly, however alexa can not fins tool. Help 🙏🏻?
  • i just received mine within the mail and that i can not get it to connect with alexa. Related to bluetooth effortlessly, but alexa cannot fins device. Assist 🙏🏻?

  • what warranty does this product have?
  • what assurance does this product have?


    Black, Green/Orange, Grey/Green

    8 reviews for 0C18IZ98KNM395 Boompods aquablaster – water-proof bluetooth portable wireless speaker with amazon alexa – hello-high-quality sound – notable listening in shower at the pool or the seaside (black)

    1. Stookenstien

      I got this for someone as a gift thinking they could use the Alexa in the shower, but this does not in any way have Alexa built into it. The person I gave it to opened it up on Christmas morning and we spent over an hour trying to make the Alexa work just to find out it doesn’t even have a microphone in it and all it really does is bluetooth the Alexa on your phone over to it. They kept it and said they are fine with it, but I felt really dumb for giving them something different than what I thought I was buying.Read more

    2. Dina

      Although the sound is good and the charge lasts a long time, it doesn’t include one of the most important features which is to change songs while you are in the shower. I wish I had known this before I bought it. Nothing more annoying than having a portable speaker to listen to music in the shower and having no ability to change the song!Read more

    3. Julie Rogers

      Not an Alexa device as advertised. I think we should all sue Amazon for false advertising. Alexa is their brand, so they shouldn’t allow it, but they just want to screw the people like all big business! Maybe it’s time to leave Amazon!It’s just an oversized, overpriced, not even good speaker! Such a waste of time and money, now I have the hassle of packaging it up to send back! No excuse for allowing this Amazon!Read more

    4. Vanessa

      I love it, I try at shower and sound amazing, my daughter try it with her bike and is amazing!!! Very good material!!!Read more

    5. klwells88

      I bought this to use in the shower and have Alexa available for hands-free music playing. It won’t work unless paired to your phone at all times. Get a phone call? Shuts off the music. I was hoping once you connected Alexa through the app to your network, it would be available once you powered the device on, but that’s not at all how it works. You also have to press a button to prompt Alexa. Sound quality is fine, but for the price, you’d be better off buying cheaper that does the same thing without claim of having Alexa available. Even better, but a UE Blast that doesn’t cost much more that is even better and actually does hands-free Alexa without requiring constant Bluetooth connection.Read more

    6. Lucia A. Tahan

      I received this device for Christmas and after watching the marketing videos, I was convinced that the AquaBlaster would be perfect for me. After 2 weeks of trying to get it to work as advertised, I am returning it today. Here’s what I have uncovered :1) The directions that are packaged with the device are horrible. Included in the packaging is a little brochure in 6 languages that talks about the warrantee. And there’s a small card that points you to a website to get more information on the device. I expected the website to instruct me how to get the speaker online. The website talked to me in round about terms as if I had months of experience with the device. Bottom line, the website was completely useless.I went to YouTube looking for help but all that was there was marketing videos. Not helpful.I finally did enough digging on the Internet along with using some logic to figure out how to get the device online (which I finally did).Once online, I got it to work once. On a scale of 1 – 10, the sound form the speaker was a 7. Not bad…not great.2) I did contact the AquaBlaster help desk for pointers on how to get the device online and they (Frankie) responded within a day with website pointers for me. That was terrific response time. But, I had already figured out how to get the device online by the time my EMAIL was replied to. So, I never went to the websites that I was pointed to. But, Frankie did respond quickly which I appreciated.3) The next time I used the device, I turned it on and voice prompts instructed me that the device was paring and that it was connected. When I hit the HI button to request music, a voice prompt informed me that ‘the connection to the app was lost’. WHAT the heck does that mean?After playing around and doing more research…I contacted the AquaBlaster help desk again via EMAIL. Frankie got back to me telling me that they found a problem with the app and I needed to download a new app.I had the app running and I was still losing my connection. I don’t have time to wait for the software engineers to get this right. Come on folks.Bottom line…I spent no less than 4 hours working with this device only to have thrown up my hands after realizing that the app needs to be running independently of Alexa and the AquaBlaster. I am returning the device today.The concept is good. But, the documentation was very poor, support was OK but the integrity of the product is questionable.Good luck if you choose to purchase this device.Read more

    7. Danny U

      I was looking for a stand alone waterproof echo (If your listening Amazon, I still am), this is pretty close. IT IS NOT A STAND ALONE DEVICE!!! It must utilize your phone or tablet for connectivity. This is critical. You have a Boompods app you install and open to connect to the speaker. Then once connected it can utilize the internet connection to become Alexa enabled. Thats the bad. Otherwise, this speaker is impressive. Clear highs loud bass, and a really good quality sound for a speaker at this price. Comes with lots of attachments to clip onto bags golf carts, or a suction cup for the shower. Considering another for my golf bag!Read more

    8. jl

      Bought this to control my pool and spa through home wifi without worrying about dropping my phone in the water.It is waterproof and I am able to control the pumps and heaters as necessary.However, it frequently disconnects itself if not used every 20 minutes or so, then it has difficulty reconnecting without me going onto the phone app to reboot it (thereby defeating the purpose of keeping my phone far removed from the water)Also the sound breaks up to the point I cannot understand what it is saying and have to repeat requests/responses. Since I have many other Alexa devices that work well, I believe the issue is this device.I am not technology sophisticated but I believe this device does not connect directly to my home network which is a disappointment. It appears to connect to my phone through bluetooth and an app on my phone that in turn accesses the home network. As a result, initial connectivity and and staying connected is a lot more cumbersome and inconvenient than advertised.Ultimately, cannot recommend this product.Read more

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