0C18HCENG23324 Treblab hd77 – ultra top rate bluetooth speaker – loud 360° hd surround sound, wireless twin pairing, 25w stereo, loud bass, 20h battery, ipx6 waterproof, sports activities out of doors, portable blue enamel

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  • super 360° hd sound + choice to join audio system – each of our tws transportable speakers bluetooth comes with 25w of crisp 360° hd sound and dualbass double subwoofers, for an unmatched listening revel in. If that’s now not sufficient, you may connect wireless audio system collectively for genuine excessive-definition surround sound so as to blow you away.
  • made for out of doors sports and adventures – don’t be fooled via the excellent appears and funky ambient led’s of this water resistant bluetooth speaker. It changed into made brilliant rugged for all your out of doors sports activities, hiking, camping, and getting energetic. Now grasp your hd77 water resistant speakers, placed on your favored tunes, and feature amusing exterior along with your family and buddies!
  • rain or snow, it’s a pass – hd77 is a courageous loud wireless speaker. It’s not fearful of moisture or tough love. It’s shockproof and wi-fi water-proof speaker ipx6 rated so it loves making a song in the rain and doesn’t mind being dropped, kicked or bounced. All day electricity on a single rate – feel free! Leave the charger at domestic and go play! As hd77 doesn’t play games with playxtend strength-saving tech and high-potential 5200mah battery for you up to twenty hours of medium volume play in step with fee.
  • futuristic functions – 1. Integrated microphone for calls. 2. Deep cool ambient led’s set the mood. 3. Clean setup in seconds through bluetooth together with your ios, android or home windows tool. Four. Intuitive indicator lighting fixtures help you join effortlessly. Five. 33-ft sign range so you’re unfastened to roam with your phone nevertheless to your pocket. 6. Hand strap and carabiner to hang bluetooth wi-fi speaker to your backpack.
  • a hundred% delight guarantee + 30 day returns – our bluetooth speakers are built to closing, so we’ve blanketed a one-year assurance, along with our a+ customer service.
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  • is this real loud like for a celebration?
  • is that this real loud like for a celebration?

  • are you able to play it while charging?
  • are you able to play it at the same time as charging?

  • does it have a integrated mic for speakerphone?
  • does it have a integrated mic for speakerphone?

  • does it paintings with an imac and massive sur?
  • all you need is a bluetooth conection initiated with the aid of your tool, smartphone, laptop and so on. Fee the treblab, flip your laptop or tool that you desire to connect to on, turn treblab on
    go to your bluetooth icon and look for treblab. Click on connect and the speaker lights will turn blue and provide an audio tone-all completed
    you can also join direct into the mini jack with the cable provided. See much less


    Black, Blue

    6 reviews for 0C18HCENG23324 Treblab hd77 – ultra top rate bluetooth speaker – loud 360° hd surround sound, wireless twin pairing, 25w stereo, loud bass, 20h battery, ipx6 waterproof, sports activities out of doors, portable blue enamel

    1. Isaac Fahrenheit

      I know most of you are going to ask what is the battery life of this & about how long does it last so I’ll start with that. It takes aprx 3.5 hours to charge from 0% & lasts a little less than 6.5 hours at full volume. This means if you don’t have it as loud at it can go it the battery can last aprx 10 hours. It is build very sturdy & can be dropped from waist height w/o damage (tho I wouldn’t advised testing this). The sub-woofers on this Bluetooth speaker is wonderful & you can totally feel it. The speaker is VERY loud given its weight which is just barely over 1 lb. It’s length is aprx 7.1 inches & Aprx 3 inches high with a sub-woofer of aprx 1.6 inches. This speaker is water resistant, NOT waterproof meaning that you can have this in the shower with you but NOT directly under the stream of water. It is also perfect for pool scenarios. This is a excellent speaker if you’re having friends, family, relatives, etc over & you’re in a medium sized room (such as the living room). If you’re looking for a party speaker I would recommend something larger & more powerful.Bottom line; would I recommend however reading this review purchase this?Yes, unless you’re looking for a party speaker for which this is massively inadequate.I hope you find this review helpful in making your decision.Read more

    2. Kseniya

      Nice speaker. It’s speaks when you turn it on or off. When it’s on the light is blue. Very easy to connect with the phone. I didn’t try to use for the phone calls yet. Sound is great, really loud. Sound quality is good too. Everything is in the box: charging cable, audio cable to connect with the phone by wire. I found really convenient the carryng strap, but it have carabiner too. Overall: very loud, quality is good, little bit bigger than JBL clip3, price is good too.Read more

    3. ♧Cash Cooper♧

      I have had some good bluetooth speakers…I wear them with pride and everywhere I go, my theme music goes with me and the world has to deal with it!😁 This speaker has changed my life! Even at low volume the bass is FELT and heard. Absolutely no distortion at max volume!! Music is oxygen to me and the bass keeps me connected to the Love vibration that gives rise to matter….I have never felt so alive as I do with this amazing masterpiece of technology close me!! Thank you Trelab! I’m not sure I could survive without this speaker!😍😍😍😍Read more

    4. Bulletproof

      Carries a tremendous amount of bass, which can be enhanced by setting it in an open-face cabinet or in a corner. Not bass you can feel, of course, but very low frequencies that can surprise for such a small sound source, if not downright amaze, and mixes well enough with highs and mids. Spacially, nothing like Bose. But in terms of music appreciation, frequency is not a problem.Not very loud, but more than enough for the room you are in, or an open office or home area, pool-side, etc. I can get about 10 hours from full charge at mid volume now, but I got less the first few charges. Feels rugged and quality-made. Heavy for its size. No problem pairing with any of my BT devices. Will auto-off after a few minutes of idle time. When battery is low, it repeats audibly, “battery low”, every 30 seconds or so, until it dies. This I found particularly perturbing: I’m already listening, so just tell me once or twice, maybe one final warning, but to repeat over and over a dozen times before shutting down, even with the 30 seconds (maybe a minute) in-between, just kills any enjoyment of the last few minutes of music that I could have while my hands are tied (so to speak), unable to rescue the speaker with the salvation of power before its final count. Hardly a reason to avoid investing in this excellent Bluetooth speaker, however.So, give this a go before you pull the trigger on that Bose. It will justify the $140 (give or take) that you’ll save if a good sound source is your goal.Read more

    5. Eric

      I have bought several trelab products and have never been let down. The make the most powerful and durable products. And this speaker is no different. It’s load, clear, and has some serious bass!Read more

    6. Kenno

      This is a top notch rich full sound speaker that lies on it’s side and plays out both ends, with good bass hi fi sound for so much less than I would have believed possible. It connects to your device with either Bluetooth or a patch cord.I have 2 of them, one at home in the bedroom and one at church for my 15 member bible study class where we watch and discuss Chuck Missler bible commentary videos on our big TV. The TV speaker sound was hard to understand because of echo in the room. The Treblab speaker fixed that and we can all hear it plainly. I’m very pleased with both. I thought I had an issue with it not charging. They responded immediately and offered suggestions. It turned out my charging cord was defective.I am a healthy and vigorous 78 year old and I have always loved music and hi fi sound.In the past year my world has gotten better. I discovered Alexa and have them in most rooms of the house. With Amazon Prime, I can ask her to play almost any song or artist, and she does. With the 2nd generation Echo Dot, it also has a very nice full rich sound. I have a first generation Dot in the bedroom with a decent sound, but not as good as the others.I just learned of these Treblab speakers last week, and how they connect with either Bluetooth or a patch cord. Since the first generation Dot doesn’t sound as good as the newer one, I decided to connect the first Dot to the Treblab speaker and get a full rich sound in the bedroom too. Now I can enjoy good unlimited music of my choice in any room in the house.Life is good. I am happy.Read more

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