0C18IC9EG08502 Jbl xtreme 2 portable waterproof wi-fi bluetooth speaker – black (renewed)

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  • wi-fi bluetooth streaming
  • 15 hours of playtime
  • ipx7 water-proof
  • jbl join+

product description

unharness effective sound everywhere. Jbl xtreme 2 is the ultimate portable bluetooth speaker that effects supplies dynamic and immersive stereo sound. The speaker is armed with 4 drivers, two jbl bass radiators, a rechargeable 10, 000mah li-ion battery supporting up to 15 hours of playtime. On pinnacle of these, the speaker incorporates a handy usb rate out. The speaker is ipx7 rated, featuring a waterproof design, with rugged cloth in exceptional colors complementing the xtreme 2. Together with jbl join+ it could wirelessly hyperlink greater than one hundred jbl connect+ enabled audio system to raise your listening enjoy and making the birthday party even bigger. The speaker incorporates integrated hooks, a long lasting metallic base, and an added bottle opener to the wearing strap adding to the customer comfort stage whilst on the move. No longer to forget it is simply as properly a super audio solution for any home. Whether within the dwelling room, poolside, or tailgating for the large game, the jbl xtreme 2 brings ambitious sound, wherever! Wireless bluetooth streamingwirelessly join up to two smartphones or pills to the speaker and take turns enjoying immersive stereo sound. 15 hours of playtimethe integrated rechargeable li-ion battery helps up to fifteen hours of playtime and resultseasily costs your device through an usb port. Ipx7 waterprooftake the xtreme 2 to the seaside or the pool without annoying approximately spills or maybe submersion in water. Jbl join+enlarge your listening revel in to epic ranges and rock the birthday party flawlessly by means of wirelessly connecting more than one hundred jbl join+ enabled speakers. Durable cloth and rugged materialthe durable cloth fabric and rugged rubber housing lets in your speaker to out live all your adventures. Jbl bass radiatordual passive radiators supply effective, ear catching jbl sound that resonates loud and clear.


Camouflage, Ocean Blue, Red, black, green

5 reviews for 0C18IC9EG08502 Jbl xtreme 2 portable waterproof wi-fi bluetooth speaker – black (renewed)

  1. Sean

    I was sceptical in buying a renewed product but decided to give it a try. Item came packaged like it was brand new just in a brown box. It comes with a power adapter and shoulder strap. I rigged my own grab handles. See pics.The speaker looks and sounds great. Crisp clear and booming bass. I did the firmware update to 2.0 through the JBL app then uninstalled the app. The update gives the speaker a boost. Its louder and theres a slight increase in bass. The app is really simplistic giving you L&R channel or party mode not much else. Why does it need location contacts etc? They are doing a data grab. 🙄 The only thing it’s good for is firmware updates which took about 15min.The speaker sounds great and purchasing renewed was good. May buy another at this price. 😉👍UPDATE: I liked the 1st one and the quality was good so I bought another one. The 2nd one crackles and pops. 😕 It worked fine the 1st day then went to rice crispies. 🙁UPDATE 2: Got the replacement for the defective one and so far it sounds ok no crackling but this one has blemishes 😐 see pics. Looks like its cracked on the inside? Idk. 🙁 Afraid to get it wet for sure. Well that’s only 1 out of 3 that’s good. I don’t think I’ll be buying renewed anymore it seems it’s a crap shoot.UPDATE 3: No crackling or pops with the 3rd one. 🙏 Despite the 2nd one being snap crackle pop and the 3rd one having a scar THIS SPEAKER SOUNDS SO GOOD. Battery life is good. Connects performs great, bumping it up a star. 👍Read more

  2. michael

    Being as that I produce music, I have some pretty decent music equipment: headphones, sound bars, stereos, studio monitors etc. So I have a decent idea of good sound quality.The speaker came in a generic brown box and was packed well. It included all accessories: carrying strap, charger, and literature. Everything looked brand new even though it said it was refurbished. So kudos to the seller.The speaker is an attractive style imo, but sound just doesn’t live up to it’s looks. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t sound bad. It actually sounds pretty decent, BUT that’s when it’s plugged into an outlet. When plugged in there’s a noticeable bump in volume, but also there’s a bump in sound quality as well. It gets much clearer. But even when plugged in it’s definitely not as loud as you’d assume or some reviewers falsely make it out to be. It’s good for a medium sized bedroom or shower or something, but definitely not the party starter it’s made out to be. Most importantly to most probably, the bass is very underwhelming. If you look at this and think you’re getting some bass thumping speaker, you’ll be very disappointed. It’s definitely more for clarity than bass. Maybe you can get it in a sweet spot and get the most thump out of it, but contrary to looks, that’s definitely not this speakers strong suit. When unplugged the volume is definitely lower and the sound is nowhere nearly as clean.This speaker is DEFINITELY not worth the $300 retail price AT ALL. Please don’t give your money away like that. I got it refurbished for $160 and I’m still disappointed at what I paid. Being used to quality audio, imo a speaker like this should only cost about $100. I really mean that. It is waaaay overpriced. I’m keeping it because I don’t wanna go through the hassle of returning it. If you can get it for about $150 I “guess” it’s worth it. Oh and the battery is pretty decent.If you’re willing to keep it plugged in most of the time to get the loudest sound and best clarity, aren’t expecting big bass, like the style, and get it for around $150, I’d say it’s worth it for a medium sized room.BUT If you’re expecting big bass, don’t buy! If you need something very loud, don’t buy! If you’re actually thinking of spending $300 for this, omg please don’t buy! ITS EXTREMELY OVERPRICEDRead more

  3. Amazon Customer

    If i wouldve known that this speaker was as loud as the charge 3 i wouldve bought another charge 3 instead of the extreme 2Read more

  4. Gabriel K.

    This JBL Xtreme 2 speaker very good. I got it for 160 dollars here on Amazon. I listen it home , I don’t take outside. I use the Charge 3 outside if I want to. I got the JBL Xtreme 1 in 2015 so I can compare the Xtreme 2 to the Xtreme 1. The Xtreme 1 is louder but I like the sound quality of the Xtreme 2 better because of the Bass and the midrange. My Xtreme 1 and my Xtreme 2 have the same treble, no difference at all. I like both equally. The midrange of the Xtreme 2 better a little bit but the bass significantly better to me. If I would take them outside maybe I would like the Xtreme 1 better but I use the Xtreme 1 and 2 speakers only inside the house. The bass of the Xtreme 2 does not leak into the midrange that why I love it. The Xtreme 1 has about + 2db more bass but with certain music the mid bass range leaks into the midrange therefore I like the Xtreme 2 better. This renewed Xtreme 2 I got like brand new would be. No idea what part was renewed. Tweeters are sound very good. The woofers sound very good and the Harman/Kardon amplifier in it very good and the battery also. So I have no idea what part was renewed. I took a chance I did not want to pay the original price. First renewed product ever I purchased and I love it. My JBL GO , JBL GO2 JBL Clip3 JBL Charge 3 and Xtreme 1 are were brand new all. This Xtreme 2 sounds new looks new too. Very happy with it. I waited months until I wrote this I was testing it listening it for momths before I submit my opinion.Read more

  5. Steve Kaz

    This renewed speaker looks brand new with generic packaging. The speaker appears to have never been used. Sound quality is great. I’m happy with the purchase. I rarely buy refurbished electronics but the deal was too good. I would do it again. I’ll update the review if things change. Update 10/19/19 still loving it. Update 01/20/20 Still working great!!!Read more

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