0C18IQTAYKS855 Marshall stanmore ii wi-fi bluetooth speaker, black – new

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  • make certain this fits
  • through getting into your version variety.
  • large than lifestyles sound: it’s best for any room, massive or small. Constructed with advanced components, it produces smooth and precise audio, even at the best ranges.
  • wirelessly connect with bluetooth 5. Zero: bluetooth 5. Zero aptx era provides lossless wi-fi sound at a number as much as 30 feet whilst keeping connectivity.
  • customize your sound: use the marshall bluetooth app or the analogue controls to your speaker’s top panel to best your sound according to the room you are in.
  • stressed connectivity: there are more approaches to connect than just bluetooth five. Zero. Plug into the rca or three. 5mm input for an analogue listening enjoy.
  • multi-host capability: this speaker capabilities multi-host functionality so you can without problems connect and switch among bluetooth devices.
  • iconic layout; frequency range: 50–20,000 hz
  • included_components : stanmore ii bluetooth speaker,consumer manual, eighty. Zero output_wattage
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from the manufacturer

marshall stanmore ii bluetooth speaker

stanmore ii is the maximum flexible speaker in the marshall line-up and is perfect for any room, large or small. Constructed with superior additives, it produces smooth and unique audio, even at the highest ranges.

bluetooth five. 0 and aptx technology offers lossless wi-fi sound at a number of as much as 30 feet at the same time as preserving connectivity. Use your bluetooth enabled telephone, tablet or computer to stream tune directly in your speaker without a wires required.

this speaker combines cutting-edge era with iconic marshall layout to supply hard-hitting sound even as maintaining a conventional look. You’ll need to proudly display this speaker in any room.

there are more approaches to connect than simply bluetooth 5. Zero. Plug into the rca or 3. Five mm enter for an analogue listening experience.

the legendary one

there are greater ways to attach than just bluetooth 5. Zero. With the rca or 3. 5 mm input you could use a turntable, cassette deck or another listening device for an analogue listening experience.

cable sold one at a time.

this speaker functions multi-host functionality so that you can without difficulty join and transfer among bluetooth devices. Now you and a pal can take turns playing what you need to hear.

in addition to the analogue manipulate knobs, you could use the marshall bluetooth app to customize your listening enjoy or control the tune you’re taking note of.

product description

marshall stanmore ii is the most versatile speaker in the marshall line-up and is perfect for any room, huge or small. It gives you at the promise of high-overall performance sound this is synonymous with the marshall call. Stanmore ii produces smooth and particular audio, even at the highest ranges, because of superior components together with two 15 watt magnificence d amplifiers powering its tweeters and a 50 watt class d amplifier to power its mighty subwoofer. With bluetooth 5. Zero and qualcomm aptx era you may play your track in wonderful, stereo sound without a wires required. Controls and connectivity: pinnacle panel controls supply button,extent manage knob,bass manage knob,treble manipulate knob,play/pause button,power lever




Black, Brown, White


Alexa Built-In, Bluetooth

5 reviews for 0C18IQTAYKS855 Marshall stanmore ii wi-fi bluetooth speaker, black – new

  1. rek

    The Stanmore II is in some ways an impressive piece of audio equipment. Pleasing retro design. Solidly built. Relatively easy to setup (though having to use the Marshall app to connect is a minor annoyance). Reliable performance once set up.The problem with the Stanmore II is the problem with all standalone Bluetooth speakers: sound quality is, at best, mediocre.Don’t kid yourself. This is no substitute for actual stereo. You will get *much* better audio from hooking up a Bluetooth adapter like the BluDento — at less than a 1/3 of the price of the Stanmore — to an existing stereo receiver or integrated amp. I frankly wish I had done that before blowing $$ on the Stanmore.The Stanmore II is ultimately overpriced for what it delivers. If you’re happy streaming mp3 quality audio over Spotify, then the Stanmore is probably adequate. If you’re hoping to get Hi-Res audio via Tidal or Qobuz, do not bother. Note as well that the Stanmore doesn’t come with AptX HD, which is disappointing for a 2019 product.Read more

  2. Chris Freeman

    For starters on the bottom left corner there is a series of lights that constantly blinks on and off. Not a deal breaker but it is a pain if your in a dark room watching TV. The main reason I returned it was because it would not work with Apple Music. They build this up as a great sound system (which it is pretty decent) however it’s not compatible with the most popular music app used (Apple Music).Read more

  3. B. McGill

    The sound quality is top notch. They knocked that out of the park. I totally love it. However, my wife and I both use bluetooth in multiple ways – a lot. We have the Stanmore in our master bathroom for rocking out each morning while starting our day. If the other person has bluetooth on their device turned on (listening to a Tedx talk on their bluetooth headphones for instance) – the stanmore will disrupt both of us! The Stanmore will stop playing and connect to the other device, also stopping the content from playing on the other device. We even manually “disconnect” ed from the stanmore on the other device but it auto-reconnected and stopped content from playing on both devices again. We had to resort to “forget this device” in order to retain our sanity. This is a very bad user experience for daily use. I have the latest stanmore firmware update (was hoping maybe that would fix it). Please address this very annoying issue, Marshall! I would easily rate this 5 stars otherwise. Major issue though.Read more

  4. A Scholar

    If you just care about the sound, get this. It sounds awesome. I mean, how such a (relatively) small speaker can deliver this quality of sound, I have no idea. It looks great, it sounds awesome and it’s portable and easy to move around…so whats there to dislike? Well, so far, I haven’t been able to use Bluetooth with it so I have to connect to it with a cable (I know, so 20th century!). The issue is that Marshall hasn’t released PC software (so my laptop is out) and when I tried to download the app to my Android it didn’t let me because my Android wasn’t the latest generation. Very annoying. So, i guess I have to buy a new new phone so I can use Bluetooth in my new expensive speaker. Not an ideal solution. But it’s difficult to be pissed about it because the darn heavy little box sounds sop darn good! So, if you have the newest Android or you don’t mind to use a cable to connect, get this speaker. You won’t find a better sound for the price.Update 4/26/19 (now it’s 5 stars)I haven’t had any power issues as reported by other reviewers. I use it almost every day and the sound is as good as it was the first time. I originally gave this speaker 4 stars because of the issues I had with the wireless connection but honestly….who cares? With a speaker that sounds this good and looks so stylish it deserves 5 stars. I have other means to listen to music and I always go back to this little guy. That’s the best recommendation I can give.Update 7/18/19As I type this I’m listening “O Fortuna” from “Carmina Burana” blaring from this speaker and I don’t get how be it can be labeled as “mediocre” sounding. Of course it’s not stereo sound…it’s not supposed to be. That’s like asking a Prius to accelerate like a Ferrari and then complain it’s too slow. For a stand alone small speaker, this is outstanding as long as you don’t expect something that it’s not. Is it expensive? Yes it is but, as usual, you get what you pay for and in this case, its quality, reliability and a great sound in a small package. Highly recommended as long as you know what you are buying.Read more

  5. Dustin Wood

    I will echo what many have said, these sound pretty mediocre. I wasn’t blown away by them. I’ve had better, cheaper, more room filling sounding speakers than this. But, was a Prime Day deal, and love the looks of them.One disappointing thing, since these don’t have a battery and have to be plugged in, I expected louder sound output. When setting up, which you’re required to download the app, which you can then delete after setting up, I tested a song on them. The speaker was about 15 feet away and I couldn’t hear anything, despite it saying that it was 50% volume. After turning up, it seems like about 80% volume is a good volume to listen to, but that doesn’t leave more space if you want them louder. It just felt like most of the sound was controlled from 60% to 100%. 59% and down, was very minimal in loudness and could barely be heard.And about the app. It’s unnecessary. They only require it to harvest your info. “Sign up for newsletters, and let them watch your usage.” If you try to pair your phone to it the way you can with all the other bluetooth speakers, it will reject pairing. So just pair, set your settings, then delete it off your phone.Read more

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