0C18GL8RYCU415 Oontz attitude three bluetooth transportable speaker, crystal clear stereo sound, wealthy bass, 100 toes wi-fi range, play audio system collectively (4th gen handiest), mic, ipx5, bluetooth audio system (white)

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  • higher first-class crystal clean stereo sound – the oontz perspective three (4th gen) is designed and engineered via cambridge sound works within the america for more clarity sound, accurate mids and clear highs from twin precision acoustic stereo drivers; the bass output is enhanced by using our proprietary passive bass radiator; unique triangular design and downward going through bass radiator further enhance the sound pleasant; the better best crystal clear sound & features distance it from the competition.
  • louder extent – extraordinarily loud, the extent booster 10+ watt energy amp pumps out greater extent and performs your music with out a distortion, even at maximum volume; the louder quantity makes the oontz angle three (4th gen) transportable bluetooth speakers the best speaker for any room and the proper outdoor audio system.
  • play your tune to 2 oontz angle 3 (4th gen) audio system – with oontz dual speaker wirelessly connect two oontz angle three (4th gen) speakers together for tremendous left and proper stereo separation; play audio system in special regions as much as a hundred unobstructed toes aside, place one inside the bathe and one outside, play one speaker interior and one out of doors within the yard or by way of the pool. Observe: audio system sold one at a time and oontz twin speaker no longer like minded with preceding generations of angle three audio system.
  • first-rate 100 foot bluetooth range – play the oontz perspective three (4th gen) bluetooth audio system as much as 100 unobstructed toes faraway from your tool; advanced antenna layout with bluetooth 5. 0 gives extra wireless range and quicker bluetooth connection. Ipx5 waterproof – the oontz angle 3 (4th gen) is absolutely splashproof, rainproof bathe speaker, high-quality shower speaker; with ipx5 certification the speaker can resist gentle water spray and splash but can not be partially or fully submerged
  • longer battery playtime up to 14 hours – play from morning till night, play up to fourteen hours at 2/three extent; aux in jack to connect non-bluetooth devices with a three. 5mm line-in cable for the precise line-in speaker; integrated microphone for non-public handsfree speakerphone calls from a phone or iphone; light-weight simply 10 oz, five” long, 2. 8” high consists of usb type c charging cable; respectable oontz perspective 3 carry case available offered one by one on amazon

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4 reviews for 0C18GL8RYCU415 Oontz attitude three bluetooth transportable speaker, crystal clear stereo sound, wealthy bass, 100 toes wi-fi range, play audio system collectively (4th gen handiest), mic, ipx5, bluetooth audio system (white)

  1. PhotoGraphics

    Back about 2005-2010 when mini Bluetooth speakers used to be the new toy everyone wanted (and you paid the price to be an early adopter) I was really into the fad and couldn’t stop looking for the perfect one. As a result I ended up with more of them than most dealers, speakers of every possible shape and gimmick. Some of them were knock your socks off impressive, including some so small I could stuff them in my carry on when I traveled so I could have music in my hotel rooms.These days there are a handful left from the major brands. One of them I was curious about was this series from Cambridge SoundWorks, a company I’ve known and respected since I worked directly with their founder Henry Kloss back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Unlike the early days of Bluetooth mini speakers this little speaker was only nineteen bucks, probably the lowest I’ve ever paid for any speaker. I had mixed expectations. But I chose it both for its size and its shape, I was looking for a small personal speaker to put on the base of my desktop monitor to be able to listen to content at low volume without using my high-end Boston Acoustics system.The small size is truly impressive as is the surprisingly nice look and feel of the speaker. It is heavier than similar no name speakers and you almost have to wonder how they can sell it for such a low price. It comes with a micro USB charging cable and also a mini audio cable. The power switch is easily reached near the top of the back of the speaker where the audio input and charging port are also located behind a rubber flap. The rest of the controls are on the right side of the wedge.The speaker will pair easily with newer Bluetooth devices but it seems it is not 100% compatible with all of the many standards. For example it would not pair with my desktop computer without downloading an updated Bluetooth driver.The most important thing you probably want to know is how does it sound. I’m sorry to say that with almost 20,000 review written already, many of them high energy endorsements, I’m not as impressed. I have definitely heard better from similar sized, and even smaller, speakers. It’s not bad, but it’s not knock your socks off impressive. And it’s definitely not a speaker that you would choose if there were more than one or two listeners or for use outdoors.There are a couple of things to be aware of that I liked – one is that if you use the audio cable the speaker won’t shut off automatically after a few minutes like many other brands do, but it will shut off after 15 minutes of non-playing when used in the Bluetooth mode. Interestingly, if you pair it with an Echo device the power stays on all the time in battery mode so you would probably want to keep it plugged in to a power source if that’s your plan.I also like that you only hear the pairing sound once the first time unlike many other brands that make a loud sound whenever they are powered on or when pairing is successful. For me that is a deal breaker.Read more

  2. WM

    I did a lot of research before choosing this speaker. I was impressed by the large number of 5 star buyer ratings. The price was excellent as well. Speaker came packaged perfectly. Included was a 3 foot Micro-USB charging cable and 3 foot 3.5mm audio cable; I wish these were longer but that is just my personal preference. Speaker came partially charged. Instructions states it can be used while charging. Speaker pairs easily and quickly, but I did experience problems getting it to disconnect from one device to pair to a different source. I contacted the company and they were quick to respond back to me. Their customer service was excellent, fast, relevant and courteous. They even offered to call me to assure that the device was working properly or not. After working with it a few days the device started working as expected and has not had an issue ever since. Maybe it was user error? Not sure. I also ordered the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 PLUS. The Angle 3 PLUS offers 30 hours of playtime vs the Angle 3 which only offers 7 hours (a big difference). The Angle 3 PLUS is a tad taller at 6 1/2″. The Angle 3 is 5 1/4″, see attached photos. I didn’t notice a sound quality difference but my musician son did. He ordered the 3 PLUS and says it is a better speaker than his Jawbone Bluetooth Speaker for less than half the cost. I use the smaller speaker, which sets on a high shelf in my shower, as it is water resistant & splash proof. The other sets on my office desk. If you are considering purchasing a Bluetooth speaker definitely consider the OontZ. I would go for the Angle 3 PLUS as the price difference is only about $7 unless a smaller speaker is your goal. I have referred several people to this powerful little speaker and all are very happy with their purchase.Read more

  3. JJ

    I have had an issue (up until now) of being able to hear the TV while in the kitchen. In order to hear it, I needed to turn it WAAAYYYYY up, but then it’s too loud for people sitting in front of the TV. Connecting one Oontz speaker with a cord (not supplied) to the back of the TV eliminates lipsynch issues and then pairing a second speaker to the first one allows me to place it in the kitchen. Problem solved! The included directions made this a very easy process! There are A LOT of wireless, bluetooth speakers out there that are garbage. These Oontz speakers ARE NOT one of those! Amazing flexibility and sound!Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Best speaker I’ve ever purchased. Great sound, loud, battery lasts longer than any other speaker I’ve had. 4 months later, we ran it over – twice with Chevy 2500 & then the trailer. 🙁 GUESS WHAT! It still works! INCREDIBLE! I wish I could upload a video. Just bought 2 more!Read more

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