0C18IOKODQU632 Monoprice harmony pill ipx7 tws bluetooth speaker- black proof, 20 watts, up to 10 hours of playback, transportable, at the go, outside

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  • by coming into your model quantity.
  • 20 watts of energy is deleivered to green and dyanamic driveres that have been dsp tuned for max output and clarity, two driveres deliver smooth midrange and a crisp high end, white two bass radiators deliver the low cease punch.
  • amplifier energy bluetooth range 32 ft (10 meters)
  • playback time: up to ten price time: 4-5 hours
  • difficult fabric mesh: each concord speaker capabilities a hard knit, mesh material that not handiest seems aesthetically attractive, however is likewise long lasting
  • buy with self assurance: monoprice no longer best stands at the back of every product we promote with a 1 12 months restore warranty, we provide a 30-day cash again assure as properly! If the product you purchase does now not fulfill your needs, ship it returned for a full refund.
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  • strength on/off led indicator
  • play/pause
  • charging port
  • quantity down/up
  • real wi-fi stereo (tws) characteristic
  • pair 2 speakers on the same time
  • monoprice harmony capsule 20 watt ipx7 real wi-fi stereo

    don’t have any fear taking this speaker in your outside adventures. Ipx7 method that this speaker has no fear of water, so take it with you to the pool, the beach, or maybe within the snow! Small enough to suit in a backpack or cupholder, it capabilities 20 watts of power added to four dsp tuned drivers, resulting in a wealthy, clear, 360 diploma soundfield.

  • 7. 5 inches (190mm) tall
  • three. 4 inches (87mm) diameter
  • with the actual wireless stereo (tws) function, you could pair with a 2d speaker to form a left/right stereo pair for genuine wireless stereo sound in a couple of waterproof bluetooth speakers!
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    10 Watts, 20 Watts, 30 Watts


    Harmony MINI, Harmony, Harmony Capsule, Harmony XL

    8 reviews for 0C18IOKODQU632 Monoprice harmony pill ipx7 tws bluetooth speaker- black proof, 20 watts, up to 10 hours of playback, transportable, at the go, outside

    1. M. Night Shyam-alien

      I recently bought this to take on a 4 day rafting trip, because the JBL Flip 3 that I have is “splash-proof,” but not waterproof. All that means, seemingly, is that it has a cover over the USB port.The Harmony not only has a cover over the ports, but it is also watertight and submersible, which is a claim I put to the test. With it’s watertight seal and rubbery port cover, I was able to dunk the speaker several times without any issue. You wouldn’t be able to listen to it while underwater, but it would be safe when you pulled it out, and it does float, so you won’t have to watch it sink away forever if you lose your grip.In terms of size and portability, I was a little surprised how large the Capsule is. It is both a lot wider and taller than my Flip 3, and I would say it’s more comparable to the larger UE speakers. The fabric, honestly, feels a little cheap. While the fabric on my JBL feels study and protective, the Harmony just feels like a covering. I’m not sure it really matters, but it brings the aesthetics down just a tiny bit. I also wish there were other colors, but I’m sure the cost is so cheap partly because things like a lack of color options. The rubberized sides feel just as high quality as any other speaker I’ve ever used.It is difficult to compare the sound quality of this speaker. Compared to my Flip 3, the vocals are a little thinner, but the Harmony’s bass is far superior. The Harmony is a bit louder, but not a lot– perhaps 15%. The sound quality isn’t bad in any way, but it is different, and choosing a favorite between the two usually depends on the song. If hip-hop with decent bass is your thing, then I’d say the Harmony Capsule is a fine pick. It’s never going to be as good as large, dedicated bookshelf speakers, but if that’s not what this is for.I have not really put the battery life to the test, so I am unable to comment on that yet.Some other features of note:When placed on it’s side, the speaker is weighted such that the panel points up. This seems to orient the speakers such that they reflect sound off the table -a very smart idea. It also means that the speaker floats with the ports out of the water.The control sounds (power on, connected, power off) sound like they were pulled from a free website. Again, it’s one of those things that’s hard to complain about for under $40, as I’m sure it kept the cost low.The volume buttons are independent of the Bluetooth volume, and reset when you turn the speaker off. I’m finding that this is common with Bluetooth speakers, but I don’t know why. Alone, it’s not a big deal, but it can be frustrating given my next point below.The one thing I absolutely hate about this speaker is the short time before it automatically powers down. To save power, many of these kind of speakers will power off if nothing is playing through them for a while, even if they are still connected to something. The timer on this one is short. I frequently find myself havening to turn the speaker back on after I pause a song. I’ve never owned a Bluetooth product that did this so poorly. I’ve timed it for this review, and it’s only 7 minutes, which is very frustrating. If you think you’re ever going to pause your music, you better be willing to walk over to the speaker, power it on, and turn it back up manually. This honestly cost the speaker an entire star, and a return to Amazon.Read more

    2. C L Hinds

      Typically, Monoprice offers high quality proudest that under cut the competition for price vs. quality. This speaker does not quite continue this trend.To be fair, it feels like it is made of quality matters. it is heavy in the hand and has nice, soft-touch materials. Based on this first impression i was expecting the typical Monoprice experience.Once i played audio to through my iPhone XR the quality experience came to an end. I found the audio to be less than clear. Highs were a bit sibilant and lows were frankly not there. Stereo separation was as much as one could expect form an 8″ box – fairly narrow.I wanted to like this offering from Monoprice and be able to recommend it, but i just can’t. The competition at this price point is quite fierce and Monoprice just did not compute.I would look at the JBL Flip 3 or Anker SoundCore in the $50 price range. I have heard both these speakers and they definitely outperform the Monoprice.Read more

    3. Brit & Fab

      Excellent sound quality, nice design. Battery lasts for me about 3 hours on full blast and much longer if volume is lowered. The area where the rope is connected for carrying snapped so not great quality for that but it’s such a minor detail. We have two of these and love that you can sync them. Great product for the price!Read more

    4. dru3692

      Good sound but they begin to cut out when pairing 2 of these together and separating them more than 15 feet or so. Battery life is so-so at about 6 hours. They are a little heavy but do have a string to clip them to a bag or carry them by a finger. Water resistance rating is also nice since they are round shaped and may roll into the pool.Read more

    5. Frank Malespina

      The great quality you can expect from Monoprice.. the sound quality and affordability is what drew me to MP in the first place. Before this speaker, I was only familiar with their headphones and my curiosity with that surpassed my expectations. Decided to try this BT speaker and was not disappointed one bit. Friends were also impressed.. only thing I can think of that would make this product is making it waterproof.Read more

    6. Patrick Young

      Was hopeful of it sounding good but… was just OK. No warmth to the sound at all. Low Mids to highs, is about it to my ear. Oh wells , on to the next.Read more

    7. Rudy

      I already own 1 speaker, I bought a 2nd one because they said that you could link 2 together, but I doesn’t work, so I’ll be returning this one. False information.Read more

    8. Mel Co

      I like the speaker…not as much bass kick as a Sony XB40, but not bad either.Read more

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