0C18H9KDIAT774 Altec lansing imw479 mini lifejacket jolt heavy responsibility rugged water-resistant ultra portable bluetooth speaker as much as sixteen hours of battery existence, 100ft wireless variety and voice assistant (royal blue)

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  • through coming into your model quantity.
  • be the lifestyles of the birthday celebration – with this bluetooth speaker that capabilities a rugged design to fit your adventurous persona. Ideal for use at home, outdoors, outside inside the bedroom, kitchen or rest room – this speaker is a must have for any music lover.
  • tremendous one hundred foot bluetooth range – play the altec lansing lifejacket bluetooth audio system up to one hundred feet away from your device; advanced antenna design with bluetooth four. 2 affords greater wi-fi variety and faster bluetooth connection; connects without problems with the echo dot, echo dot third gen, echo, echo plus, iphone 6, iphone 7, iphone eight, iphone x, iphone eleven, ipad, samsung galaxy eight, samsung galaxy 9, samsung notice, phone, cellular phone, computer, mac, and all other bluetooth gadgets.
  • longer battery playtime – predicted forty hours of battery existence on a unmarried price so you will be the life of the birthday party! Enjoying our breathtaking stereo sound with deep bass is brought with extremely good clarity and 0 distortion by means of two excessive-sensitivity drivers listening you your favorite beats for a long time on this extremely-lengthy battery rate.
  • water resistant – licensed ip67 rated: water-resistant, shockproof, snowproof, dustproof, rainproof, out of doors shower speaker, ideal for the beach, poolside, camping, automobile, boat & golf cart.
  • voice assistant incorporated – speakerphone enables you to use siri or google assistant along with your lifejacket speaker. Well suited with maximum bluetooth-enabled gadgets inclusive of apple and android devices, tablets, and laptops.
  • how can u tell if the speaker is executed charging?
  • how can u inform if the speaker is performed charging?

  • you cannot raiselower the quantity to electricity onoff, so the speakers blow? Curious after reading a evaluation pointing out that as an trouble.
  • you cannot raiselower the extent to strength onoff, so the speakers blow? Curious after analyzing a evaluate declaring that as an difficulty.

  • does this mild up when playing?
  • does this light up whilst gambling?

  • am i able to join the imw479 mini lifejacket jolt to my older imw478s mini lifejacket 3 audio system?
  • am i able to join the imw479 mini lifejacket jolt to my older imw478s mini lifejacket three audio system?


    Black, Black w/Lights, Real Tree Camo, Red w/Lights, Royal Blue, Royal Blue w/Lights, TRD

    7 reviews for 0C18H9KDIAT774 Altec lansing imw479 mini lifejacket jolt heavy responsibility rugged water-resistant ultra portable bluetooth speaker as much as sixteen hours of battery existence, 100ft wireless variety and voice assistant (royal blue)

    1. Scott A. Gardner

      Worth the extra money for the sound quality. Easily connected to my Zmax Pro phone. Played audio, sound FX, and voice through them – all sounded great. I wanted to keep another speaker that was half the price, but it didn’t connect to my phone as easily, and the sound range – lows to highs – just wan’t there. If you read the 1-star reviews, they’re all complaining about not being able to use Alexa/Siri with the speaker. I’m not even going to try.Read more

    2. Christa

      Bought this as a gift for my sister in Florida. Battery doesn’t stay charged, and is now completely dead, and can no longer return since 30 days are over. Tried to call the Amazon support number and it won’t accept my 10 digit phone number. HIGHLY disappointed in this product and with Amazon for not helping with this! Gave 1 star for while it did play, the sound quality was good.Read more

    3. The OG Elf

      I got this as a present for my mom. She was at my house the other day and heard my speakers and loved the sound. I’ve got 2 other Altec Lansing speakers that are just as high quality as this speaker. I use the larger Rockbox XL in the pool and a smaller unit like this one that my daughter “borrowed” and I’ll probably never see again. ūü§£ You wouldn’t think it, but this little thing puts out some powerful sound. I feel like it outperforms the Bose unit I have. The sound is crisp and clear with really nice bass and no distortion. Beyond the sound, this speaker has so many features. Not only is it waterproof, but it floats!! It’s also shockproof, so you don’t have to worry if it accidentally gets dropped. Even if it does get dropped, it can take a beating and still keep trucking. The battery life is shockingly good. It says it’ll last for 16 hours and they’re not kidding. I can use this multiple times without having to worry about the battery. It also charges quickly. It’s got a 100 foot bluetooth range and can connect to any bluetooth enabled device. There’s even a speakerphone so you can use Siri and Google Assistant. It’s also very portable, so you can easily take it with you when you’re on the go. This speaker, as well as my other 2 Altec Lansing speakers, are high quality speakers with exceptional sound at an excellent price.Read more

    4. Will-Review4U

      This speaker was purchased to replace my 13 year old jawbone that was on the fritz. I recognized the name Altec Lansing since it was the speakers that were included with my old 486 Gateway 2000 computer – those systems that would arrive in the black and white boxes decorated with cow print.So this speaker arrives in a thick molded plastic case with the AL logo that showcases this product of beauty as if it was sold at the nationwide electronics store.When I had taken it out of the box the first thing I noticed while handling the speaker is the shock protection thick black rubber webbing that is molded all around the speakers. Then shortly after pressing the power button, that button along with the other button icons and two front mini woofers light up with color changing leds.Great Scott! This is not a dull boring portable speaker but has a Back to the Future futuristic led bling.But after those first appearances wear off, it is the sound that makes me feel like I got my moneys worth. So this was the best time to drop my jawbone into the trash or what I stated in my title as jaw-dropping and replaced with this portable speaker that can be charged and taken outside to enjoy my 1980s hair band playlists.Read more

    5. C. LaRosa

      I was a little nervous about purchasing this speaker. When we received it I thought well that‚Äôs kind of small. After syncing it with our phone and playing music on it I was quite impressed. I had own other Altec Landing speakers and they are amazing, I can tell you the best we ever owned, but of course all were bigger than this one.As per the specs Altec Lansing LifeJacket Bluetooth Speakers up to 100 feet away from your device; advanced antenna design with Bluetooth 4.2 provides greater wireless range and faster Bluetooth connection; connects easily with the Echo Dot, Echo Dot 3rd Gen, Echo, Echo Plus, iPhone and Android cellphones., up-to 40 hrs of battery life, waterproof, dust proof.If you want great sound look no further. This little loud giant is amazing. There’s no distortion whatsoever when volume is at maximum. The bass is nice, sound crisp, great flavors of colors, small so it can go anywhere with you and it’s waterproof.With this baby by your side, you are the party. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed, I know I’m not.Read more

    6. Mac

      The speakers a lot of fun. I cannot believe how loud you can get considering its size. The speaker is smaller than my hand but puts out some awesome sound. The sound is clear and crisp. I tested it out to see how waterproof it was and it worked very well and continued working. We now use this in our bathroom. The Bluetooth setting was easy to set up to our phones.Read more

    7. WinWin

      Altec Lansing speakers have always been working well for me. Over the years, I have had at least 4 different pair of Altec Lansing speakers and they lasted over 10 years for me. This mini bluetooth speaker is just as well made and produce awesome sounds like my older ones. It’s very small but packed with pretty strong bass and also is pretty loud. I love that it’s waterproof, which is great for traveling. I brought it with us on our roadtrip last week to Yosemite and I had it hooked on my short’s belt clip during our hikes to the waterfall and creek. One of the hike, I sat down by the creek to take a break and forgot i had the speaker clipped on my short, so the whole speaker submerged in the water but nothing happened to it, everything still works great. It’s a little expensive but totally worth it in my opinion.Read more

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