0C18IIOKD0M378 [upgrade] doss e-go alexa-enabled portable bluetooth speaker with advanced sound, 33ft bluetooth range, integrated mic, ultra-portable layout, ipx6 water-resistant for home and outdoor

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  • alexa-enabled: doss e-move is the primary outdoor alexa-enabled bluetooth speaker that you can use to play tune (amazon music & iheart radio), answer questions, check the weather, set an alarm, pay attention to the news, make purchases and extra.
  • smart connectivity: in which there’s wi-fi or 4g lte, there’s alexa. Equipped with three output modes which includes bluetooth 4. 2, aux-in and tf card, you can revel in the tune in any way.
  • advanced sound & integrated microphone: way to its excessive-sensitivity motive force, you’ll experience the stereo and genuinely immersive sound whilst gambling. Frightened of lacking smartphone calls? No concerns, this speaker comes with a built-in microphone.
  • ipx6 waterproof, dustproof, crashproof: the bluetooth speaker is product of unique fabric material materials, which defend it towards water, sand and dust. Even greater, the long lasting silicone housing and port cowl make the speaker shock-resistant. Best for bathe, pool, seashore, tenting, trekking and biking.
  • extremely-transportable and compact layout: with light-weight, spherical and compact shape design, it is straightforward to seize on your hand, hook onto your bag or backpack even your motorbike. Experience your seamless track for up to eight hours (at 50% extent) with a top rate li-ion battery.

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7 reviews for 0C18IIOKD0M378 [upgrade] doss e-go alexa-enabled portable bluetooth speaker with advanced sound, 33ft bluetooth range, integrated mic, ultra-portable layout, ipx6 water-resistant for home and outdoor

  1. Daren Peck

    Well, DOSS has out done themselves this time! I have a few of their products and this one has topped them all so far. I like the cloth cover and he way the buttons at arranged and the softness of them. The lighted DOSS button is a great idea. The rubber bottom has a soft grippy feel to it and the loop is very flexible. It’s lightweight but feels substantial in my hand. I have the grey one and it’s very nice to look at. Now, the sound. The bass is perfectly balanced and punchy. The bass guitars growl and have impact as well as the drums. The lower mods are clean and well defined. The highs are sweet and tingling. Very clear and musical. I will buy more for gifts so friends will have quality sound in their possession!! Yes I am raving about this speaker. I have 207 Bluetooth speakers in my collection. I’d say I am familiar with small speakers. This is an incredible value.Read more

  2. sethlott

    The main reason I got the DOSS E-go was because it is Alexa-Enabled. The instructions are not very good in explaining how to connected to Alexa. What must be done was first, is to connect the DOSS E-go to your phone via Bluetooth, then download the DOSS E-go app and open app, you must wait for a minute or two for it paired. Once paired, click on the Amazon Alex login button in the app. Once this is done you can click on the microphone icon in the app to ask Alexa questions or play music or you can press the microphone button on DOSS E-go. Also, now you can go to the Alexa app on your phone and select either the DOSS E-go or Alexa to play music, but you must keep the DOSS E-go app on. Unfortunately, I was not able to have Alexa and DOSS-E play the same song at the same time.Read more

  3. Will

    WOW! This little speaker rocks. I wanted a bluetooth speaker for my bike. I tried bluetooth headphones, but they were uncomfortable, had bad wind noise and blocked out necessary noises like horns. Then I tried a MaketheOne speaker. It was small and inexpensive, but the sound quality was lacking and volume just didn’t cut it unless there was zero traffic at low speeds with little wind. Then I tried the Doss E-Go and it blew me away. Mounts easily on the handlebars with the same silicone stap as the MaketheOne. The sound quality for a small speaker is top notch and the volume is rediculous. I literally can’t turn it up all the way because it’s too loud. This little speaker rocks. Now regardless of the surroundings – heavy traffic or zooming down a hill with the wind howling, this thing cranks out plenty of good quality sound. I took about a two hour ride today and put the speaker on my bike straight out of the box without charging it and it blasted easily the whole ride. At $25 it’s a no brainer. Buy this speaker if you’re a cyclist and want a reasonably small, light weight speaker with good sound quality and plenty of volume. This is the one you’re looking for.Read more

  4. Be Strong America 2020

    Bought one and was very impressed for its size it’s sound quality is very good. The engineers did a good job on focusing on a more balance sound quality. Just enough mid bass to hear it kick, the highs are prominent keeping the music lively and the bass does not over-extend. The amp section section is prettt efficient too as you can produce good music at lower volumes and same as on the higher volume level.In comparison to the E-GO II, the E-GO produces a more lively music at lower and higher volume levels. The E-GO II is quite muddy and muffled on lower volume, you have to go higher on the volume level to get the E-GO II sounding decent.Overall, the E-GO is one very good inexpensive tiny speaker. It’s great when you want to your music at lower more personal volumes and not a slouch either when you want crank the volume up.We bought 16 more E-GOs to be gifted out to family and friends for the season.Read more

  5. Cpt. Moonbottom

    Really Nice Speaker..sound & tone are decent considering it only has 1 driver/speaker. Does Not sound thin or tinny. For it’s size it’s powerful enough to deliver enough music for a small space. Using it outdoors it does what one would expect for a small mono speaker. Bass is sufficient to give a “full” sound but not “bassy”, highs & mid-range are on point for a mono speaker. All in all, it WONT blow down the doors but for what it is & for what it’s able to do for it’s size I REALLY like it…Construction is really good/has a premium feel, Very light weight, easy to carry, simple to pair, controls are easy to understand & use…IF all you’re looking for is a nice speaker to carry along with you to casually listen to music that’s light weight, easy to use with decent sound..This speaker can deliver & won’t disappoint.Read more

  6. the quiet one

    I purchased this speaker for listening to audiobooks on my iPod. I listen to them at night and had been using headphones or earbuds.This speaker works great. The sound is much better than what I had been using is very clear andI am not damaging my ears.Anymore so much seems so flimsy this case is a big surprise because it is so sturdy. I don’t listen to a lot of music so I have not tried that yet but am confident that it will be great. One charge lasts me 2 nights. It takes about 2 hours for the recharge.This is an excellent speaker at a very affordable price.My only regret is that I did not buy this sooner. I would buy again.Read more

  7. Tyler Durden

    I was looking for a waterproof speaker that was Alexa enabled and found there were few choices. This one took some digging before I found it. The sound quality is excellent for the money. I have used it exclusively in the shower and it has gotten wet without any issues. The app is a bit flaky – but I find that to be true with most apps that are not mainstream. Make sure it is set that it can operate in the background. That got deselected somehow for me. Also, let it pair completely before bringing the app up. Then you may get a notice you need to pair even after you can see in the bluetooth set up it has paired. There does not seem to be a “next” type button but if you touch the screen it sometimes goes into the pairing animation. The tone it makes when you press the microphone for Alexa commands will rattle your teeth. Once you hear it, you never want to hear it again. But its a small price to pay. I would not hesitate to buy it given the price.Read more

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