0C18GNK3AXI576 Jabra talk 25 bluetooth headset for excessive definition hands-unfastened calls with clear conversations and streaming multimedia

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  • enjoy excessive definition calls with an omni-directional microphone and 11mm dynamic speaker that are optimized for brilliant, crystal-clear conversations.
  • circulation music, podcasts and gps guidelines.
  • voice steerage notifies you whilst to fee device and gives updates on your connection status.
  • energy nap feature extends battery life through turning itself off if disconnected from your device for an hour.
  • with up to 8 hours of battery on a single charge.

from the manufacturer

engineered to maintain conversations simple

experience high definition wireless calls with an omni-directional microphone and 11mm dynamic speaker, and movement gps and media. Enjoy up to eight hours of battery and up to ten days of standby time.

hd voice

hd calls. Crystal-clear conversations

excessive definition calls with an omni-directional microphone and speaker for brilliant calls.


get notifications. Circulation gps and media

movement gps instructions, track and podcasts out of your cellular phone on your jabra speak 25.


long lasting calls. Energy-saving technology

rise up to eight hours of calls and up to ten days of standby time in a single rate.

clean-to-use telephone app allows you better appoint your jabra device

the jabra assist app is an easy-to-use and simple phone application so as to upload even more cost in your product. It is now loaded with greater functions.

compare the jabra communicate variety

jabra speak 25

jabra speak 35

jabra talk forty five

jabra speak 55

product description

experience high definition calls with an omni-directional microphone and 11mm dynamic speaker that are optimized for extremely good, crystal-clean conversations. Communicate 25 gets the maximum out of your media, letting your wirelessly circulate gps guidelines, music and podcasts out of your cell telephone. It additionally comes with voice guidance, notifying you whilst you want to recharge the device, and giving updates in your connection reputation. With up to 8 hours of calls and up to ten days of standby time, make dependable bluetooth wireless calls throughout the day on a single fee. With the electricity nap feature, speak 25 extends battery power by turning itself off if disconnected from a tool for a full hour.


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5 reviews for 0C18GNK3AXI576 Jabra talk 25 bluetooth headset for excessive definition hands-unfastened calls with clear conversations and streaming multimedia

  1. Andy L.

    Let me start by saying I have only had this a few hours and admittedly I foolishly didn’t do my research before purchasing it. I love the sound quality – that gets 5 stars. It is also very comfortable – I’d give that 5 stars, too. Honestly, I have not made or received a call yet so can’t grade quality of calls, the noise-cancelling, etc. I also like the Jabra engine to read my text and email messages into my ear – good touch.Now for what I dislike…I cannot believe the ONLY way to charge this thing is in the goofy holder/carrier (did I mention I failed to do my research? It’s all over their documentation and if you look at the design of the headset you’ll see there is no standardized charge-port, just two metal contacts for the cradle…my bad). So now any time you need to charge this you’d better have this inconvenient little do-dad close or you’re out of luck.Which brings me to my next pain-point. Battery time. Out of the cradle, you’re going to get around 3 hours of time. Ever notice about how many hours we’re up during the day? Do the math – you will have to take the device out of your ear and place it in the cradle and leave it. Get a phone call? Tough luck. Need to make a call? Get a different Bluetooth or use the physical phone (some people are not able to do that for various reasons – I’m one of those).One more thing I just thought of/realized. No volume control. Whoever heard of that with these devices?Bottom line? One of the DUMBEST designs I’ve ever seen or experienced with a BT headset. I’m incredibly sad that BlueAnt discontinued making their AWESOME Q3i and it looks like I will be continuing to hunt for a good replacement. Any suggestions?? SINGLE ear, Voice activated, please!Going to see about sending this ridiculous thing back…Edit to add: I used the device for a few days and everything I said about it under “dislike” was true. It died partway through my day and, guess what I didn’t have with me IN MY CAR (go figure!)? That ridiculous charge cradle. Seriously, this has to be the most pathetic design – the engineer that did this needs to be fired.I have returned it, gotten my refund and now have the Jabra Steel and so far the only thing I don’t like about that….oops, that’s a different product review. (love that teaser??) :)Read more

  2. Henry

    I had been using Plantronic bluetooth Headset for a few years for they make a very good product as well. The last item I used but them was the Plantronics voyager with portable charging dock. It was a very good unit that fit in the ear canal. I misplaced it and had to get another due to the fact I am in sales and travel a good bit. I have been using these devices for a while so both hands are on the wheel and less distracting. With me it is to the point of talking on my Iphone at my ear doesnt feel correct any longer. When I misplaced the Voyager unit, I saw the Jabra items with very good ratings so the first one I purchased was the Stealth, then the Stealth + and now use the Talk 45 with HD. The volume of these units are controlled by your bluetooth volume on your phone. I have to say the clarity on both ends is very good and I hate to say a lot better than the Plantronics Voyager. There is really no comparison and I have tried many models. I guess I am the person that sees a new product and have to try it. I can not say enough about the Talk 45 or the Stealth items. You barely know it is there. It comes with ear hooks and a variety of sizes of rubber ear canal styles which I have found the best to use. You have to play around with the sizes until you find the correct size for your ear. Then you do not have to worry about it falling out of your ear. If you are serious about getting a handsfree item for safety while driving or just convenience, this is the one for you. In regards to battery life, I have never lost complete power from it battery. They also have a program for your mobile phone that adjusts just about everything and a customer service department that takes backseat to no company. I would say purchase one and you too will be very pleased with the performance and comfort and bang for the buck.Thanks,HCRead more

  3. Jonix

    Bought the jabra talk 45 and talk 55.Ill explain both.TALK 45Battery standby time lasts upto 3 days.Talktime is more than 4 hours.Sound quality is very nice as headset and listening to a music is flawless.Microphone works great too.People I’ve talked too doesn’t have a problem hearing me.Headset can be used for calling using siri, by pressing the bottom and answer an incoming call by clicking the side.Double click for calling the last phone call used.Unfortunately it does not have a volume button, no big deal for me.Small/large Hook attachment for the ear is included.It can be detached, which I prefer. It hurts my ear.It can be used for left/right ear.TALK 55I returned it!Battery drained after using talking for 1 1/2.Whats cool about is its voice activated by touch.Smallest headset too.Very comfortable and it doesn’t fall of the ears.Can only be used on the right ear.My main problem is the talk time.1 1/2 hours!! Thats ridiculous.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I was a little worried about the design of this headset, but the moment I put it on, everything was fine. It is comfortable, does not fall out and my callers have no trouble hearing me (as with my other headsets that were more expensive). I have purchased MANY headsets for work–I have two different cell phones which makes it a little more complicated for a headset. This headset goes seamlessly between the two phones without any effort on my part. With other brands, I could connect the two phones, but not use one phone after the other without authorizing the call on the cell. It was ridiculous, and I the other headsets would lose the calls in mid sentence.Read more

  5. Lev Tretyakov

    I was looking for light pro headphones that can keep connection to 2 phones via multipoint Bluetooth.I think i got right device after trying few nonames.Battery life can be longer but just put it in the egg and in 20 minutes it will be fully charged. Sound quality above expectations, so all my phone calls have great quality. App is OK, but I disable auto sound function to avoid breaking my ear.Light compact. RecommendedRead more

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