0C18GNTAYRG769 Bluetooth speakerphone – convention speaker for five-eight human beings commercial enterprise conference telephone 360º voice pickup four ai microphone self-adaptive convention name speaker skype usb speakerphone

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  • four ai smart microphone array makes certain far field voice select-up – the professional bluetooth conference speaker is prepared with four microphone arrays, which gives long surround distance. Emeet conference smartphone and microphone operates perfectly for assembly room which incorporates five-8 people.
  • wonderful audio assure, smart led indication presents an interactive speak -emeet usb speakerphone is able to offer rich crystal clear hd audio, way to the voiceia set of rules. The acoustic echo canceller completely eliminates the echo and the noise keeping apart microphone assure a superior conference enjoy even in noisy outside areas. Irrespective of you are working in an workplace or the home, simply make your name and revel in life-like verbal exchange.
  • easy but powerful- no driving force needed, plug and play. The emeet m2 bluetooth conference speakerphone saves a while to debug devices. Emeet skype speakerphone may be easily linked on your bluetooth supported cell telephone, pill, pc with usb or aux wire. The dynamic equalizer inside should routinely switch among voice and song modes and can provide the quality sound nice and eq relying on what the user is being attentive to.
  • specific design for meetings – compact and portable layout make it easy to position the emeet m2 wi-fi conference speakerphone into your pocket or briefcase. The aircraft-grade aluminum cloth and cool interactive lighting fixtures, in addition to the upscale contact panel, make the product complete of excessive-tech and business feeling.
  • trendy compatibility – emeet m2 bluetooth speakerphone is well matched with a couple of gadgets and running structures like windows 7, eight and 10 in addition to mac os. It has been tested and optimized for mainstream conference applications like zoom, skype, webex, goto meeting, google hangout, facetime and and so forth.

product description

emeet m2 bluetooth speakerphone combines speakers and microphones into one in your on line convention assembly use to your computer or smartphone. This pc audio system with microphone geared up with 4ai clever microphone eliminating background noise and echo and ensuring the excessive audio best for up to 8 attendees assembly. You’re able to join this convention call speaker and microphone for your computer or smartphone through usb or bluetooth without any other driver desires. Emeet m2 speakerphone provides you a fluent calling revel in. What’s in the container emeet m2 speakerphone *1 usb cable *1 dongle *1 aux cable *1 person manuel *1 specifications compatibility: home windows & mac os size: four. 92 x four. Ninety two x 1. 37 in connection mode: usb/bluetooth battery capability: 2600mah


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6 reviews for 0C18GNTAYRG769 Bluetooth speakerphone – convention speaker for five-eight human beings commercial enterprise conference telephone 360º voice pickup four ai microphone self-adaptive convention name speaker skype usb speakerphone

  1. Moss Family

    This is a great Bluetooth conference speakerphone. It looks modern and the audio sounds excellent. I tested the range at around 5-7 feet and the device was still able to pickup the sound clearly. The technology does a great job of filtering out ambient noises. The buttons are responsive and push down easily. The unit is lightweight and easy to transport. What I really liked about the unit is that it recognizes the direction of the speaker/individual and is able to adjust the audio and keep it clear. Overall, this is a great conference speaker for any boardroom, Skype conference, or group of individual discussing a situation/plan.Read more

  2. Hoppaguy

    The Good:-Good microphone-Speaker is good for conference calls and music that is heavy on vocals-Easy to use-Small footprint-Good for travel-Long lasting battery-Comes with case-Good valueThe Bad:-Sounds distant if you’re too far away from the speakerphone (8 feet away)-Sometimes the buttons don’t activate when pushedThe Bottom Line:I own both the Jabra Speak 710 and also the eMeet M2 speakerphone. I will get into my comparison later but the eMeet M2 is a solid speakerphone with a good microphone and speaker. It is very easy to pair with your phone or your computer (with the USB wireless dongle). In terms of performance, I’ve had calls with 4 people with no issues except when people are farther away (8 feet or more) from the speakerphone. They sounded faint to the caller when people were further from the speakerphone. The speaker itself is loud and clear and you can understand the caller easily through the speakerphone. In terms of using the speakerphone as a music player, it is good for music that is heavy on vocals but it basically has no bass. The battery is long lasting and easily lasts for the longest of conference calls. The design is portable and is easy to throw in your bag especially since it comes with a case. The only negatives that I ran into were the buttons sometimes did not activate when pressed. For example, sometimes I had trouble turning off the device because I was not pushing on the exact spot to activate the button.In comparing the Jabra Speak 710 vs the eMeet M2 speakerphone, the differences are slight but the Jabra Speak 710 does win out in terms of microphone. When people were farther away from the eMeet M2 (about 8 feet), they sounded much more faint than with the Jabra Speak 710. The other features are very similar in that the Jabra can also play music but there is no discernible bass. I also do like the Jabra design in terms of having the USB charge dongle attached to the device. Therefore I don’t have to worry about carrying the AC adapter and a micro USB cable. The Jabra firmware also is updateable through its app while the eMeet cannot be updated.Overall, the Jabra Speak 710 and the eMeet M2 are both great speakers phones. In terms of value, the eMeet M2 is the cheaper option so if your budget is lower, then you should pick the eMeet M2. If budget isn’t a factor, then you should check out the Jabra Speak 710.Read more

  3. Dennis T Alaska

    The new and improved eMeet M2 wireless speaker conference phone is the best on the market. With 4 internal microphones it tracks speakers in the room with full 360 degree coverage. Callers hear crystal clear voice quality and with an 84dB speaker, callers can be easily heard throughout the conference room. The days of passing the cell phone around the table so that the callers can hear the speaker better are gone. With the newest bluetooth technology, pairing to my cell phone is as simple as a push of a button.Now our meetings are held with no distractions, the eMeet M2 sits discriminately in the middle of the conference table producing high quality output sound to the conference attendees as well as to those calling in listening.Never miss a meeting again, merely call into a cell phone that is connected to the eMeet M2 and you will feel as though you are there with the group.You can buy a cheaper portable conference device, but you get what you pay for. Spending the few extra dollars one time will be well worth the investment.Read more

  4. Son Goku

    My boss asked me for a speakerphone system that we could hook up to the mini-PC set up in the conference room so instead of running an ugly cable from it to the center of the conference table I decided to try a wireless device that would look good and would do the job. This device does it perfectly! The volume of the speaker is great and the microphone’s sensitivity is amazing! No more using the landline phone or a cellphone for conference calls / demos. Excellent device!Read more

  5. David Kohel

    I absolutely love this product. It was the perfect add to my home office. The sound quality if phenomenal. I’ve only used the battery one time and it was fine. Every conference call I’m on (and with others in my office at home), they’ve all complimented on the call quality.I use a mac and the set up was as simple as plugging it in and it immediately integrated with ZOOM conference as well as facetime and I’ve even used it to listen to music. Amazing quality and awesome product!Read more

  6. West Coast Office

    I was a little hesitant to purchase the eMeet M2 as it states it is good for 5-8 people in a conference room. We have 10 people in a medium sized conference room and use Skype to conference call in 1-3 remote people. The voices calling in remotely were crystal clear through the eMeet Speakerphone and they reported the quality on their end was very clear: “It was really clear. I could even hear D. It seemed to adjust the volume on my side if the person was too quiet or too loud.”This is a HUGE improvement over what we were previously using and was extremely simple to setup. We have it connected to our conference room computer using a USB cable.Simple and great sound quality – no echo, clear voices and follows the voice if walking around the room.Read more

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