0C18ID8NTXI742 Black wall mount bracket for ub-20 compatible with bose dice speakers life-style 6 10 15 18 28 12 (black)

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  • ❤wall mount for bose dice speakers replaces for ub-20
  • ❤compatible with all acoustimass systems and maximum cinemate and life-style domestic theater structures.
  • ❤no longer compatible with cinemate 520 machine, life-style 525 iii system, life-style 535 iii system and soundtouch stereo jc collection ii wireless song system
  • ❤allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment of audio system
  • ❤this is a bracket made through dinghosen, a hundred and eighty days warranty with the aid of dinghosen, a hundred% refund if now not happy
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product description

wall mount for bose dice speakers replaces for ub-20



kindly be aware:

any use of the bose logo name, model or component designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

any use of the bose logo name, version or element designation for this product is made exclusively for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.


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8 reviews for 0C18ID8NTXI742 Black wall mount bracket for ub-20 compatible with bose dice speakers life-style 6 10 15 18 28 12 (black)

  1. walt

    These mounts are just like my original Bose mounts. I moved and took both of my Bose acoustimass 7 systems with me, but only one of the original mounts made it. So, I am now wiring my systems into my family room and needed the mounts. I ordered these. They are just like the originals. Very happy with the product. Because the mount is used for several different series, it actually is more versatile than the originals if I chose to change how I mounted them.I am revising my review for one reason. When I went to mount the speakers, I found that the teeth in the ratchet area are shallow and almost completely covered by the paint job. Thus, With the speakers mounted there is insufficient grab to hold them up easily. I had 4 speakers to mount and I had two of the original mounts – they worked fine. The new ones I bought here slipped and even after cranking down hard on them, over time they slipped. I am going to have to take them down, file the teeth and see if that works. Too bad, as I don’t see any alternative to using these.Well, this is my second update. I am in the middle now of cleaning out the teeth, the fixtures would not grab at all. So, I am cleaning them out. I found a method that works fairly well. I use a very sharp pointed object, in my case an awl. I put paint remover (I use OOPS and it works great) on a q tip and rub it in vigorously, that removes some of the paint and softens it. I then use the awl to scrape the teeth. Because this is such a pain and I want folks to be aware, I am going to load two photos of a before and after I clean to show you what the issue is. The first shows the teeth as is. The paint has loaded into the teeth so much that any grab is impossible. The second shows them as cleaned. I bought 3 sets and have to do it on each set… I would not recommend buying them unless you are prepared and have the capability of cleaning them.Read more

  2. IARun085

    Perfect match to the original ones from the name brand. All metal construction, very sturdy. Had parts to accommodate a few different kinds of speaker attachments, in my case I just needed the 10-32 bolt.Read more

  3. Aaron K.

    Wow, I was so excited to save money on these and now I know why. They are trash! If you want to position your speakers in any way, you will not be able to.They look identical until you get to the teeth that hold the speaker in place. There are none. Out of 3 I bought, one had some very narrow teeth and it held the speakers in position for almost a day before falling down.I have included pictures of my original Bose mounts from over 20 years ago. Notice the teeth? This product does not have any. They are so narrow and then covered in paint. It doesn’t matter how hard you screw them down, they won’t hold.Not that it matters but you can also see the mounta from bose is thicker and overall the parts from Boae are heavier. Again these are cheaper and I get that the other materials are thinner and made of plastic, but they don’t affect the purpose. The lack of teeth however do.Not to mention 2 of them can falling out if their package. I lost screws and became frustrated because I didn’t realize they fell out of the package. Overall this was a terrible product that I am sending back.Read more

  4. Pam

    Our Bo** bracket just gave out after several years and they wanted quite a bit for a replacement. We took a chance on this one and are quite pleased with how well it fit, its strength, color and price.Read more

  5. Karen Eppler

    Our Bose system is 26 years old and when we needed to replace one wall bracket,we did lots of searching before we found this one. It works perfectly and it’s a cleaner look then the original brackets.Read more

  6. R. Aldea

    I actually have the OEM version from BOSE and I see very little difference other than the inclusion of more fancy wall anchors in the OEM version. If you need those kinds of wall mounts, just go visit Home Depot and get them there much cheaper!Read more

  7. Ron L.

    When mounting the speaker on the bracket, the bracket broke before I was able to get it tight enough to hold the speaker steady.guess I waited too long to try to return the item, but it is of no use to me brokenRead more

  8. Matthew B.

    Works like a charm for my Bose cube speakersRead more

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